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Investment Proposal Document


investment_proposal.pdf is a FREE virtual file for investors interested in establishing a natural health television show based on a new system of natural treatment, called the BA10 System, which delves far deeper into natural diagnosis and natural treatments than is currently used by natural health practitioners. The BA10 assessment ideals and guidelines enable a BA10 practitioner to read body language and outer stress signs of the body that indicate inner health and major muscle flexibility limits. The nature of the mind and body have a way to reveal reasons why the mind and body are not acting according to nature.

This system of diagnosis is so revealing that it enables a BA10 trained practitioner to look for specific body signs and simply observe a patients posture and walking pattern, and compare shoulder muscle conformity from left to right, facial muscle conformity from left to right, and a patient’s ideo-motor response to a list of specific questions and know the problems at hand including the psychosomatic causes of any muscular debilitation or restriction in movement and flexibility limits.

The BA10 treatment ideals are such an effective way of dealing with stress while maintaining good physical and mental health well into mature years, that I also offer it to healthy people as a lifestyle training program that even helps to maintain family harmony, motivation and athletic efficiency.

I wish the investor to help establish a new natural health practitioner training school to train an elite team of BA10 Practitioners to treat autoimmune patients at health retreats in various countries and to establish the BA10 Lifestyle Program to help average healthy people to maintain family harmony, health and well-being.

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