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Parkinson’s Disease,
Spinal Abnormalities,
and Diets

There Is Quite A Bit Of Information On The Internet About Exercise, Diets and Supplements For Parkinson’s Disease
Whilst there is a lot of information on the internet about exercise, diets and supplements to help overcome Parkinson’s disease, here is a testimony of Parkinson patient Maggie Cobbin whose case shows the importance of having your spine checked through X-rays, before doing exercises.

SYMPTOMS: – Extreme loss of balance with a sensation of falling to the right, Stiff muscles in both legs, incontinence and soreness in the neck and shoulder muscles.

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If You Were Diagnosed With Parkinson’s Disease, DO NOT DO BOXING OR CYCLING TO HELP YOURSELF RECOVER!
A video I saw on YouTube claimed that boxing could help overcome Parkinson’s disease and MS, however, I offer my WARNING, that boxing and cycling could cause serious nerve damage in patients who have a spinal kink or curvature like Maggie did.

If you have any skeletal abnormalities high in your spine and you repeatedly left jab a punching bag, you are bound to agitate those abnormalities and possibly provoke them to do serious damage to nerves they are putting pressure on.

Once Spinal Problems Develop After 2 Years Or So, Curvatures, Kinks and Calcification Spurs Will Also Begin To Develop
After the two-year progression period is passed and abnormal hormonal reactions become worse, greater muscle rigidity develops in skeletal supportive muscles, which creates spinal curvature, kinks and sometimes disc degeneration. — After that, in the natural progression of things, the spinal vertebra most affected, begin to shrink or change shape.

My Next Video Is Of Richard Spratt From Alabama In The USA
Richard brought his wife with him when he attended my treatment program in Marietta Georgia, as well as a therapist Mr Thomas Amsden who came to learn my methods, so he could continue treating Richard using my ideals during the 12 month follow-on period.

SYMPTOMS:- Richards worst symptoms were muscle stiffness down his left side, slight memory problems, incontinence and sleep problems. Richard also had pain in his neck and lower back and stress factors that he did not know how to overcome. Part of my job in helping patients to overcome their symptoms, is to help patients develop peace of mind to improve their sleep which can often be a difficult task.

(7 minutes+)


I Have Found Parkinson’s Disease Has 3 Primary Causes and Up To 30
Secondary Individual Causes That Give Reason To Why Different Patients
Have Different Symptoms Or Different Versions Of The Same Symptoms

The 3 primary Parkinson causal problems go hand-in-hand to start off the very first symptom of Parkinson’s disease, which is the faint inner shaking that all Parkinson patients feel when tired and stressed. This inner shaking, or nervousness, eventuates for a number of reasons. The more frequent and the more severe the inner shaking is with each patient, determines how quickly symptoms will progress down the body and whether or not tremors will develop as an extension of that faint inner nervousness. 

Whilst I have found that “all” Parkinson patients have the 3 primary causal problems, each patient can have from between 2 to 30 additional secondary causal factors that can contribute to the variety of Parkinson’s disease symptoms each patient develops and as time goes on, more of those additional causes develop.

Betty Green — From Colorado
When I started treating Betty on DAY 1, I discovered she was just as advanced in symptom severity as Subhash and I also found that whilst she was breathing from an oxygen tank, her system was not absorbing any oxygen. — Without discovering that this was happening, I could have wasted all my treatment efforts, which is a pitfall that many therapists and practitioners fall in to when treating advanced autoimmune patients such as Betty and Subhash. — The fact that Betty was breathing oxygen from a tank yet she only had an oxygen saturation reading of 89, when it should have been up around 97, due to breathing from the tank, told me her immune system was rejecting the oxygen and after discovering why, I was able to get Betty back on track. — What a challenge this case was.

SYMPTOMS: – Fatigue. – Dizziness even when sitting down. – Depression. – Inability to focus and keep her attention for any length of time. – A severe pain in her rib cage area. – Difficulty breathing due to her rib cage pain. – Extremely useless legs and sore hips.

(15 Minutes+)


You “CAN” overcome “ALL” the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, but only after overcoming all that excess muscle stiffness that causes bladder incontinence, stops your arms from swinging easily and freely and that causes your shoulders to feel tight almost all the time.

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