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My BA10 Five-day Personal Treatment Program specialises in trying to help autoimmune patients overcome their symptoms in a very short time. In many cases, wheelchair-bound autoimmune patients who have attended my treatment program have regained their ability to walk, in a matter of only four to seven days. Email me and ask me to post you one of my Treatment Information DVD’s and you will see several “Before” and “After” success videos of patients who achieved this significant improvement quickly.

Five-day Personal Treatment Program

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The “ONLY” Way To Reagain Your Health Is To Find “All” The Problems In Your Causal Recipe and Overcome Them

My BA10 Five-day Personal Treatment Program specialises in trying to help “you” as an individual, find your own personal cure for Parkinson’s disease, or personal cure for multiple sclerosis, and when you find all the causes creating your symptoms, and overcome them, you have the potential to reach remission in a very short time. In many cases, wheelchair-bound autoimmune patients who have attended my treatment program have regained their ability to walk, in a matter of only five days to three weeks. The secret to my success is that all Parkinson’s disease symptoms are caused by a number of musculo-skeletal abnormalities, provoked by emotional stress and life stress factors from a working career and the environment. The muscular stiffness problems are the major cause of symptoms during the first two years, however, after two years, that excess muscular stiffness begins to create more serious problems in the skeletal frame that eventually take over being the major cause of symptoms, because those skeletal problems begin to perpetuate excess muscular stiffness. (This causal progression was even discovered by Dr. James Parkinson and was mentioned in his famous book titled “The Shaking Palsy” which was published way back in 1817. Read more about this from the link on my first Parkinson Pack webpage titled:- “Read about Dr. James Parkinson and Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot“.) Overcoming All Problems Seen In Your X-rays Ensures Long-term Improvement. Overcoming Muscular Tensions and Doing Relaxation Only Gives Temporary Improvement. The “ONLY” reason I am able to get this success, is because of what I see in your spinal X-rays, and because of the many tests I carry out, every morning of your treatment days. All this combined, enables me to find “ALL” the posture stress-related, career stress-related, emotional stress-related, and the physicological dysfunctions such as nerve blockages, muscular inflammation, muscular swelling, spinal curvatures, disc buldging or degeneration, spinal calcification spurs pressing against nerves, and any other possible causal factor, and,,, it also enables me to then design a reversal program to rectify all these problems individual to you. (If I am treatinng you on Bribie Island, I prefer you to arrange for your X-rays to be done before you arrive and bring them with you. If I will be treating you in Marietta Georgia, I prefer you to wait until you arrive to have your X-rays done by my chiropractor, as this way we can guarantee their quality, and we can see what we need to see.) My List Of 7 X-rays That I “Must” See Before I Will Commence Your Treatment Here is a list of X-rays I need to see, in order to find your skeletal causal factors, and in order to know how long you have had each of your symptoms and how soon you can expect to overcome each of your symptoms while following my treatment ideals:-  
  •  A lateral and an Anterior/Posterior (AP) capture of the lumbar spine taken with you in the standing position “with both legs straight” showing the head of both femur.
  • A lateral and an AP capture of the thoracic and cervical sections of the spine.
  • An open mouth view that shows the position of the C1 and C2 vertebra. Please make sure you hold your mouth open really wide for the open-mouth X-ray and your legs are straight for the AP lumbar X-ray, if you have these X-rays taken before you arrive. If you wish to have these X-rays done before you arrive, I suggest you have the chiropractor who will be adjusting you after I finish treating you, take these X-rays, as you will need ongoing chiropractic care.
  My Stress Management Search and Solutions, Are Extremely Effective Over my many years of working as a natural health practitioner, I have always carried out in-depth investigations whenever I have not understood the reasoning behind a symptom or anatomical dysfunction and the results have always been very rewarding for myself and my clients. The very first inspection I carry out, is in viewing your full set of spinal X-rays. I have had so much experience inspecting Parkinson and MS patient X-rays, that within minutes I can tell you whether or not you have had certain symptoms for longer than two years, and how soon you can expect to experience improvement over your symptoms while following my ideals. I can also tell you if there are any spinal problems that will be difficult or time-consuming to overcome and what you need to do, to overcome each spinal problem I see, such as:-
  1. Twisted pelvis.
  2. Loss of spinal lordosis. (Straightening of either of the three natural curves of the spine.)
  3. Buldging discs.
  4. Degenerative discs.
  5. Compression of a vertebral body.
  6. Calcification spurs.
  7. Scoliosis. (Sideways curvature of the spine.)
  8. Vertebral misalignments (Subluxations) that will not remain in alignment after correction.

Do Not Let “ANYBODY” tell you it is impossible to overcome any of these Parkinson/MS causal issues, because you “CAN” overcome them all, as long as you remove the original reason for them being created, and then treat them in a way that helps to reinstate them. Medical doctors and chiropractors are taught at University that problems 2 to 7, are incurable, but in recent years I have figured out how to succeed in overcoming all these problems listed above.

