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“Autism, The Greatest Medical Debate” is a book that discusses the great controversy over the drugs prescribed for this disease that seems to be on the increase in society, which is devastating many families around the world. Read the medical documentations that explain the two sides of this debate, which divides the medical profession into two sectors that are often at loggerheads, trying to figure out the answers so our children can finally receive help. As I myself, had autistic tendancies when I suffered from epilepsy and MS, I am fully aware of the terrible anguish that families go through, when struck by this disease, but I am also well aware of what can be done, to eliminate the emotional as well as poisonous chemical causal aspects of autism, in order to reduce or sometimes overcome the symptoms.

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While contemplating a medical career, I spent considerable time researching the medical approach to health and attending workshops at Mount Olivet Hospital. During this time I soon realized, any medical research that explained how to overcome disorders like Autism without the use of pharmaceutical drugs is totally ignored and the medical research available is overwhelming to say the least. The medical evidence proves without any doubt, this is more than just an innocent mistake, it is an injustice of major proportion that is steering parents of autistic children in the wrong direction and robbing them of the chance to help their children regain emotional stability and achieve remission, in cases where there is no permanent damage to the brain and central nervous system and that applies to the vast majority of autistic children. The following medical reports should be displayed on every doctors waiting room wall for all parents to see. Whilst the following medical journals explain that the primary cause of autism, is emotional stress and lack of the loving life hormone dopamine, I acknowledge that vaccination and mercury poisening can often play a part in the development of autism. It is my opinion however, the reason not all children develop autism from vaccination and mercury poisening, is that only the children who are emotionally stressed at the time of their vaccination, or at a time when their mercury levels become higher than normal, have an autistic reaction. Medical report No 1 — (Documented way back in 1911) Way back in 1911 Dr Eugen Bleuler head of the Burghoelzli University Hospital in Switzerland used the following description for autism: “Autism is not a disease, it is an emotional disturbance”. He also described it as “being separated from the reality of living”, a brain prefrontal cortex response caused by trauma, which can only be overcome by counseling and encouragement in personal development. It is a problem that cannot be overcome with pharmaceutical drugs. A report on Bleulers findings is published in: “The Journal of Medical Health Care” 2000, Volume 3, book 2, pages 153-159. As this fact has been confirmed through many medical surveys since 1911, why are doctors still being trained to tell parents of autistic children, autism is “a disease” caused by abnormalities in the brains hormonal neurons? Numerous medical reports world wide explain, autism is caused by emotional suppression of some type of shock or trauma and it can only be overcome by helping a child redevelop emotional stability, anatomical correction, self-expression and love for life. Medical report No 2 — Many medical studies have proven, motivating children to develop self-confidence, giving them close companionship “and improving their R.E.M. sleep” in the early stages of autism can overcome autism completely. This approach stimulates improved dopamine release in a part of the brain that responds to accomplishment and parental acknowledgement and improving dopamine release is the only way to overcome the symptoms and habits in autism. Most medical doctors are not only not explaining this documented success so this approach can be commenced “in the early stages”, they are dispensing drugs and telling parents, autism is incurable. This is a travesty that needs to be addressed. One of many medical journals that explain companionship, improved sleep and improving self-confidence can create remission, is: “The Journal of Autism” 2001, volume 5, book 1, pages 37-48. To help children overcome disorders like autism, asthma, ADHD, anorexia, diabetes and epilepsy, we “must” be informed of these facts. Just as I found medical reports that explain what causes epilepsy and how to overcome it, after my neurologist told us it was incurable and my only option was a lifetime of pharmaceutical drugs, there are medical reports that explain the cause of many children’s disorders and how to overcome them, yet medical doctors are trained to inform parents and patients, they are incurable. Back in the 1940’s Dr Leo Kanner of the John Hopkins University also documented through his trials, autism is not a disease, it is a result of a loss of interest in participating in life due to no longer experiencing personal enjoyment. He classed their personality as “sameness” due to their lack of interest in expressing any type of enjoyment or wanting to have any sort of interaction or viewpoint. In 1976 it was documented, lack of R.E.M. sleep in children inhibits brain energy and encourages conditions such as autism, ADD, ADHD, asthma and diabetes A survey carried out on autistic children in 1974, revealed that autistic children experience