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With Attendance On The Support Workshop Assessment Day

This is a Skype Membership, comprising 10 hours Skype time ($850-00 USD value), plus practitioner training products, to help massage therapists and chiropractors learn my methods, designed to maximise immune strength ($200-00 USD value). From these products your practitioners will learn how to help patients overcome pain and minor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, MS, C.O.P.D, Diabetes, MSA, ALS, & Motor Neurone Disease etc, which, unlike the 5-hour Skype Service, includes: –

  • A full assessment at any Client Support Workshop you can attend in Australia or the USA. ($200-00 USD value.)
  • Receive a report of the spinal X-rays you “MUST” supply, which will include specific steps to follow at home, to help the massage and chiropractic adjustments advised, to give lasting improvement. ($100-00 USD value)

If you wish to be “treated”, for 2 to 12 days at a Client Support Workshop, you will need a 6-month membership. (It is also essential to supply the same X-rays listed in the 5-hour Skype Time service.)

3 Month Practitioner Training Support

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