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The stress we experience in life, work stress or emotional stress, manifests in our system by causing a stressful overactive mind during sleep, which manifests as excess tension in the spinal supportive muscles. Over time, it is this excess tension that causes all autoimmune symptoms. This is why all autoimmune patients have neck problems and overcoming this excess tension even if you do not have an autoimmune disorder, is by far, the best way to avoid autoimmune disease and maintain your health, well into your mature years.

These 4 audio files are designed to help “everybody” to overcome day-to-day stress.

Four Relaxation CD’s To Listen To Before Going To Sleep At Night Which Can Help You Achieve Health and Vitality, Like Never Before

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If You Are Contemplating Purchasing These Audio Files To Help Overcome An Autoimmune Disorder, You Can Attend Noel’s Personal Treatment Program and Learn From Him Personally. Enquire NOW:-

There Is A Real Story Behind The Making Of These Relaxation Audio Files When I was a young teenager going through all my health problems, whenever I had my anxiety attacks and the nervousness that preceeded my epileptic ceisures, everybody kept telling me to “Reeelaaax”. My mother, the ambulance attendances who I could hear putting me in the ambulance when I had only just begun to go into my coma, the doctors at the hospital and Dr Elliott who was my family doctor who took over my treatment after twelve months of treatment by the hospital, but I just could not relax.

Some of them tried to explain to me how to relax, but none of them explained that muscles need oxygen to release tension and that I should breathe deep to raise my oxygen accordingly, and that the hormone dopamine also helps muscles to let go of tension so I should visualize a past loving experience to provoke a release of dopamine. After my twelve months of hospital treatment ended, Dr Elliott suggested to my mother that she record the sounds of running water and soft music on a tape recorder and to play the recorder whenever she could see me developing an anxiety attack or starting to shake, but my mind was so busy churing over at a hundred miles an hour, I couldn’t focus.

Later on in years when businesses like “The Relaxation Centre” in Brisbane started to sell relaxation tapes with sounds like running water or the surf at the beach, I purchased some, but they still did not explain what the muscles needed, in order to relax, or how to calm your mind to help the muscular system relax. As a result, I started to sit my clients in a recliner chair and talk them through the relaxation process and within each session, I would add a little theory so each client could understand “why” they needed to breathe deep, and why they needed to visualize a loving experience and I could see that it was helping much more than just listening to sounds.

I soon realised that when I created a story to tell my clients during a session, and continued on with that story in the next session, each client commented on how easily they could relax when the story continued. It was as though the mind was looking forward to hearing the continuation so it easily developed the ability to relax, quickly.

Over time, I improved the stories and began to write four specific scripts to put on tape, so my clients could take them home and these are the four stories I offer on this website.

What Is The Best Way To Relax? The majority of people are not aware that there are four different forms of relaxation that can help to improve many different functions in our system and I have combined all four on these virtual audio files. For many years now I have used these four different forms of relaxation to help Parkinson’s and MS patients overcome their symptoms and this is partly why several of my clients have achieved complete remission, in only five to seven days. (Listening to one of these audio files each days for four days, is one of the six steps of treatment I use, to treat patients suffering from autoimmune disease.)

Due to everybody drumming into me back in those early days, the need for me to relax, I became obsessed with learning about relaxation, and how best to slow my mind down, and relax my muscles, to prevent myself from having another seizure. Many good things have been created through desparation, and this is one of them.

I have tried many different concepts promoted by a variety of relaxation instructors from all over the world, read many books on the subject, and experimented over many years to come up with my own approach. This approach, is designed (1) to calm the mind to improve sleep, (2) slow down the firing of nerve neurons to normalise hormonal release from the thyroid gland, (3) release tension from the inner smooth muscles to overcome food allergies, respiratory problems, digestive problems and stomach bloating, and (4) release tension from the outer major muscles to overcome muscle stiffness, stomach problems and speech problems.

These are the titles of my four CD’s:-

(1) End Of Day Stress Release This CD is designed to calm the mind to improve sleep. (2) The Power And Grace Of An Eagle This CD is designed to slow down the firing of nerve neurons to normalise hormonal release from the thyroid gland. (3) The Pond Of Peace This CD is designed to release tension from the inner smooth muscles to overcome food allergies, respiratory problems, digestive problems and stomach bloating, (4) Watching Animals Do Their Thing This CD is designed to release tension from the outer major muscles to overcome muscle stiffness, eye problems and speech problems. These Four Audio Files Are also obtainable by purchasing the Practitioner’s Training Pack which supplies far greater detail in the cause and successful treatment of autoimmune disorder, along with 94 photos to support my explanations. If you purchase any product from this website and are not fully satisfied with that product, I will give you a full refund, as soon as I receive your email request.  

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