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Distance Treatment Program


Distance Treatment Program – Full Payment

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I Am No Longer Offering The Distance Treatment Program (DTP)
I designed the Distance Treatment Program to help patients who have difficulty travelling to me, for me to carry out my daily assessments and do treatment on them myself, for the one to seven days that I offer.

The problem I have been faced with however, is that not being able to carry out my assessment each morning because I am not in the room with my clients, prevents me from being able to monitor how a patient’s immune system and muscles respond to the specific exercises, stress management activities, chiropractic and massage needed in my treatment approach.

I have also found time and again that ordinary massage techniques carried out by massage therapists that my DTP client go to, does not unblock the blocked nerve junctions that I have found blocked, when I am doing my unique form of massage on the patients who attend my Five-day Personal Treatment Program.

If you would like me to treat you, it will be necessary for you to somehow travel to me in Marietta Georgia in the USA, or to Bribie Island near Brisbane in Australia, or have me travel to you to treat you for three days on my “Travel-to-treat” program.