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“Diabetes, The Greatest Medical Misconception” is a book that supplies the medical documentations that explain how stress, mind overactivity during sleep, extreme muscular tensions at the neck, and skeletal misalignments, are the main stimulating cause of Diabetes. These documentations are confirmed by my own success over diabetes at age 13, and the success I have achieved when treating diabetics on my Five-day Personal Treatment Program.

Instead of listening to your doctors doom-and-gloom when they tell you diabetes is incurable, read my eBook and start following the treatment I suggest, and if you need guidance, email me on

DIABETES – The Greatest Medical Misconception eBook

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You Can Attend Noel’s Personal Treatment Program For Diabetes and Be Treated By Noel, “One-on-one” In Atlanta Georgia USA, Or On Bribie Island Brisbane Australia. Inquire NOW! – My name is Noel Batten and I am now 64 years of age. I am Qualified as a Natural Therapist and have studied many aspects of Natural Health and certain aspects of orthodox medicine and I have specialised in treating autoimmune disorders with great success, for many years. With a vast knowledge in both these areas of the Health Profession, I worked for many years to create a successful treatment that would help others experienced the success I experienced when I overcame my disorders at age 14. If a medical doctor or neurologist has told you that Diabetes is incurable, “DO NOT LISTEN”. With help from my mother who studied natural approaches to diabetes and a Dutch weightlifter Rudy Droste, I overcame diabetes, bronchitis, epilepsy and MS in a matter of two years. I overcame “all” these disorders as well as the severe depression that went with them and I can tell you now, diabetes was the first one to go into remission. My mother and I were told that I was the sickest child at the Royal Brisbane Hospital for the year that I was being treated there, after going into a coma when I had a major epileptic seizure just prior to the development of my serious MS episodes. Due to that experience combined with my 46 years of learning and treating others, I have repeatedly confirmed, that many of the autoimmune disorders which medical doctors are taught to tell us are incurable, “CAN” be overcome, providing you have no permanent damage to the components of your immune system, and 90% of diabetics don’t. One of my clients was a policeman who developed diabetes just after he was involved in a serious criminal investigation where his life was threatened, at a point in time that was twelve months before he was to retire, and when he retired and followed my treatment advice, his diabetes went into remission. I have heard several stories like this one, but medical doctors are not trained to pass these success stories on, to other diabetics, to encourage them to put in their own effort while expecting to achieve remission. There are six steps that I have outlined in this eBook “Diabetes, The Greatest Medical Misconception” that “CAN” help you achieve remission, and it applies to “ALL” types of diabetes. Get serious, and start working to regain your health and your life and I will help you as much as I possibly can. If you would like to consider attending my Five-to-seven-day Personal Treatment Program for Diabetes, so that I can treat you personally, just let me know and I will email you my Treatment Information File. If you decide to purchase my eBook and would like to ask me any questions so you can apply my ideals to your circumstances, I would be more than happy to do so. Pharmaceutical drug company executives cringe when they are reminded of my success, as it is proof that diabetes in not incurable, as they claim, and they cannot argue with me because not only did I achieve long-lasting success over diabetes, but the methods I used, as well as the cause of the pancreatic, kidney and hypothalamic problems that lead to diabetes, are well documented in medical journals for all to see. In my opinion, pharmaceutical drug companies have far too much of a hold over the medical profession and their domination has caused the truth about diabetes to be suppressed, and as a result, I believe diabetics are being decieved into believing their only option is a lifetime of pharmaceutical drugs. Do not listen to anybody who tries to tell you that Diabetes cannot be overcome because as an ex-diabetic, I assure you, you “CAN” overcome it “with complete long-lasting success”. While contemplating a medical career, I spent considerable time researching the medical approach to health and attending workshops at Mount Olivet Hospital. During this time I soon realised, any medical research that explains how to overcome disorders like diabetes without the use of pharmaceutical drugs, is totally ignored and as you will soon see, the medical research available is overwhelming. The actual medical facts prove beyond any doubt, this wrongful treatment of diabetics is more than just an innocent mistake, it is a misconception of major proportion that is taking patients away from the truth and robbing them of their chance for a “complete” recovery. Have You Noticed You Have A Stiff Neck Or Spinal Problems Between The Shoulder Blades? There is so much medically documented evidence that proves diabetes is caused by excess neck muscle tension and vertebral misalignments that pinch the nerves operating the pancreas and or, that interfere with blood flow through one or several of the vertebral arteries that feed the pancreas and stomach, that the treatment approach that medical doctors are taught to follow at medical school, is, in my opinion, nothing short of criminal. In my opinion, pharmaceutical drug company lecturers do not want doctors learning that excess neck muscle tension, misaligned vertebra, lack of R.E.M. sleep and suppressed pancreatic blood flow causes diabetes, because it may cause patients to start working in these areas to try to achieve remission. Pharmaceutical drug company lecturers teach students at medical school that the different types of diabetes are caused by the pancreas not supplying insulin, or the body not being able to absorb insulin which is their opportunity to sell an enormous amounts of insulin and insulin absorption drugs, annually. In my opinion, they don’t seem to care about patient welfare. They also teach medical students, the actual reasons for the pancreas not releasing insulin and the body not absorbing insulin, are not known, teachings that, in turn, cause medical doctors to give the wrong information and thus lead diabetics away from the actual truth which is well documented in medical journals that are ignored. Here is the medical documentation that “PROVES”, what I am saying is totally true. Medical Journals That Prove, Medical Doctors Are Giving You Incorrect Advice The following medical journals are only a few, out of truck loads of medical reports that prove, vertebral misalignments, vertebral degeneration and reduced vertebral blood flow causes diabetes. The most commonly associated cause of diabetes mellitus is vertebral degeneration. “The Journal Of Urology” 2001, volume 57, book 2, pages 246 to 251. Diabetes Mellitus is frequently associated with reduced blood flow in the vertebral artery. “The Journal Of Stroke And Side Effects” 2004, volume 35, book 3, pages 694 to 699. (Reduced blood flow can be caused by excessive nerve tension, vertebral degeneration and vertebral misalignment.) Diabetes insipidus is often caused by deformities of the vertebra at the base of the brain. “The Journal Of Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery” 1999, volume 101, book 3, pages 196 to 198. (Deformaties can be catagorised as misalignments or spinal degeneration due to poor calcium digestion.) Degeneration of vertebra caused by osteoporosis is often associated with diabetes. “The Journal Of The Spine” 2004, volume 29, book 3, pages 326 to 332. Ma ny medical researchers have proven beyond any doubt, all forms of diabetes are caused by some sort of abnormality of the spine which interferes with the nerves that operate the pancreas and sometimes the bladder, which also causes reduced blood flow to the stomach. Spinal curvature is also a factor that can contribute to the onset of diabetes which is what caused me to suffer from diabetes and when I performed specific exercises with light weights, I rectified that curvature and that is when my diabetes went away completely. (I supply photos of that specialised spinal curvature exercise in my eBook “Miraculous Treatments, Testimonies and Cures”. This eBook on Diabetes is also obtainable by purchasing the Practitioner’s Training Pack which supplies far greater detail in the cause and successful treatment, along with 94 photos to support my explanations. If you purchase any product from this website and are not fully satisfied with that product, I will give you a full refund, as soon as I receive your email request.

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