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Every mind and body function relies on efficient blood flow to the brain, and the different organs and muscles of the body. Using blood flow exercises to encourage blood to flow into the brain, and specific body areas, can easily improve memory and concentration, and help to overcome many sinister autoimmune diseases. Along with a specific form of massage explained on my massage DVD, blood flow exercising is one of three things responsible for the success I have achieved in helping wheelchair-bound Parkinson and MS to regain their walking ability, sometimes in only four to seven days. My “Before” and “After” success video attached to the page that explains my massage DVD, “Sherry Carson” from Calgary Canada, reveals the extent of success that blood flow exercising and the right form of massage can achieve.

Blood Flow Exercising DVD

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You Can Attend Noel’s Personal Treatment Program For Autoimmune Disorder and Be Treated By Noel, “One-on-one” In Atlanta Georgia USA, Or On Bribie Island Brisbane Australia. Inquire NOW! – This DVD is for everyone. If I was to say that this DVD specialises in anything, I would have to say it specialises in helping you maintain youthfulness as you progress through life. Whilst it does not target people overcoming health problems, I have added comments as to which exercises improve blood flow to which organs and body areas, so that if you have a health problem with the cervex, uterus or ovaries, the prostate, colon, small intestine, liver, kidneys, heart or lungs, you can use those particular exercises, in the specific fashion that I have explained, to help you regain health in those areas. Blood Flow Exercising is a concept that was promoted by Joe Weider, trainer to Arnold Swarchenegger and many other body building title holders. I first read about it when I read the story on how Larry Scott who won many body building titles including the IFBB Mr Universe title in 1964, used this type of exercising to overcome health problems and develop his skinny body. I read Larry Scott’s amazing success story when I was suffering from my health problems at age thirteen, and thought I would see if blood flow exercising would help me, and the rest is history. Thanks to Joe Weider and Larry Scott, I not only used blood flow exercising to help me overcome all my health problems, but I have used this along with several other natural health treatment ideals, to help many many patients overcome autoimmune symptoms and disease. This DVD explains how to use stretching exercises to prepare your muscles for blood flow exercise training, and how to use blood flow exercising to maintain youthfulness, increase tone, strength, and the shape of your figure or physique. This DVD is also obtainable by purchasing the Practitioner’s Training Pack which supplies far greater detail in the cause and successful treatment of autoimmune disorder, along with 94 photos to support my explanations. If you purchase any product from this website and are not fully satisfied with that product, I will give you a full refund, as soon as I receive your email request.  

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