And at verified international online pharmacies. Asthma (Ventorlin) Ventolin Cheapest In USA Order Three years ago, the AAFA issued a statement called Transition Now (available at to alert patients to the change and explain the difference between the two inhalers.

Do not delay seeking or disregard medical advice based on informationwritten by any author on this site.

6 It is on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines, the most effective and safe medicines needed in a health system. How To Stop Prednisolone Side Effects? Before using this medication, tell your doctor or pharmacist your medical history, especially of: eye infections, recent eye surgery, cataracts, glaucoma (open-angle type), severe nearsightedness (myopia), diabetes.

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Get The Absolute Best Out Of Your Mind & Body By Improving Your Nervous System, Endocrine System & Your Digestion & Absorption Of The Nutrient You Obtain From The Food & Fluids You Consume. (Athletic efficiency & flexibility rely on proprioceptor Nerve activity, sleep efficiency & energy rely on endocrine interactions, & strength & endurance rely on your dedication to improving blood Flow, through exercise.)

Our spinal support muscles & our joints, have movement sensors (proprio-ceptors) in them, that signal the brain, when we are trying to move, & if those sensors have a clear communication to the brain, due to us remaining relaxed, & Having Peace-Of-Mind etc, we won’t develop any difficulty standing, moving & jogging, & won’t develop symptoms like tremors, twitches, numbness, loss of balance, or seizing of hip joints… But if they don’t have a clear communication, an excessive amount of the muscle stiffness hormone “NORADRENALINE” is released into the body to provoke that familiar robotic Parkinson walk, followed by any number of symptoms associated with these 3 diseases, including IBS, respiratory difficulties & speech & swallowing problems. (Stretching tight muscles & administering a special type of massage to the spinal support muscles, Vastus Lateralis muscles & the Peroneus Brevis & Longus muscles , will keep this brain-to-muscle communication clear, to often help patients into remission, in 4 to 14 days.

While working with practitioners & Parkinson, MS & C.O.P.D patients in 9 different countries including India, over 22 years, I discovered that all patients who develop advanced muscle stiffness, tremors & balance problems, have developed an excessive release of this muscle stiffness hormone, which means, all I need to do, to overcome these Parkinson, MS & C.O.P.D respiratory symptoms, is to normalise the release of Noradrenaline, stretch all the stiff muscles & eliminate any curvature & spinal faults, that stiffness has caused, until full body flexable returns… This often only takes between 4 & 14-days… (For more information, phone me in Brisbane on: – 0413317789… I can travel to you, or you can travel to me on Bribie Island.)

This video supplies spinal X-rays & back muscle distortion photos for several of the patients presented… See how the debilitating tremors one patient suffered, subsided completely, as I corrected his muscular-spinal abnormalities seen in his X-rays & muscle distortion photos. (Dr. James Parkinson described this causal response, in 1817, but it has been ignored all these years.)

You can come to me on Bribie Island, near Brisbane, or I can come to you & treat you in your home... I am also available to run workshops to teach you, & any local therapists you are seeing, how to carry out my unique assessment tests in search of causal faults that have provoked your Parkinson, MS or respiratory symptoms to develop, & how to do my PD/MS Proprio-ceptor nerve massage to help you reach remission...

Hear The Testimony Of A Debilitated Medical Surgeon Dr. Pineda (Video Left) Who Reached Remission Over Parkinson's Disease, In Just 4 Days, Through This New Proprio-ceptor Nerve Treatment.

After putting “MANY” Parkinson, MS & C.O.P.D (Emphysema) patients into remission in 4 to 14 days, I am convinced that these neuro-degenerative diseases begin to develop as a result of a vast imbalance in muscle tension between the left & right sides of the body, which blocks proprioceptors that govern muscle freedom & balance, & the moment I begin to even-out this one-sided imbalance, is the moment symptoms begin to fade away… I came to these conclusions while reading Dr. Parkinson’s book, which convinced me that reversing the symptom causes he listed, may help me put patients in remission, & as you will see in the video to the left, it did…

In this video I explain a twisted pelvis, cervical spine subluxations, spinal curvatures & scoliosis… I also show how to do a variety of massage techniques that are designed to help find weak nerves & poor blood flow to symptom-affected areas of the muscular system… This vieo above, is “PACKED FULL” of helpful information for patients, as well as their therapists & practitioners… (The information within this video is the reason why my treatment is classed as a “SELF-HELP” program…

This Parkinson Patient To The Left, Couldn't Walk Properly For Some Time, But Was Able To Walk & Jog, In Just 5 Days.

Learn Proprio-ceptor Nerve Massage & Blood-flow Exercising, & Experience Results You Didn't Think Possible.