less R.E.M. sleep than normal children and as a consequence, their brain has difficulty processing energy. Other surveys have shown, low self-esteem, lack of encouragement towards goals and depression interfere with the brains ability to utilize glucose for brain energy and neuron development, and the manufacture and release of the feel good hormone dopamine, the hormone lacking in autism. These facts are recorded in: “The Journal Of Autism and Childhood Schizophrenia” 1976, volume 6, book 3, pages 275 to 288. When I suffered from autistic mood swings and fits of anger at age 13, I discovered that my overactive mind during sleep and my painful neck tension were the main causes. After experiencing incredible mood swings along with depression, at age 13 when I suffered from epilepsy, bronchitis, allergies to foods, plants and animals, pre-diabetes and the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, I soon associated the increase of my neck pains with the increase of my bursts of anger, my allergies and my MS symptoms and I clearly recognised that my mood swings and depression, as well as my allergies and MS symptoms, were either reduced or eliminated totally for hours up to days after my mother gave me her special neck relaxation treatment. (Read “My Personal Success Story”.) Years later, after studying to become a natural therapy autoimmune specialist, I treated many children who suffered autoimmune disorders including autism, ADD, ADHD and various respiratory disorders. In all cases, I found these children had profuse neck tension that either caused or encouraged their mood swings and their allergies and that reducing their neck tension, teaching them to do my deep breathing bronchitis exercise, helping them to raise their self-esteem and overcome an overactive mind, rectifying any misaligned vertebra and designing an organized, goal achievement lifestyle, helped them to restore their health and emotional well-being.

You “CAN” overcome autism by encouraging emotional stability, correcting the anatomical weaknesses that cause autism in the first place and learning the stress management skills that will overcome those causes, often leads to remission.

In this book I have listed nineteen steps you can follow to make life much easier for you as a parent as well as helping you to gradually improve your child’s view of life which mellows your child’s personality. These 19 steps can improve your life circumstances from the very moment you implement them. Most Doctors and Neurologists are misleading parents of autistic children with incorrect information! There is so much medically documented evidence that proves, most cases of autism are just a normal response to emotional stress that can be overcome through personal effort, the treatment most general practitioners, pediatricians and neurologists apply is, in my opinion, nothing short of criminal. I don’t feel this is a purposeful conspiracy by the medical profession, as I believe medical students are unwitting victims of a Government system that allows the pharmaceutical drug companies to control the training of medical doctors so that they are fashioned to sell drugs and distract patients from knowing the truth for the sake of sales, and I want this stopped! On the 9th, of December 2005, I personally requested an Australian Member of Parliament to investigate this situation and like many people before me, my request was just swept under the carpet, which is why I am now calling on leaders of the Christian church to challenge Government Health Department officials on this very serious matter. A fact about the symptoms of autism that should never be forgotten If autism was caused by neurotransmitters not developing while in the womb, every symptom and behavioral habit associated with autism would be present constantly and the intensity of symptoms and behavior would never vary. As autistic children, particularly the majority who develop autism after being born, suffer symptoms and behavioral habits that vary drastically according to how well they sleep and their levels of daily stress, it is just common sense that all cases of autism could not possibly be caused by brain neurotransmitters that have never developed. Most autistic children have days when their symptoms and bad behavior vary enough to notice, their symptoms and habits are simply a stubborn rejection to life itself, due to an inability to see the rewards of achievement, an impatience to remain focused when achievement becomes difficult, and not being able to express emotions correctly. After investigating the history of autistic children I have treated, I have found these characteristics developed soon after some sort of lifestyle shock which had taken away their desire to enjoy life. I have also found, the only way to overcome this circumstance is not by feeding them pharmaceutical drugs that add other problems, it is by treating every child as an emotional individual who needs to be nurtured back into enjoying life and having a desire to develop personal talents. Doctors have ignored a call for a drug moratorium and a request to refer autistic children to occupational therapists who have proven to achieve success Unrealized by many, the Youth Affairs Network in Australia headed by psychologist Dr Bob Jacobs, submitted a report in 2002 that requested a moratorium (legal ban) on the drugs used by medical doctors to treat conditions such as autism and ADHD, because occupational therapists and psychologists are getting results with stress management and R.E.M. sleep improvement that