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 Parkinson’s Disease
“Can” Be Overcome!

This 200 Year Old Book Solves The
Mystery Of
Parkinson’s Disease, But
Medical Leaders and Big Pharma Don’t
Want PD Patients To Read It, As It
Promotes Natural Therapies and
Chiropractic, and Condemns
Using Pharmaceuticals.

Watch The Video Below and
Hear Medical Surgeon Dr. Antonio
Pineda Say, Lack Of Dopamine Due
To Atrophy Of The Substantia Nigra
Does “NOT” Cause Parkinson’s
Disease and Declare His Support
Of Dr. Parkinson’s Finding That
The Cause Is Muscular-skeletal.

Watch My Compilation Video Below: – A Breakthrough In The Treatment Of Parkinson’s Disease and MS.
Next I would like you to watch a compilation of many short-version “before” and “after” videos (around 3 minutes each), of patients I treated on my Five-day Personal Treatment Program, where I overcame their “3 primary causal problems” documented by Dr. Parkinson: (1) spinal curvature (2) some type of trauma to the brain stem at the C1 and C2 vertebra (3) excess muscle stiffness particularly at the neck and shoulders, as well as their “7 secondary” causal problems”: (1) bladder incontinence (2) back and hip pain, (3) sleep problems (4) poor digestion (5) poor breathing (6) poor posture, and (7) hormonal imbalances causing depression, anxiety or mood swings. By achieving these results you will see how some patients experience very quick improvement and even remission in only 5 to 7 days: –

I have supplied longer versions of each of the patient success videos in this compilation on the other web pages so you can learn some of those “secondary” causes that make each case individual and different.


Email Me NOW and Ask
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To Overcome Parkinson’s Disease,
Natural Therapists Need To Be
Retrained, To Think Differently.

3 Of My New Assessment Tests Have Never Been Used Before.
In order to find “ALL” the causal problems, including any psychological stress factors, I have learned a completely new way to carry out an assessment. By taking blood pressure and oxygen readings, I can tell if poor readings are caused by a response to stress, as well as what kind of stress was involved, or, by diet and lack of exercise. I have also discovered a new test which shows if a specific problem, not normally checked in chiropractic, natural therapy or medical testing, is restricting blood flow and nerve activity to cause any symptom from minor leg symptoms, to complete immobility.

Not All Parkinson Patients Begin Symptom Development From Stress, But Many Do and Part Of My Job Is To Remove That Stress If My 3 Unique PD/MS Assessment Tests Find It To Be A Factor. In My Next Video Of “Ross” You Will See, It “Was” A Factor.

While massaging Parkinson patient “Ross Collins” and talking to him at the same time, about the enormous stress he suffered prior to his first symptom developing, I actually watched his back muscles become extra tense on one side of his spine, while the muscles on the other side of his spine, began relaxing to such an extent that it changed the misalignments in his skeletal frame. — His twisted pelvis, became twisted in the opposite direction and one misaligned vertebra (C3) went back into alignment while others came out of alignment. — This event was the most outstanding psychosomatic event I had ever seen, of how emotional stress actually causes uneven excessive muscle tensions to develop in spinal supportive muscles, which in turn, cause skeletal abnormalities that provoke the onset of the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. — To actually be monitoring this patient while massaging him, and counseling him over the stress that originally caused his Parkinson symptoms, at the same time, was an incredible observation opportunity.

Many Natural Stress Signs Of The Body, Used For Centuries, By Medical Doctors and Natural Practitioners, Have Been Left Behind and Long-forgotten
This next video may be the most informative of my videos for patients “and practitioners” to watch, as I have included in it, several body stress signs that indicated how Ross had problems with his kidneys, stomach and small intestine, problems that I find, many Parkinson and MS patients to have. — These are very helpful natural stress signs of the body that I learner from my family medical doctor as a youngster, which have been left behind and long-forgotten by the medical fraternity as well as the vast majority of natural practitioners.

This video of Ross
Collins Shows How Stress
Harms The Body Through
A Psychosomatic Response.

SYMPTOMS: – Hips seizing when trying to turn. – Loss of balance. – Great difficulty walking. – Slight tremor. – Neck, shoulder and low back pains. – Bladder incontinence. – Muscle spasms in the full body.

(17 Minutes+)


Read 3 Medical Journals Below Which Reveal That Parkinson’s Disease Is “NOT” Caused By Lack Of Dopamine
If you watch any advanced Parkinson’s patient try to move around, the first thing you will notice is stiffness in the whole body causing a slow robotic movement, and through my new Five-day Treatment Program, I discovered that this is one of the keys to understanding the “real” causes (3 of them, as described by Dr. James Parkinson), of all the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, and, how to design a successful treatment to overcome them. — This stiff robotic movement is not caused by inadequate dopamine, it is caused by an excessive release of the muscle stiffness emotional stress hormone “noradrenaline”.

