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“ADHD, The Greatest Medical Fiasco” is a book that explains how Australian occupational therapists and psychologists have figured out how to overcome ADHD, but medical leaders are ignoring their success and the approach they use. So many medical journals explain the exact cause of ADHD which occupational therapists and psychologists are treating to gain their success, but still, medical leaders continue to push them aside and prescribe drugs to these children, that often cause terrible side-effects and don’t give any significant long-term help. I am an ex-epileptic who was prescribed pharmaceutical drugs that gave me no significant long-term help as a teenager, but the side-effects were terrible. I ended up overcoming my epilepsy, bronchitis and MS with a similar approach used by these Australian occupational therapists and psychologists. — If you suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or you have a child who suffers from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, you “MUST” read this eBook. If you purchase this eBook and it does not help you, I will refund the price you pay me, without question.

ADHD – The Greatest Medical Bungle eBook

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While contemplating a medical career, I spent considerable time researching the medical approach to health and attending workshops at Mount Olivet Hospital. During this time I soon realised, any medical research that explained how to overcome disorders like ADHD without the use of pharmaceutical drugs is totally ignored and the medical research available is overwhelming to say the least. The medical evidence proves without any doubt, this is more than just an innocent mistake, it is a bungle of major proportion that often steers parents of ADHD children in the wrong direction and robs them of the chance to help their children regain emotional stability and develop some sort of normal loving life. This is exactly what happened to my mother and I when doctors told us that pharmaceutical drugs are the only option and that things like breathing exercises, blood flow weight training exercises, massage and other ideals I explain in this eBook, are useless. The following medical reports should be displayed on every doctor’s waiting room wall for all parents to see Medical report No1 Children who suffer from conditions such as autism, ADD and ADHD, have experienced some sort of loss, and or, shock, which causes sufficient mental anguish to prevent their minds from relaxing to experience regular R.E.M. sleep, the only time the brain can manufacture the “feel good” hormone dopamine and absorb glucose and other nutrients for mental and emotional energy. The only way to counteract this effect is to slow the mind of an ADHD child down during sleep so that the R.E.M. healing stage of sleep eventuates and encourage them to improve self-confidence by helping them to develop their individual talents to stimulate their excitement for life. This is well-documented in: “The Journal of Psychiatry Research” 1984, volume 11, pages 111-117. Medical report No2 Many medical studies have proven, motivating children to develop self-confidence, giving them close companionship “and improving their R.E.M. sleep” in the early stages of autism, asthma, ADD and ADHD can overcome these disorders completely. Most medical doctors are not only not explaining this documented success so this treatment can be commenced “in the early stages”, they are dispensing drugs and telling parents, these disorders are incurable thus destroying any incentive to try to overcome it. This is a travesty that needs to be addressed. One of many medical journals that explain how companionship and improving self-confidence and sleep efficiency can create remission, is: “The Journal of Autism” 2001, volume 5, book 1, pages 37-48. To help children overcome disorders like autism, asthma, ADD, ADHD, anorexia, diabetes and epilepsy, parents must be informed of the medically documented facts. Just as I found medical reports that explain what causes epilepsy and how to overcome it, after my neurologist told us it was incurable and my only option was a lifetime of pharmaceutical drugs, there are medical reports that explain the cause of many children’s disorders that most doctors are wrongly claiming to be incurable. Back in the 1940’s Dr Leo Kanner of the John Hopkins University documented through his trials, conditions such as autism, ADD and ADHD are not diseases, they are a result of a loss of interest in participating in life due to no longer experiencing personal enjoyment. He classed the personality of children with these disorders, as “sameness” due to their lack of interest in expressing any type of enjoyment or wanting to have any sort of emotional interaction or viewpoint. In 1976 it was documented, lack of R.E.M. sleep in children inhibits brain energy and encourages conditions such as autism, ADD, ADHD, asthma and diabetes. A survey carried out on autistic and ADHD children in 1974, revealed that they experience less R.E.M. sleep than normal children and as a consequence, their brain has difficulty processing energy. Other surveys have shown, low self-esteem, lack of encouragement towards goals and depression interfere with the brain’s ability to utilise glucose for brain energy and neuron development, and the manufacture and release of the feel good hormone dopamine, the hormone lacking in autism, ADD, ADHD, asthma, epilepsy and many other childhood disorders. These facts are recorded in: “The Journal Of Autism and Childhood Schizophrenia” 1976, volume 6, book 3, pages 275 to 288. Notice Explanations on this website and in my book cater for children who develop ADHD after being born, which applies to the majority of cases. Many doctors inform parents of autistic, ADD and ADHD children, children suffering from these three conditions experience their condition due to incurable hormonal brain deficiencies created while in the womb, which is very often an incorrect explanation that leads parents away from knowing how to help their children achieve remission. Even the few children who do develop ADHD etc, due to poor brain development while in the womb, can still improve, however, parents need to be given the medical facts about what causes the emotional stress part of the brain (prefrontal cortex), to be held back, in order to encourage this improvement. Many medical researchers have documented the answers but most medical doctors are not even aware they exist because of their constant focus on the application of pharmaceutical drugs. There is so much medically documented evidence that proves ADHD is just a normal