Patients Who Lose Enthusiasm – Don’t Give up!

Why Most Practitioners Are Not Trained To Effectively Treat Symptoms Of Autoimmune Disorders

Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Massage Therapists, Natural Therapists & Even Partners Of Patients, Don’t know Anywhere Near Enough, To Beat Parkinson’s Disease & Other Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders.
There are specific things that “MUST” be done to help patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, MS, MSA, ALS, IBS, COPD, Diabetes and other disorders similar, particularly with their frame of mind, mental attitude, posture and breathing. These very important issues are not being taught to practitioners during accreditation training, which is why these patients are being given doom-and-gloom instead of a direction for them to place their efforts, and the hope of a bright future. (Both medical and natural practitioners come out of their accreditation training without having “ANY CLUE WHATSOEVER” on how to understand the causes, or the best treatment, for these many disorders. Watch my video below on Betty Green and you will see exactly what I mean.)

If you are a patient, or a relative of a patient, and you are disappointed in the healthcare system because it offers “nothing” in the way of hope, you will find answers in this article that will explain “why” you are offered nothing, and, that will help to quench your disappointment. Just remember, these disorders are “NOT” incurable. There “IS” a way to overcome them with a multi-directional approach that includes, an understanding of how to develop peace of mind, and how the mind influences the body.

Two main steps you need to be aware of: –

THE FIRST, of the mental aspects needing attention, is to help patients remain positive while dealing with internalised stress effectively enough for them to improve their R.E.M. stage of sleep, as we only “absorb” nutrient to help the cells of our mind and body heal, and our endocrine glands only top up hormone storage for emotional strength, and our muscles only remain flexible, “IF” we experience R.E.M. sleep regularly.

THE SECOND, is to correct all muscular-skeletal issues in the neck, back and hips, (the neck first), so as to improve nerve signals and blood flow to the brain, the muscles that work our skeleton, and to the stomach, small intestine and gall bladder for digestion and absorption of the foods and nutrient we consume, and for that nutrient to be sent to the symptom-affected body areas.

It is impossible to give patients improvement without helping them in these two areas “FIRST” yet this information is not taught to practitioners in accreditation training.

24 Accredited Professional Health Practitioners, “Medical & Natural” Did Not Have A Clue How To Assess Betty Green, Let Alone How To Correct The Respiratory Pain, and The Symptoms She Experienced.
These two steps are just the beginning though, as there are quite a number of other issues, starting with absorption of oxygen” which need to be regularly assessed, corrected where necessary, and monitored. (My success video on Betty Green below, explains oxygen absorption.) Practitioners are not taught the importance of these factors in relation to the onset of rigidity disorders, in accreditation training, and as you will realise from the actions of the 24 practitioners who treated Betty, they “BADLY” need to be.

Practitioners Of The Future Must Think Like A Psychologist, An Endocrinologist, A Chiropractor, A Massage Therapist Who Knows The Nerves, and, A Personal Trainer, So As To Use The B.A.10 Program. Most people assume that to treat patients for all the subjects I mentioned above, will call for a psychologist, an endocrinologist, a chiropractor, a massage therapist and a personal trainer. A time is coming however, when all natural health practitioners will, “at the least”, need to learn new assessment tests that find unconscious suppression in the mind that encourages muscle stiffness and tremors, through an excessive release of the stiffness hormone “noradrenaline”, and that document the state of the endocrine system, the spine, the brain stem and CSF Pressure, the respiratory system, the nutrient absorption system, and the ability of tendons and muscles to support freedom of movement.

Health Practitioners Badly Lack Knowledge On Nerves, Hormones and Physiological Interactions, In Relation To Rigidity Disorders Like PD.
Presently, medical and natural practitioners are not taught to be aware that the combination of all these physiological activities I listed above, is what determines whether or not a person will develop the symptoms of one of the 22 rigidity autoimmune disorders I discuss on this website. They aren’t even taught in their accreditation training, to assess the nerves and hormones that completely control the muscles and organs involved in the development of the symptoms of these rigidity autoimmune disorders, let alone how to correct them if they are found to be faulty. There is a “TREMENDOUS” ignorance among medical and natural health practitioners in the entire healthcare system, to do with these subjects.