doctors are not getting with drugs. They have also ignored a call for the medical profession as a whole, to refer autistic children to occupational therapists and psychologists for counseling, R.E.M. sleep improvement and encouragement to become motivated towards personal goals, all of which has proven to help overcome autism. Unfortunately, this report was just swept under the carpet because doctors are trained by pharmaceutical drug company lecturers to confine their activities to a prescription pad and drug company executives don’t want parents of autistic children to know of the many medical reports that reveal the curative answers that bypass the use of drugs. Most doctors will also deny, the pharmaceutical drugs they prescribe for autism, ADD and ADHD, have any adverse side effects even though these damaging side effects are documented in their own medical journals. The following medical journal report is one of many that document how a child’s growth is reduced due to pharmaceutical drugs used to treat these disorders: “The Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology” 2002, volume 12, book 1, pages 55 to 61. Many occupational therapists who teach children to develop communication skills, self-expression and self-identity have helped children overcome a huge array of autoimmune disorders including autism, ADHD, asthma, epilepsy and anorexia yet health department officials ignore this success. In my book “Autism, The Greatest Medical Injustice” I list 31 medical reports that “prove beyond any doubt” our doctors are not being taught to pass on the information that will bypass the long-term use of pharmaceutical drugs and enable parents of autistic children to bring their children into remission. Medical leaders and Government Health Department officials are totally ignoring official research results documentation by the most well-respected experts from their own profession, in relation to an issue that deals with the mental and physical health of our very precious children and as a consequence, I am calling on leaders of the Christian church to investigate this disgraceful injustice. The misconception of food additives, mercury and chemicals After much research into the affect of food additives, mercury and farm type chemicals in the onset of autism, ADHD and other immune deficient personality disorders, it has been established that these substances have a definite encouraging effect, however I believe people who lay all the blame on these chemical factors are missing the main point. Firstly, when I experienced my allergies I know for a fact, hearing my father abuse my mother before I fell asleep, gave me stomach cramps almost instantly and when I awoke the morning after, my allergies were at their very worst. As a result of this, I believe all children who suffer from autism and ADHD etc, have experienced some sort of shock or very stressful event of some sort, as I did, and the tightening of their stomach and neck muscles cause the body to respond negatively to such things as food additives, mercury and chemicals. This is easily supported by the fact that there are many children who have high levels of mercury etc, in their body yet do not suffer from autism and ADHD and other similar disorders. Just as my allergies were not causes, but companion symptoms, to my epilepsy, pre-diabetes, bronchitis and MS, which were all caused by my suppression of fear and depression, I also believe if a child reacts adversely to mercury etc, it is only a secondary symptom caused by an initial stressful experience, due to a threat to their security, or the wrong perception that the event was a threat to their security. Whilst it is essential to work out a good diet that softens mood swings and bursts of anger in children who suffer from autism, I believe it is more important to remember that an autistic child is only being agitated by certain foods, preservatives, chemicals and mercury from vaccines etc, because the stomach and neck muscles have become extremely tense due to some sort of shock to the system. If you have “ANY” difficulty downloading this book after payment, contact me and I will email the books to you as an attachment. If you download this book and are not happy with it, I will arrange a full refund for you. Any person who purchases this book and has “any” difficulty downloading it due to confusion, or password problems, just contact me with your purchase number and I will send your eBook to you as an email attachment “and remember” I am also here waiting to answer any questions, to help you as much as possible, because people were there for me when I went through what you are going through. My Email address is:

More medical Reports that “prove” doctors and neurologists are giving incorrect information about autism

