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Plus 8-days Treatment = $5,000 | Plus 12-days Treatment $5,800

This is a Skype Membership, comprising 25 hours Skype time used over 12 months ($2.975-00 USD value), with patients, and or their practitioners, and it includes several Practitioner Training Products appropriate to your symptoms and circumstances ($200-00 USD value). This Skype membership includes the following:

  • You can attend any Client Support Workshop in Australia or the USA once, to receive 4 days of treatment.
  • This also allows you to add two additional 4-day treatment sessions to your first session, so that you can extend your 4-day session, to 8-days, or 12-days, at any one of my Client Support Workshops in Australia or the USA. The fee for your second 4-day session will be $1.205-00 USD, for 4 additional days of treatment. If you wish to make a booking for 12 days of treatment, the fee will be $5.800-00 USD. All 3 choices include that one, 25 hours of Skype time (valued at $1.700-00 USD), used over 12 months.

12 Month Practitioner Training Support

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