To be capable of treating rigidity autoimmune disorders effectively, practitioners will need to go through an Advanced Training Course to learn how to assess, and how to treat all these issues I have listed, which are proven to be involved with the onset of Parkinson-MS-COPD-IBS-type rigidity autoimmune symptoms.

Natural practitioners who have a heart for helping these patients, need to learn the B.A.10 Program, so they know how to help patients learn to develop peace of mind so as to achieve good sleep, how to examine the spine and how to check for brain stem swelling and if a patient has excess cerebrospinal fluid pressure in the brain, which encourages Chiari Malformations, and they will need to learn to use all the treatments I have outlined. (Very few medical doctors, neurologists, chiropractors, naturopaths, or natural therapists know how to look for the actual causal factors involved in the onset of rigidity disorders like Parkinson’s disease because their accreditation training falls horribly short of teaching them “anything” close to what they need to know, to help patients, even in the least.)

The first four most important issues that need to be taught in an Advanced Retraining Course, will be: –

(1) How to motivate rigidity autoimmune patients to give them back their enthusiasm and enjoyment of life. (When patients lose enthusiasm and purpose in life, their endocrine system shuts down to cause a huge array of autoimmune problems that set the stage for the onset of any autoimmune disorder from Parkinson’s disease to Celiac disease.)

(2) How to palpate the spine, how to recognize a twisted pelvis, and how to identify abnormalities in spinal X-rays that cause rigidity autoimmune symptoms associated with disorders like PD, MS, MSA, ALS, COPD, IBS, and several others similar, to develop. This knowledge is not extensive or complicated to learn, but it will enable physiotherapists, massage therapists, natural therapists and personal trainers to work side-by-side with chiropractors to communicate on a professional level as they all work together to combine their knowledge, for the benefit of these millions of destitute rigidity autoimmune patients.

There are more patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, MS and diabetes, than the population of Australia, the USA and England combined, and nobody is able to give them a vision of the cure, which is there waiting to be used. (Proverbs 29:18) “Without a vision the people perish”.

(3) How to identify which nerves are being suppressed to cause certain symptoms, how to overcome spinal curvature and reinstate spinal lordosis, and how to adjust the C1 and C2 vertebra and realign the pelvis up to seven times a day, using “Gentle Persuasion Spinal Therapy”, a very new “very gentle” way that even the average person can learn to do, to correct the spine, without causing any pain or nerve damage to the patient. (This will be done while working in conjunction with a chiropractor who has attended the One-day B.A.10 Familiarization Course.)

(4) How to preform nerve massage to reinstate strong nerve signals to symptom-affected muscles and organs.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The absence of these teachings in the natural health profession is “why” so many rigidity autoimmune disorders are incorrectly considered incurable. It is only the lack of knowledge that enables these disorders to be judged so incorrectly throughout society.

To improve a patient’s self-confidence to feel a purpose in life, and to teach patients how to overcome any self-sabotage issues, help them develop goal-setting skills by teaching them how to fully visualize a positive end result (Proverbs 29:18), and help them develop the strength to ward off negative self-destructive thoughts, it is necessary for these patients to attend a Lifestyle Coaching Course to teach them how to live properly, specially in mature years.

Some people need to “learn” how to grow elderly, or their lack of physiological knowledge will cause them to develop poor sleep, stiffness, poor breathing, poor absorption, and spinal discord, which all combine, to create rigidity autoimmune symptoms.

To improve a practitioner’s knowledge to enable them to perform autoimmune assessments, it will be necessary for them to attend a Two-day Assessment Course to learn the specialized tests necessary. To teach practitioners how to effectively treat autoimmune patients using the B.A.10 Program, they will need to attend a four-to-six week advanced training course, to learn all these new autoimmune treatment skills.

The initial treatment and training many of the patients would need to attend for a successful long-term outcome, must be for 1 month, and up to 3 months, under supervision, as it would need to be effective enough to correct any advanced muscular-skeletal problems and help them to re-establish their personality and their ability to relax enough to encourage regular R.E.M. sleep, to get them back into life.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


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