Partner support to overcome rigidity disorders

To Overcome A Rigidity Autoimmune Disorder You Will Need Support.

To Reach Remission, It Is Best To Have A Support “TEAM” Helping You.
It is always best for me to come to you, to treat you on my B.A.10 Symptom Reversal Program as this allows me to not just treat “you”, but to also treat your environment “AND”, to educate the people around you about the goals of the B.A.10 Program and how I go about helping you to achieve those goals, so that your team can give you “encouragement” when you need it, and the necessary follow-on therapy support. — Your wife or husband, all available family members and any therapists and practitioners who treat you, should be invited to my DAY 2/DAY 3 one-hour educational talk. (I can explain some things to your chiropractor when I accompany you for the adjustments, but if he/she can come to the one-hour education talk, I can give a much better explanation than talking in-passing.)

My Chiropractic and Massage Techniques Are “VERY” Different and “VERY” Effective.
You cannot afford to have people around you advising you, or giving you normal medical, chiropractic or naturopathic therapies that go against my new unique success-based approach!!! — Even my spinal correction approach is very different than given by any chiropractor and without this new approach, your spinal curve and cervical subluxations will just keep on coming back out of alignment, within 5 minutes to 5 hours. — The awareness you need your massage therapist and your chiropractor to have, in relation to my unique approach to spinal correction, muscle normalization, respiratory efficiency, sleep, and digestion, is “EXTREMELY” important in helping you gain “LONG-TERM” success.

(8 Minutes +)

My Nerve Massage, Spinal Correction Vibration Therapy, B.A.10 Treatment Approach, and Some Of My Assessment Tests Are Very Unique & “VERY” Effective.
Because some of my ideals are very different, I actually encourage you to invite any practitioners you are calling on to treat you, to come to a one-hour “Familiarization Session” on Day 2 or Day 3 of your treatment so they learn a number of natural stress signs of the body to monitor, which were discovered through medical research, which are no longer taught in health practitioner accreditation training, some of the things they “MUST DO”, and some of the things they “MUST NOT DO” when they work on you after your time with me is completed. For example: You, your partner and “ALL” practitioners you are seeing, “MUST” know how to palpate the C1 vertebra (Atlas) to check it’s alignment, and know how to recognise if you have a twisted pelvis, as these are by far, the most influential symptom-provoking problems.

11 Muscles Have The Most Predominant Influence Over The Development Of Rigidity Symptoms, From Head To Feet, & The Trapezius and Sternocleidomastoid Muscles Are The Most Influential.
Some of the spinal supportive muscle abnormalities you, your partner and any person doing massage on you, “MUST” know about, are: – (1) Tension levels in the lateral border of both your trapezius muscles. (These neck muscles are by far your most important muscles to monitor.) — (2) Both your Sternocleidomastoid muscles can also have a negative influence on head posture and position, and, (3) your both calf muscles can cause extreme “Plantar Flexion” (walking while standing on tiptoes), in advanced Parkinson’s disease and MS patients, and in many of the patients diagnosed with the other 7 rigidity disorders I cater for. — Whilst there are 11 main muscles that influence the development of the vast majority of rigidity autoimmune symptoms, the main one you need to check “EVERY DAY” until your symptoms subside, are both your trapezius muscles.

Below is a photo of the relaxed trapezius muscles of a 50 year old healthy female with no health issues at all: –

“ALL” Rigidity Patients Develop Very Tense (Rigid) Trapezius Muscles. 
Just to give you an idea of how “rigid” the trapezius muscles of a variety of Rigidity Autoimmune Patients become, I have added several neck photos of past Rigidity patients I have treated on my specialized B.A.10 Program. — Some only have excess rigidity in one trapezius muscle and others develop that rigidity in both trapezius muscles depending on the stress they go through and how they perceive it, and how their nerve and endocrine systems respond. — This photo shows “MILD” excess rigidity on both sides of his cervical spine which pulled 3 vertebra out of alignment to contribute to the development of symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and food intolerances: – 

This next photo shows excess tension in only one trapezius muscle and combined with the skeletal abnormalities this caused, she developed Parkinson symptoms and breathing difficulties.

Practitioners Are Not Trained To Check Neck Muscle Tension On “Rigidity” Patients.
Now compare the soft neck muscles in the photo above, with the neck muscles of a number of patients who were diagnosed medically, with a “Rigidity Autoimmune Disorder”. — Practitioners, medical, chiropractic or naturopathic, are not taught in their accreditation training, to check tension levels in the Masseter, Trapezius, Sternocleidomastoid, Rhomboid, Latissimus, External Oblique, Iliocostalis, Iliopsoas, Vastus Lateralis, Soleus and the Tibialis Anterior muscles. — Every single one of these muscles has an effect on the individual symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, MS, MSA, ALS, Fibromyalgia, COPD and the other 3 disorders I cater for, to create and regulate symptom severity. — This is one of the most severe tension levels I have seen, in the many years I have specialized in Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders: –

There Are Many Body Stress Signs To Help You Know Why You Don’t Feel Like You Have The “GOOD” Body You Once Had, &, If You Can Read Them, They Will Help You Into Remission.
Take a look at these back muscle abnormalities in the photo below, pulling on the hips, lumbar spine and thoracic spine of an Irritable Bowel patient I treated on my B.A.10 Program, and notice how they are virtually the same abnormalities as seen in my back muscle photos of Parkinson, MS and other Rigidity patients I have treated. — Keep in mind that as I corrected these abnormalities, this patients symptoms subsided: –

You Need All Members Of Your Support Team To Know My Very Different Approach.
Please feel free to include an invitation to your medical doctor, your neurologist and your chiropractor if you would like them to attend my one-hour awareness talk, as the more they know about my teachings on overcoming negative muscle memory, my nerve massage, and how I teach you to regulate certain emotions to encourage a release of specific hormones for sleep and stress management, the better it is for your “continued” success.

You Must “ALL” Learn To Monitor 4 Things, While You Complete Your Time With Me.
There are 4 things you “ALL” need to monitor every day until you reach remission, to stop your symptoms from getting worse, to eliminate your symptoms fully “OVER TIME”, to keep your C1 vertebra (Atlas) and your hips in alignment “AT ALL TIMES”, and to keep you motivated. — With some patients, it can be difficult to deal with the “DOWN DAYS” when you wake up and just don’t feel like persevering, and that is normal, but you and your whole support team needs to know how to help you deal with such times.

By Far The Most Important Things To Monitor, Are Your Hip and Atlas Alignment.
I have added a group treatment video below, which is from my main Treatment web page, and it will help you understand some of the basic things I teach, until we meet for me to guide you into regaining your life: –

(18 Min+)

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to CONTACT ME via email, Skype me (“Noel Batten” or “youngnoel”), or phone me in Brisbane on: 0413317789.

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From a sickly epileptic teenager to a successful athlete and Guinness world record holder, Noel Batten has overcome the odds himself and has helped thousands of people beat rigidity immune disorders such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and essential tremors with his revolutionary treatment program. Read more here.

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