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I have found the cure for Parkinson’s Disease and I want to help you achieve a happy and fulfilling life in remission from this disease.

A patient of mine, Dr. Pineda, reached remission from Parkinson’s in only four days by following my B.A.10 program. He denounced the “lack of dopamine” theory and agreed that neck abnormalities are the primary cause. This video shows Dr. Pineda on his first day of treatment. You can see how much he was suffering. On his fifth day of treatment, the tremors had subsided and his zest for life had returned

About Parkinson's

Doctors Have Been Wrong About Parkinson's For YEARS!

Parkinson’s disease isn’t caused by death of dopamine cells in the brain stem, as it’s led to be believed. Doctors and neurologists are still taught that lack of dopamine is the cause of Parkinson symptoms, which is what enables dopamine drugs to legally be prescribed for huge profits … coincidental?

Several medical journals confirm that Parkinson’s Disease is caused by swelling of the medulla spinalis, in the upper cervical spine. This causes the neck pain and stiffness, and reduces the range of head-turn. As a result, Dr. James Parkinson nick-named Parkinson’s disease, ‘disease of the vertebra’.

Why are doctors wrong?

Doctors are trained to prescribe drugs

Doctors and pharmaceutical companies want you to buy into the idea of “lack of dopamine” theory so they can sell you medications to make a huge profit. It has been tough to many doctors and practitioners to first prescribe drugs, with little to no recommendation on looking into the spine, neck and other bodily abnormalities. Even though there are so many reputable medical journals that reject this theory, many patients participating in dopamine drug therapy don’t overcome their symptoms and some actually feel worse. Parkinson’s symptoms are caused by issues with the neck and spine!

What causes Parkinson's

Symptoms come from spinal abnormalities, not dopamine cell atrophy.

Even simple common sense tells us that of dopamine-producing cells couldn’t possibly be the cause of Parkinson symptoms. Think about this…. with a 15 minute afternoon nap, most Parkinson’s symptoms are dramatically reduced, then come back after a few minutes of walking again. But, those “dead” cells can’t regenerate and quickly produce more dopamine in those few minutes after a nap. Once they’re dead …. they’re dead!

Please remember, these aspects of health education fall well short of medical and naturopathic accreditation teachings. Above all, the connection between stress, sleep problems, endocrine dysfunction, blocked nerve trigger points, spinal abnormalities and excessive muscular tensions, in PD, MS, Diabetes, MND and COPD-type symptoms, is in my opinion, why patients are given incorrect information, to wrongly inform them that their symptoms, are incurable.

About my B.A.10 Treatment Program

My B.A.10 treatment program takes a multi-directional approach and focuses on the whole human being, not just the physical factors. After all, stress, anxiety, tension and other life factors all play a huge part in the onset of Parkinson’s symptoms.

Mental Analysis

I firstly like to find out about a patient’s stress levels, thinking patterns and emotional self expression. Extreme stress, negative thoughts and negative emotions contribute to muscle tension, which leads to nerve suppression. Nerve signals become suppressed and unable to communicate effectively to the brain. 

Physical Analysis

I then have a look at the patient’s muscular system to find out if there are any differences between both sides of the body. Excess rigidity in the whole muscular system, particularly in the neck, lower back and hips is common in spinal x-rays of advanced Parkinson, MS, COPD & Sarcoid patients.

Creating a Plan

Once both mental and physical factors have been assessed, I will develop a detailed strategy for your treatment program. This will include details on areas I will be treating, a consultation to discuss this strategy and of course a cost breakdown.

Treatment & Post-Care

Upon your confirmation, we will begin treatment immediately and you will start to see results within the first few days! Once remission is achieved, I encourage my patients to follow my Rejuvenation Program, which is a self-help program aimed at getting patients to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Case studies

Parkinson's success stories and videos

Many of my patients are in remission from Parkinson’s after only a few days. As an example, this patient, Regu, has been in remission for some time. I treated his neck and spine naturally, which also reduced other issues in his body, including lower back pain, hip and kidney problems. By treating the medulla swelling, these issues have subsided and his Parkinson’s symptoms are gone.

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