response to emotional stress that can be overcome through personal effort, the treatment most general practitioners, paediatricians and neurologists apply is, in my opinion, nothing short of criminal. I don’t feel this is a purposful conspiracy by the medical profession, as I believe medical students are unwitting victims of a Government system that allows the pharmaceutical drug companies to control the training of medical doctors so that they are fashioned to sell drugs and distract patients from knowing the truth for the sake of sales. On the 9th, of December 2005, I personally requested an Australian Member of Parliament to investigate this situation and like many people before me, my request was just swept under the carpet, which is why I am now calling on leaders of the Christian church to challenge Government Health Department officials on this very serious matter. If autism, ADD and ADHD were caused by neurons not developing while in the womb, every symptom and behavioural habit associated with autism, ADD and ADHD would be present constantly and the intensity of these symptoms and behaviour would never vary. As autistic, ADD and ADHD children, particularly the majority who develop their disorder after being born, suffer symptoms and behavioural habits that vary drastically according to how well they sleep and their levels of daily stress, it is just common sense, all cases of autism, ADD and ADHD could not possibly be caused by brain neurons that have never developed. Most autistic, ADD and ADHD children have days when their symptoms and bad behaviour vary enough to notice, their symptoms and habits are simply a stubborn rejection to life itself, due to an inability to see the rewards of achievement, an impatience to remain focussed when achievement becomes difficult, and not being able to express emotions correctly. After investigating the history of autistic, ADD and ADHD children I have treated, I have found these characteristics had developed soon after some sort of lifestyle shock which had taken away their desire to enjoy life. I have also found, the only way to overcome this circumstance is not by feeding them pharmaceutical drugs that add other problems, it is by treating every child as an emotional individual who needs to be nurtured back into enjoying life and having a desire to develop personal talents. Doctors have ignored a call for a drug moratorium and a request to refer ADHD children to occupational therapists who are achieving success Unrealised by many, the Youth Affairs Network in Australia headed by psychologist Dr Bob Jacobs, submitted a report in 2002 that requested a moratorium (legal ban) on the drugs used by medical doctors to treat conditions such as autism, ADD and ADHD, because occupational therapists and psychologists are getting results with stress management and R.E.M. sleep improvement that doctors are not getting with drugs. They have also ignored a call for the medical profession as a whole, to refer autistic, ADD and ADHD children to occupational therapists and psychologists for counselling, R.E.M. sleep improvement and encouragement to become motivated towards personal goals, all of which has proven to help overcome these disorders. Unfortunately, this report was just swept under the carpet because doctors are trained by pharmaceutical drug company lecturers to confine their activities to a prescription pad and drug company executives don’t want parents of autistic, ADD and ADHD children to know of the medical reports that reveal the curative answers that bypass the use of drugs. Most doctors will also deny, the pharmaceutical drugs they prescribe for autism, ADD and ADHD, have any adverse side effects even though these damaging side effects are documented in their own medical journals. The following medical journal report is one of many that document how a child’s growth is reduced due to pharmaceutical drugs used to treat these disorders: “The Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology” 2002, volume 12, book 1, pages 55 to 61. Many occupational therapists who teach children to develop communication skills, self-expression and self-identity have helped children overcome a huge array of autoimmune disorders including autism, ADHD, asthma, epilepsy and anorexia yet health department officials ignore this success. In my book “ADHD, The Greatest Medical Bungle” I list 29 medical reports that “prove beyond any doubt” our doctors are not being taught to pass on the information that will bypass the long-term use of pharmaceutical drugs and enable parents of autistic, ADD and ADHD children to bring their children into remission. Medical leaders and Government Health Department officials are totally ignoring official research results documentation by some of the most well-respected experts from their own profession, in relation to an issue that deals with the mental and physical health of our very precious children and as a consequence, I am calling on leaders of the Christian church to investigate this disgraceful injustice If your child has ADD or ADHD and your doctors are telling you it is caused by a brain malfunction that is incurable and your only option is a lifetime supply of pharmaceutical drugs, don’t listen unless “indisputable proof” of irreversible brain damage is given! When I had epilepsy at age thirteen, my neurologist gave me false information and started me on a lifetime supply of pharmaceutical drugs that did nothing but turn me into a zombie. After overcoming my condition completely through natural means and then studying autoimmune disorders to become a health professional, I found medical journals that proved this neurologist’s ignorance was cheating me out of my life. As you will read in “my personal story” my health problems began due to falling asleep on family conflict which prevented me from achieving a deep comfortable R.E.M. sleep and I believe this is where all children’s autoimmune disorders begin. I also believe, this is where treatment should begin. Elbert Hubbard:- “There is no failure except in no longer trying”. Jim Goodwin:- “The impossible is often the untried”. Albert Einstein:- “The important thing is to never stop questioning”. Children sleep best after they are made to feel important and loved. This eBook is also obtainable by purchasing the Practitioner’s Training Pack which supplies far greater detail in the cause and successful treatment of autoimmune disorder, along with 94 photos to support my explanations. If you purchase any product from this website and are not fully satisfied with that product, I will give you a full refund, as soon as I receive your email request.

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