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Read the 17-point checklist to help you position your monitor, keyboard and chair, and you will eliminate eye soreness, neck tension, back pain and tiredness, and maximinse your work efficiency. Try the monitor screen glare test and the neck muscle stress test and maximize your tollerence to stress. Avoid or eliminate computer headache, itchy eyes, RSI, carpal tunnel, excessive hand, neck, shoulder and back pain, sciatic stress induced tinea and other stress reactions.

Computer Stress Management eBook

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Every person who sits in front of a computer for more than ten minutes, more than three times a week, should read this eBook and keep it handy for future reference. It explains the best position to use for your chair height in relation to your posture and body height, your monitor angle and your keyboard relativity, so that you have the best chance possible, to avoid eye strain, back pain, shoulder pain, hip misalignment and even tingling and numbness in the toes, feet or legs, common problems caused by incorrect positioning. This eBook is also obtainable by purchasing the Practitioner’s Training Pack which supplies far greater detail in the cause and successful treatment of autoimmune disorder, along with 94 photos to support my explanations. If you purchase any product from this website and are not fully satisfied with that product, I will give you a full refund, as soon as I receive your email request.

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