Very early in my investigation into Parkinson’s disease, MS & C.O.P.D (1995 to 1999), I found that all patients of these diseases have a twisted pelvis, an atlas subluxation, a spinal curve somewhere in between, &, inactive Prioprioceptors which all combined, interferes with the ability to reach the deep healing stage of R.E.M. sleep, & these are the causes of “ALL” symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, MS & C.O.P.D, as well as several other debilitating movement disorders…

There Is No Natural Health Service Offering Succesful Treatment For PD, MS, MSA, Diabetes, or Respitory Disorders etc,. You only need to watch a few of my patient "Before" & "After" success videos to realise, I have indeed
discovered a very effective natural treatment for Parkinson's disease, MS, respiratory sarcoid, & many other disorders similar, & as a result, I am now looking for several investors to help me establish a health retreat, to cater for treating "MILLIONS" of patients "Remotly" or "In person", who will call on this service from all around the world. - The aim of this retreat will be to offer seminars, treatment workshops covering (1) assessments for autoimmune problems, (2) the importance of water, oxygen, & emotional expression, & the hormones released due to carers or partners of patients supervising dietary needs, & sleep improvement techniques, & how to help patients obtain & maintain a good Posture at all times, &,,, how to "ALWAYS" have a positive mindset.

Due To The COVID-19 Fiasco, Many People Lost Confidence In The Medical Approach To Healthcare, Which Is Why, Public Interest In "NATURAL" Health, Has Increased Dramatically, In Recent Times, & Why, There Is A New Era In Healthcare Emerging Within Health Retreats, Which Is Actually Achieving Curative Results... I Wish To Be Instrumental In Helping This New Era To Become Firmly Established, & Am Looking For
Like-minded Investors, To Join Me In Creating One Of These Health Retreats On The Northside Of Brisbane, On Mount Mee...

Patients of these diseases have a real self-healing power, that most are not aware of how
they, themselves, can work their way into remission, through self-discipline.

In My Opinion, Dopamine Cell Death, Is "NOT" The Cause oF PD & MS Symptoms

Symptoms are from spinal faults, not dopamine cell death & a subsequent lack of dopamine, or myelin degeneration, & my videos prove it.

Think about this…. after a 15-minute afternoon nap, many Parkinson, MS & C.O.P.D patients feel a reduction in symptom severity, then, they often feel their symptoms return fully, after a few minutes of walking around, due to that walk aggitating the original muscular-spinal faults that created their symptoms, just as Dr. James Parkinson describes the causal process, in his 1817 book: – “Essay On The Shaking Palsy”. – Simple common sense also tells us, if patients can relax their whole body long-term, as much as they relax it, during a 15-minute nap, they can reach remission long-term.

Please remember, these aspects of health education fall well short of medical and naturopathic accreditation teachings. Above all, the connection between stress, sleep problems, endocrine dysfunction, blocked nerve Proprioceptors, spinal abnormalities and excessive muscular tensions, in PD, MS, Diabetes, MND and COPD-type symptoms, is in my opinion, why patients have bladder incontinence & difficulty sleeping.

About my B.A.10 Treatment Program

My B.A.10 treatment program takes a multi-directional approach and focuses on the whole human-being, not just the physical factors. After all, stress, anxiety, tension and other life factors all play a huge part in the onset of Parkinson’s symptoms.

Mental Analysis

I firstly like to find out about a patient’s stress levels, thinking patterns and emotional self expression. Extreme stress, negative thoughts and negative emotions contribute to muscle tension, which leads to nerve suppression. Nerve signals become suppressed and unable to communicate effectively to the brain. 

Physical Analysis

I then have a look at the patient’s muscular system to find out if there are any differences between both sides of the body. Excess rigidity in the whole muscular system, particularly in the neck, lower back and hips is common in spinal x-rays of advanced Parkinson, MS, COPD & Sarcoid patients.

Creating a Plan

Once both mental and physical factors have been assessed, I will develop a detailed strategy for your treatment program. This will include details on areas I will be treating, a consultation to discuss this strategy and of course a cost breakdown.

Treatment & Post-Care

Upon your confirmation, we will begin treatment immediately and you will start to see results within the first few days! Once remission is achieved, I encourage my patients to follow my Rejuvenation Program, which is a self-help program aimed at getting patients to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Case studies

Parkinson's success stories and videos

Many of my patients are in remission from Parkinson’s after only a few days. As an example, this patient, Regu, has been in remission for some time. I treated his neck and spine naturally, which also reduced other issues in his body, including lower back pain, hip and kidney problems. By treating the medulla swelling, these issues have subsided and his Parkinson’s symptoms are gone.

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Parkinson's Patient Cheryl Regains her Life on the B.A.10 Program
Email me now, with a list of your symptoms & I will give you advice on how to correct the abnormalities that have been causing your symptoms, all along.