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The Vibrant Younger You
Learn how to use the nine-tenth’s of your mind, scientists say we never use

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Read How I Used Oxygen Therapies To Overcame Epilepsy, Diabetes And MS, And Become One Of Australia’s Strongest Weightlifters

Oxygen Is The Ultimate Key To Youthfulness, Health and Vitality

After suffering a major epileptic seizure at age 13, which put me into a coma for two-and-a-half days, I was told by one of Australia’s leading neurologists, I would never live a normal life again and must take drugs for the rest of my life to minimise my seizures and the problems they caused on the right side of my body. I was having up to two epileptic seizures a week, and up to four hours prior to my worst seizure, I experienced extreme nervousness which required an immediate intake of sugar, and that was followed by numbness in the right side of my body. Doctors called this:- “”diabetic-MS incidences””. I also suffered from bronchitis as well as allergies to foods, plants and animals.

I was told by a nurse who carried out my allergy tests, I was considered the sickest teenager at the Royal Brisbane Hospital during my first year of treatment. The doctors and neurologist took me in front of a group of medical students on one occasion and discussed my case for quite some time. Several doctors and the neurologist who examined me every month, told my mother and myself, I would never overcome my illnesses, but due to the efforts of my family doctor, Dr Charles Elliott, who took over my treatment after the year at the hospital was up, and a very motivating Dutch weightlifter, Rudy Droste, I not only regained my health and my life, I soon became a successful athlete, and one of Australia’s strongest weightlifters.


“”YOU”” have the power to make yourself youthful, healthy 
and vibrant, and influence the direction of your own destiny

While fighting tooth-and-nail to overcome the serious health problems I experienced at age thirteen, I learned some very interesting secrets about how our mind interacts with our nervous system, our hormonal system, our digestive system and our emotional system, to control our sleep, energy, body weight, shape, and even the outcome of our life. Once you learn these secrets, “”YOU TOO”” — can experience youthfulness, health and vitality, well into your mature years, and influence your own destiny to give you true contentment.


With my mother’s help, I tried everything possible that society accepts as a “”normal”” approach, in my attempts to overcome my health problems, and regain my life, but nothing seemed to work.


Even after a huge array of medical doctors carried out numerous tests on me and gave me many different drugs, I still had no success, and ended up being turned into an emotionless zombie through the side effects of the drugs I was taking. Then, when Dr Elliott eventually took over my treatment and I told him about a story I saw on the television about oxygen and the brain, he gave me a little book on how oxygen helps the brain and muscles, to relax when we are asleep, and this was the turning point that gave me back my life. I now use the same oxygen therapies approach, along with a new form of massage I have designed, to help accident patients suffering from musculoskeletal problems, as well as some patients suffering from autoimmune disease. See the amazing improvement my MS client Steven had, while on my Five-day Oxygen Therapies Program where I used my new massage technique on him, every day, for five days.


If you feel left out of the true enjoyment of life, and you become aware
of a self-sabotage mind function within you, that you “”MUST”” resist, 
to build your self-esteem and self-confidence, you too can develop
happiness and contentment you never thought possible

Through the encouragement of one of Holland’s strongest weightlifters (Rudy Droste), my family GP who also taught natural health concepts (Dr Charles Elliott), my mother who believed in the power of prayer, and, my own enthusiasm to learn how I could use my mind to regain my health and my life, I overcame all my autoimmune disorders in only two-and-a-half years and then progressed from being an unhealthy weak adolescent to becoming one of Australia’s strongest weightlifters. 


Read my story and learn how “”YOU”” can open doors of 
self-discovery that will help you experience excellent health, 
total fulfilment, and a truly rewarding life.


During my climb to success, I broke a world bench press record for my body weight, at the age of eighteen, by bench pressing 340lb and after blowing up a party balloon every day for several years to not only overcame my lung disorder, but I developed enough lung fitness to blow full breaths into a weather balloon for six hours in order to blow it up to a diameter of eight feet, which gained a Guinness Book of Records entry in 1981.


Photo and text to be placed here soon.




After only two months of blowing up party balloons, I overcoming my bronchitis completely, as well as the fatigue I experienced from my epilepsy and MS, and I was so happy with the improvement I was experiencing, I became driven to make my lungs stronger and stronger. I thought if I just kept improving my lung strength even more, it may also help me overcome my epilepsy, and my symptoms of diabetes and MS, and it did.


You will be absolutely amazed at how much, your health, vitality, athletic fitness, feelings of motivation, and yes, even your youthful appearance and persona, will all improve, if you follow the ideals that I have used, that have helped me maintain my health and well-being.


Have you ever wondered why some people who do all 
the things we assume would keep them healthy, are always sick, 
and why some people who follow all the habits that we 
assume would make them sick, are always healthy?