  I have also been very driven to solve any emotional problems or unconscious suppressions relating to bottled up grief or loss of self-esteem. — I have often connected a heart rate/oxygen saturation meter to clients when carrying out my emotional stress management sessions, or trying to solve sadness or depression so I can see if talking about a subject that has caused stress in a client’s life, is instrumental in causing any symptoms. What readings I get, or what fluxuations I observe, which are called an “ideo-motor response”, is often the only way to find the reason a symptom has developed through an excessive release of specific hormones that so often cause Parkinson or MS symptoms. The Cost and Courses I Offer:-  

My 5 Treatment Options


Option 1 — My Three-day Refresher Course

I highly recommend that all patients who attend my Five-to-seven-day Treatment Program, particularly those who had symptoms below the waist, attend my Three-day Refresher Course, on one occasion at least, in order to be re-assessed and to have their “What To Do At Home List” renewed according to their improvement. Cost For My Three-day Refresher Course:- $800-00 — (This is available on Bribie Island or in Marietta Georgia.)


Option 2 — My 6 Hour Assessment and Treatment Service

If you do not see your way to success, and are not totally happy with what you learn during this 6 hours of treatment YOU WILL PAY ME NOTHING! — This “One-day” assessment and treatment is designed to put us together in the same room so I can find all your blocked nerve junctions and see how your reflexes are working and what movement restrictions you have, and then design a treatment plan for you to follow at home, and teach you how to follow it. — This 6 hour assessment and treatment requires you to fly to me in Brisbane Australia or in Atlanta Georgia in the USA, for a 3 hour assessment to find all the causes in your causal recipe, and then design a personal treatment program you can follow for 12 months, to overcome all those causes. Before returning home, I will teach you all you need to know to reach remission  and you can videotape the full session to show to any health practitioner who will be helping you over the 12 month self-help treatment period. (I require a $200-00 booking deposit to book your appointment day, and if you are so happy with what I reveal to you on the day, about your symptom causes etc, that you would like to stay for another day, or several days, I would be happy to work in with your needs. My 6 Hour Assessment and Treatment Program Fee:-


Option 3 — My 3 Day “Travel-to-treat” Service

In some cases, I will travel to you to treat you in your home, for 5 to 6 hours a day over 3 days, however, as this prevents me being available in my office to run my business, this treatment fee is a little higher. I also require you to pay my airfare and accommodation for two nights, and arrange transport too and from the airport. I require my Travel-to-treat patients to pay a $1.000-00 booking deposit plus airfare before I will secure my flight and the full balance of my fee must be paid on my arrival. (I will arrive the morning I start your treatment and leave the afternoon of the third day.) My full Travel-to-treat fee:- $3.500-00  


My 5 To 7 Day Treatment Is The Most Successful Option


Option 4 — My 5 To 7 Day Assessment and Treatment Fee (With Discount)

This cost applies, if you “WILL” allow me to use your real name in a video testimony to help others. If you will allow me to use your real name, your spinal photos and the videos of your improvement on my website, to encourage others, I offer you a discounted treatment fee. My 5 day discount price:- $2.400-00 My 7 day discount price:- $2.800-00 I require a booking deposit of $500-00 to secure the week you choose to attend this treatment program. The fee for this treatment include 12 months of follow-up assistance via Skype, phone or email and it also includes a treatment report and phone/Skype conversation with any practitioners who will be treating you during the 12 month follow-on period. Due to clients usually having health insurance, chiropractic fees must be paid by the client on the day of adjustment.  

Option 5 — My 5 To 7 Day Assessment and Treatment Fee (Without Discount)

This cost applies, if you “WILL NOT” allow me to use any video footage of your improvement on the internet. If you prefer that I do not use your photos and videos of your improvement on my website to help others, the cost of the five days of treatment is as follows:- My full-fee cost for 5 days of treatment:— $3.000-00 My full-fee cost for 7 days of treatment:— $3.500-00

I require a booking deposit of $500-00 to secure the week you choose to attend this treatment program. Each client will be adjusted by a chiropractor on two occasions on the five days of treatment, and three occasions on the seven days of treatment, and the fees for these adjustments are to be paid by the client due to clients usually having medical insurance. All massage is included in the above fees unless you choose to book additional massages with an outside massage therapist. — If you are very advanced in symptom severity and have trouble walking, I recommend that you book in for seven days of treatment instead of five.

At the moment I run my BA10 Personal Treatment Program in Atlanta, Georgia, in the USA, and on Bribie Island near Brisbane, in Australia, and during 2014, I will be calling for investors to help me establish a health retreat on Mt Mee on the northside of Brisbane. If you are interested in being treated, please email me and ask for me to send you my Treatment Information File which explains all the requirements:-  

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