The real problem Medical practitioners, pediatricians and neurologists are so busy keeping up with the ever-increasing list of pharmaceutical drugs and their medical school training is so deeply influenced by drug company representatives, most of them are not even aware that many surveys have proven that, a sudden shock followed by grief, depression or fear, and lack of encouragement to develop self-confidence and a love for life, are the causes of conditions such as autism and that overcoming these stress factors is the “only” way to achieve remission. Some doctors who haven’t minded discussing these matters with me openly, have actually admitted they are often embarrassed when people bring evidence to them that proves, their use of pharmaceutical drugs is inappropriate and are made aware of success being gained over conditions such as autism, by using sleep improvement and improvement of self-esteem, self-confidence and love for life. When working on self-esteem and helping children overcome fear and an incorrect perception that they are not loved, I have always noticed a definite improvement in their personality reactions, their sleep and their health. I cover these subjects “in depth” in my book “Autism, The Greatest Medical Injustice”. You “can” overcome autism in the majority of cases, if you work on giving your child a definite love for life and continually work at improving your child’s R.E.M. stage of sleep. The lack of R.E.M. sleep associated with autism is caused by the brain lacking the “feel good” hormone, dopamine. The brain can only manufacture and store dopamine to help overcome autism if a child feels secure and is regularly encouraged to love life and develop individual talents that stimulate excitement for life. This is well-documented in: “The Journal of Psychiatry Research” 1984, volume 11, pages 111-117. The rebellious attitude associated with autism is caused by excessive release of the frustration hormone noradrenaline. Noradrenaline is released excessively due to falling asleep on disharmony and lacking R.E.M. sleep, never feeling secure and loved, and low self-esteem. “The Journal of Behavioural Brain Research” 2002, volume 130 books 1-2, pages 191 to 196. If you are being told you cannot overcome autism, do not listen! If your child has autism and your doctors are telling you it is caused by a brain malfunction that is incurable and your only option is a lifetime supply of pharmaceutical drugs, don’t listen unless “indisputable proof” of irreversible brain damage is given! Most cases of autism can be overcome by improvement in R.E.M. sleep patterns, encouraging them to develop individual talents, teaching them how to remain positive and focused when achievement becomes difficult and above all, sharing the excitement of their achievements with them as a close friend. When I had epilepsy at age thirteen, my neurologist gave me false information and started me on a lifetime supply of pharmaceutical drugs that did nothing but turn me into a zombie. After overcoming my condition completely through natural means and then studying autoimmune disorders to become a health professional, I found medical journals that proved this neurologist’s ignorance was cheating me out of my life. As you will read in “my personal story” my health problems began due to falling asleep on family conflict which prevented me from achieving a deep comfortable R.E.M. sleep and I believe this is where all children’s autoimmune disorders begin. I also believe, this is where treatment should begin. Children sleep best after they are made to feel important and loved Children need adults who will stop and spend quality time with them every day and listen to them and actually take notice so they feel important in some way and above all, making sure they don’t wrongly assume, they are not loved, simply because it is them not accepting love, rather than the parents not giving it. One of the biggest difficulties with autism is teaching the child how to accept love. Continually seeing parents hugging and joking together is one way to do this and I have mentioned other ways in this book. To actually hear what is in a child’s heart and to help a child discover his or her individual talents to apply into life, is to help a child find reason to love life and become excited about the future. This is how a child becomes relaxed enough to achieve a deep healing sleep and overcome many immune disorders such as autism, ADD and ADHD. The immune system and hormonal system only become strong and the brain and body cells only absorb glucose, during the deep stage of R.E.M. sleep, and if a child isn’t achieving R.E.M. sleep, these essential healing activities do not take place which is the true cause of these conditions. Talking to a child during sleep helps to release shock, fear, anger and rejection of love To actually hear what is in a child’s heart and to help a child discover his or her individual talents to apply into life, is to help a child find “reason” to accept love, and to love life itself and become excited about the future. This is how a child becomes relaxed enough to achieve a deep healing sleep and overcome many immune disorders such as autism. The immune system and hormonal system only become strong and the brain and body cells only absorb glucose, during the deep stage of R.E.M. sleep, and if a child isn’t achieving R.E.M. sleep, these essential healing activities do not take place which is how conditions such as autism, chronic fatigue, depression and other like-disorders become established. Actually talking to a child as he/she is asleep, will help the unconscious mind relax and “let go” of fear, anxiety and rejection of love and I explain specific sentences to use while doing this to help a child relax and achieve R.E.M. sleep and accept love into their emotions. This is a really important aspect of healing that every parent of an autistic or ADHD child should use. Somebody needs to tell doctors when they are wrong and as Government Health Department officials refuse to do so, I want the Christian Church to step in and reclaim authority over the medical profession. As many researchers worldwide have proven autism, ADD and ADHD are caused by internal conflict due to fear, grief and emotional stress, by keeping this information from parents of autistic, ADD and ADHD