Whilst many of the ideals I teach, help people to overcome health problems, they also help with controlling body weight, and developing emotional stability and feelings of motivation, when all else seems to fail. During my fight to regain my health, I discovered that many of the habits that we assume, will keep us healthy and energetic, like diet, supplements and general exercise like jogging and playing sport, don’t actually control our health with any significant influence. The death of the American athlete and author, Jim Fix, is only one of many examples of how these things just don’t seem to matter, when it actually comes down to avoiding serious health problems. (Read the story of Jim Fix)


Every function in our mind and body, relies on oxygen to work effectively and if we don’t get that oxygen, we simply don’t work effectively, no matter how many supplements we take, how much fruit and vegetables we include in out diet, or how fit and strong we become. When we jog, cycle or play a sport, yes we do give our lungs a workout, however, this does not mean our system has the oxygen it needs, to make us youthful, healthy and vibrant.


We can increase our breathing rate through many different forms of exercise, performed every week, for years, just as Jim Fixx did, but if our lungs don’t expand very far or we don’t absorb the oxygen we inhale, or if our blood is not circulating to the peripheral areas of our brain and body, our muscles become tense and tighten around our organs and atherosclerosis can begin to build up, or our blood can begin to thicken and encourage clotting. All these things rely on how well we can relax when our day comes to an end, and how content we feel when we are relaxing, between the time we stop our working day, and we go to sleep.


The amount of zest we have, when we are working during the day, is influenced by the foods and supplements we eat and the physical activities we do to maintain our fitness and strength. Our health however, is influenced by how much oxygen we have in our cells and how deep we sleep, and this is influenced by how content we feel and our level of self-esteem and self-confidence, in the world. These are two totally different functions of our mind and body.


You can take control of your health and well-being and develop amazing youthfulness and vitality by following these ideals explained in my eBooks available from this website. These ideals have even helped several of my clients reduce and even overcome some of the most serious symptoms of autoimmune disease, simply because they evolve around correcting your thinking to improve your stress management efficiency, your oxygen absorption efficiency and increase your self-confidence and self-esteem, three very important factors in the influence of our hormonal release patterns, and your peace of mind during sleep.



Practicing Inner Release Relaxation and Visualization and 
Improving Your Instinct, Will Allow You To Develop That 
Nine-tenths Of Your Mind, Scientists Say We Never Use


I would like to share with you the amazing secret I learned about the human mind, when I overcame my health problems at age thirteen, to become a nationally successful athlete and a Guinness Book of Records entrant for my motivating feats of fitness. Through the combined encouragement and tuition of the three very unique people I mentioned above, I learned an amazing secret about how the human mind works according to nature and it has allowed me to continue enjoying my abundant youthfulness and vitality even now, at my mature age.


Learn my unique way of using visualisation and another ability of the mind used by physiotherapists to help heal the body, called “”mind requests”” to influence the hormonal patterns that control your mind, your emotions and your immune system, and you can improve your libido, your health and your vitality, and achieve career success and personal contentment far greater than you have ever imagined possible. This method of self-improvement has the potential to make Viagra obsolete and give you those vibrant zestful feelings of motivation we all wish for, well into your mature years. Learn stress management techniques so simple, you will laugh at your stress.


Learn really simple 
stress management techniques that will allow you to expand your energy
Learn what these little white dots on your hands indicates and how adding something 
to your diet and eliminating something else can raise 
your energy for the day.


Learn really simple 
stress management techniques that will allow you to improve your digestion

Learn what this cheek redness and outstanding veins means and how adding something to your diet and eliminating something else can improve your digestion and reduce stomach problems.



Don’t believe for one minute, your age, or health problems like the ones I experienced, 
can stop you from feeling amazingly youthful, vibrantly energetic, completely healthy, and totally 
happy even at a ripe old age. I believe my amazing story is an indisputable testimony that reveals the greatest secret of youthfulness and vitality ever discovered. Apply my secret to your life, and you can experience the incredible youthfulness I am experiencing well into your elderly years and maximise your vitality as well as your potential to remain free from serious health problems. 
All you have to do is to live according to the six natural needs of our design, and 
believe in your potential to achieve, as you work towards your goals.


Alexandria Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, 
talking about the power of having faith in our ability to succeed:- 
“”What this power is, I cannot say. All I know is that it exists…
and it becomes available only when you are in that state of mind in which you know 
exactly what you want…and are fully determined not to quit until you get it.””


How to develop this motivation for life, is an important part of my secret!


Through the encouragement of one of Holland’s strongest weightlifters (Rudy Droste), my family GP who also taught natural health (Dr Charles Elliott), my mother who believed in the power of prayer, and my own enthusiasm to learn how I could use my mind to cure my body, I overcame several serious autoimmune disorders in only two-and-a-half years and progressed from being a very unhealthy weak adolescent to becoming one of Australia’s strongest weightlifters. In my success I broke a world bench press record at age eighteen and after blowing up a party balloon every day for several years, to overcome my lung disorder, I eventually progressed to blowing up hot water bottles until they burst, a feat I still perform at age 57, to motivate others to develop their full potential. Learn how to use your instinct in a way that will reveal many different functions of your mind that you never even knew existed and you too can achieve amazing success in health, athletic efficiency and personal development.


Drop your stress,
Lift your spirit,
Throw your fears away,
and draw your goals closer to you every day.

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