The 3 Medical Journals Below Give More “PROOF” That What Doctors and Neurologists Are Trained To Tell Us Is The Cause Of PD, Is Totally Incorrect
Doctors and neurologists are trained to tell new patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease that atrophy (death), of the dopamine-producing cells in the Substantia Nigra in the brain is the cause of Parkinson symptoms, even though medical journals from several countries offer researched proof that this is not the case. — In my eBook “Parkinson’s Disease The Greatest Medical Blunder” you will find many medical journals listed for you to look up, that prove neurologists wrong on several counts, but for now, here are 3 for you to read:-

From Copenhagen “Lack Of Dopamine Is
“NOT” The Cause Of Parkinson’s Disease!”

From Copenhagen


4 PD Autopsies Reveal No Damage
To Substantia Nigra!

Dr. Ronald Mandel From Florida,
“PROVED” Through Genetic Research
Substantia Nigra Is Not To Blame For PD!


In the history of Parkinson’s disease, the stiffness associated with advanced patients has been so well connected to the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease that whilst he called this disease “The Shaking Palsy” back in the early 1800’s, Dr. James Parkinson and other prominent medical people, often used terms like “rigidity disorder” and “robotic syndrome” to describe it.

Whilst their reference to stiffness does not indicate it is a cause, the quick significant improvement and remissions I have obtained, often in only 5 to 7 days, by overcoming this stiffness and the spinal curvature and C1 misalignments it causes, “is” proof that it is a cause. — The main focus of my treatment is to not just eliminate this stiffness, but also to search out and eliminate “all” physiological as well as emotional anxiety, stress-based problems that may be helping to provoke it.

It Is Essential For Your Therapist To Check Your Spinal Supportive Muscles and Your Spine As All Symptoms “Begin” Through Muscular-skeletal Abnormalities, Particularly Spinal Curvature. And Don’t Allow “ANYBODY” To Tell You, Spinal Curvature Cannot Be Overcome!
If you have had your symptoms for longer than 2 years and you are being treated by a natural practitioner of any kind, and that practitioner is not familiar with spinal problems common to Parkinson’s disease, which can be seen in X-rays, ask that practitioner to contact me so I can pass some helpful information on, COST FREE, so that he/she can be better prepared to help you. — It is essential that you have your spine inspected for curvature and other abnormalities, through X-ray examination if you wish to obtain significant “long-term” improvement.

My treatment is getting quick significant success because I am  overcoming these 3 primary causal problems, as well as the 7 additional secondary problems including the stress and anxiety that provok them.

Lesions Seen On An MRI, and a DaTscan Indicating Low Dopamine, Have “NOTHING” To Do With The Cause Of Parkinson’s Disease Or MS!
My next video is of interviews with Parkinson and MS patients who were given an MRI or a DaTscan so their neurologists could see if they had lesions on their brain or spinal cord, or low dopamine levels in their brain. — Their testimony reveals that lesions and low dopamine levels have absolutely “NOTHING” to do with the development of Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis yet doctors and neurologists are still being trained to think they do. — (My information is not just guesswork! — I have done many years of research and attended many training workshops. — (One “very informative” workshop I attended was in Mount Olivet Hospital under Margaret Zwick.)

(18 Minutes+)


6 Tests You Can Do, To Figure
Out Exactly What Is Causing
“Your” Symptoms

What Does Common Sense Say About The Medical Explanation Of Parkinson’s Disease If Parkinson’s Symptoms Were Caused By Dopamine Cells Dying, Isn’t It Common Sense That For Symptoms To Often Vary Dramatically, Those Cells Would Have To Regularly Come Back To Life, Then Die again, Then Come Back To Life and so on?

Is it not just common sense, that if Parkinson symptoms developed because dopamine producing cells in the substantia nigra had died and were subsequently no longer producing dopamine, all Parkinson patients would not experience any variation in symptom severity, yet they do. — Some Parkinson patients experience extreme variation in symptom severity even from a short afternoon nap. — In this explanation, symptom severity would have to remain constant, because dead cells have no option other than to remain dead. — They can’t die, then come back to life, then die again etc, according to the extreme symptom variations that some patients experience. — Once something is dead, it is dead!

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My History and Beliefs

I have been in the natural health industry
since 1975,
have owned and managed two of the
largest health centers in Queensland Australia,
employed up to 9 staff involved in teaching
natural health concepts, and have specialized
in treating Parkinson and MS patients since
2005. I have been verified by government
health departments in 2 countries, have
been interviewed on several television
and radio shows, and have dedicated
myself to revealing the truth
, and
doing my very best to help patients
regain their health and their lives.

I am a Christian and am highly motivated to get the best results in helping patients overcome their symptoms and suffering.

I am willing to be interviewed by any medico or journalist who wishes to challenge my ideals, motives or knowledge, in any public forum.

I am disappointed in the way governments allow pharmaceutical companies to manipulate the health system, when it hinders our youth in overcoming disorders like asthma, autism and ADHD.

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