children and teaching doctors to inform parents of these children, their only option is a lifetime of pharmaceutical drugs, health department officials are directly responsible for the prolonged suffering caused to families suffering from these health problems. As doctors are sworn in by a Hippocratic Oath made before God, to respect these emotional spiritual causes of disease and to tell their patients the truth, doctors who are purposely avoiding these emotional spiritual causes for the sake of bonuses received from drug companies, are dishonoring their very oath of service and, are also responsible for the family suffering experienced through these health problems. As suppressed emotional stress and developing peace of mind are clearly spiritual matters, and as I am an influential member of the Christian church it is my intention to encourage the Christian church to confront leaders of the medical profession and Government health departments to bring a stop to this life destructive injustice, as it is an essential Christian requirement to do so according to the scripture Ezekiel 3:18-21. The most basic of Christian ideals is that we “always” encourage people to value their life above all adversity, always encourage people to be positive and always encourage them to believe there is a solution to every problem, yet when it comes to autoimmune disorders that eventuate through stress and a fatigued immune system, medical doctors are trained to inform patients that their disorder is incurable and the only solution is a lifetime of pharmaceutical drugs. In my case, as with many children who are prescribed pharmaceutical drugs, these drugs have no real positive effect and they often add additional symptoms to the boiling pot of despair. Medical leaders are constantly asking Government leaders to give them total freedom to carry out embryo research and cloning, based on the fact they are doing it in the name of research that will supposedly help them find the answers to autoimmune disorders when in fact these answers are already well-documented in medical journals which are ignored so that, in my opinion, medical leaders can hold on to an excuse to keep receiving Government funding and call for public donations to support research that, in my opinion, is unnecessary and unethical. Leaders of the Christian church have always been very much against embryo research and cloning as it violates Christian ethics but medical leaders and Government officials ignore their plea because they have no medical basis for objection. Through the medical documentation I supply, Church leaders now have a legitimate medical basis for their objections In order to have this medical basis for objection, I want Christian leaders to become aware of the medical journal evidence which reveals that the answers to most autoimmune diseases are already known and well-documented yet medical leaders and Government health department officials are ignoring these answers in favor of research that violates the human embryo and will create parent less clones who will most assuredly be open to a lifetime of emotional and spiritual problems beyond comprehension. Children need to be taught about God and prayer, to help them deal with confrontation, loneliness and grief, and to help them sleep As we are made up of a physical body as well as a spiritual body (1 Corinthians 15:44) children also need to learn about God and prayer to help them deal with problems that seem impossible to overcome. They need to be taught there is a God who loves them, so whenever they feel left out or unloved by humans, there is still a love they can call on to sooth their little spirit. Prayer is also a way for children to ask for help when they feel like they are drowning in the problems that surround them. Medical surveys have proven, children sleep more efficiently after prayer and love, as these two subjects stimulates a release of the relaxation and comfort hormones, melatonin and oxytocin which combine to encourage R.E.M. sleep. There is without any doubt, problems in the medical industry in relation to autoimmune disorders which are not only causing medical doctors to fall short of our expectations when we need them most, but that are causing them to lead us away from our potential to recover. I don’t believe these problems exist due to a purposeful conspiracy on their part, I believe they exist because drug company executives are allowed to control their training at medical school and because health department officials and members of the medical profession are offered investment opportunities to share in the enormous drug company profits. This book is not intended to influence parents of autistic children not to seek attention from medical doctors, it is only intended to point out, a huge majority of doctors, pediatricians and neurologists are teaching concepts proven to be very wrong, by members of their own profession. It is also intended to give parents of autistic children the answers that will lead these children to a complete recovery providing they have not suffered any irreversible deterioration. If you are the sort of person who is willing to work on your child’s recovery, the medical facts and the proof that I offer through my own recovery over epilepsy and personality traits much the same as ADHD, and the success of autistic children I have helped, this book will give you all the information you need. Believe in yourself and follow the suggestions I list in my book and you “can” achieve success. Learn the following information through these eBooks:
  1. Learn seven steps you can use to help your child improve quality of sleep.
  2. Learn how to help your child overcome the stress of a confusing life and how to improve self-confidence.
  3. Learn how to help your child communicate and make friends by understanding if your child is a left brain thinker or a right brain thinker. 19 steps you can apply to your daily routine that can help your child overcome autism.
  4. Learn how sunlight, laughter and a pet can help your child overcome autism.
  5. Learn how to discover the hidden talents in your child and develop them to help overcome autism.
  6. Learn how to encourage your child to develop feelings of motivation, to stimulate an enthusiasm for social interaction.
  7. Learn how bath treatments can relax your child’s mind to help encourage motivation and improved sleep.
  8. Know the 7 misconceptions and the 7 steps to improving sleep and you can help your child sleep better than ever before.
  9. Learn how breathing exercises can help change your child’s moods, feelings of motivation and ability to achieve R.E.M. sleep.
Notice Explanations on this website and in my book cater for children who develop autism after being born, which I believe applies to the majority of cases. Many doctors inform parents of autistic children, most autistic children experience their condition due to incurable hormonal brain deficiencies created while in the womb and that is why it is incurable, which is what one hospital doctor informed my parents, and yet I achieved the greatest success anybody could hope for. It is my opinion, even the few children who do develop autism due to poor brain development while in the womb, can still improve, however, parents need to be given “all” the medical facts about what causes this condition to make up their mind as to what they can do at home to complement the medical treatment given. The greatest attributes we have as humans, is to encourage each other positively and to help each other to find the solutions that lead us to victory when we are faced with trauma, and to be told by the very people we rely on most for the answers to our health problems, that there is no hope and that what we suffer from is incurable, goes against the very Christian essence of these wonderful and essential attributes. Elbert Hubbard:- “There is no failure except in no longer trying” Jim Goodwin:- “The impossible is often the untried” Albert Einstein:- “The important thing is to never stop questioning” I highly recommend methods taught by “Dr Harry” for improving self-esteem, relaxation and R.E.M. sleep As self-esteem, relaxation and good sleep are absolutely essential to overcome autoimmune disorders and encourage the mind and body to become vibrant and healthy, I highly recommend that people who follow my teachings, combine the blood flow deep breathing exercise and inner relaxation exercise I recommend to do before bed, with Dr Harry Henshaw’s subliminal relaxation music, in their efforts to overcome suppressed stress and anxiety associated with autism. Using this combination of pre-sleep treatment will multiply your chances of healing and encourage confidence and immune strength. Working to Improve self-esteem, relaxation and R.E.M. sleep efficiency, is something you must do, every day, particularly before going to bed at night. http://WWW.ENHANCEDHEALING.COM/ This eBook is also obtainable by purchasing the Practitioner’s Training Pack which supplies far greater detail in the cause and successful treatment of autoimmune disorder, along with 94 photos to support my explanations. If you purchase any product from this website and are not fully satisfied with that product, I will give you a full refund, as soon as I receive your email request.

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