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After suffering bronchitis, epilepsy and MS as a teenager and experiencing extremely sudden fainting spells anywhere between one hour to one second prior to an epileptic ceizure, I can tell you what this experience feels like, and I can also tell you how to overcome it. I was never diagnosed with Long QT but I don’t think that label was given by doctors back then, but I can also tell you, this disorder is “NOT” incurable. — So,,,my advice is to completely ignore all the ridiculous Medical Doom-and-gloom Given By Medical Doctors About This Autoimmune Disorder Being Incurable. — You “CAN” Overcome This very unique disorder providing you follow the steps I explain in this eBook “Long QT Heart Syndrome, The Cause and The Cure”. Apart from overcoming my own sudden fainting spells over 40 years ago and never experiencing them again in all that time, I have treated two Long QT Heart Disease patients and both overcame their symptoms. The first was a 14 year old girl whose guardians brought her all the way from Germany to put her in my Five-to-seven-day Personal Treatment Program. The second was an MS patient who did not realise that the same physiological problems that were causing her MS symptoms, were responsible for her Long QT Heart Syndrome, which is what I learned from the things I did, to overcome my MS and sudden fainting spells.

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Long QT Heart Syndrome eBook

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In My LQTS eBook I Explain That Long QT Heart Syndrome Is Caused By Stress
Causing Disruption To Circadian Clock Brain Functions and Normal Muscule Relaxation
After experiencing sudden fainting myself between the ages of 12 and 15, while suffering from bronchitis, epilepsy and MS, I know the spasmotic sudden episodes of fatigue and mental confusion, and the anxiety and the faint inner nervousness, or inner shaking feeling that accompanies the dizzy spells, near blackouts and sudden fainting that Long QT Heart Syndrome patients feel.

Health Departments Are Totally
On The Wrong Track With Long QT Syndrome

The Australian Health Department ignores these things that I experienced as an ex-patient, as being unimportant in trying to overcome this fatal disorder, but as an ex-patient, I know 100% that these facts tell a different causal story than that of the health department around the world. Instead of listening to how an ex-patient overcame sudden fainting, health department officials seem to prefer to keep prescribing drugs that don’t offer any real solution.

AU Department Of Health In Australia and
New Zealand Gives This Explanation

On a Government website offered by the Australian Government Department Of Health and Aging, Long QT syndrome (LQTS) is explained as a genetic disorder characterised by arrhythmias which may, if left untreated, result in sudden cardiac death, mostly in children and teenagers. Cardiac arrest usually occurs during periods of increased physical activity or at times of psychological or emotional stress but may occur in response to a loud noise such as a phone ringing or an alarm clock (Schwartz 2006 and CIDG 2006).

US Department Of Health Gives These
Explanations, With Much More Detail

On this Government website offered by the US Department Of Health and Human Services, the cause of Long QT Heart Syndrome is explained as:- QUOTE:- “a disorder of the heart’s electrical activity“. And in the paragraph following this explanation is this statement:- People who have LQTS also can have arrhythmias for no known reason.”

Symptoms First Occur During Childhood , and Fainting Is
Caused By The Heart Not Pumping Enough Blood To The Brain
Under “Signs and Symptoms” this same website offers the following information:- “Signs and symptoms of LQTS-related arrhythmias often first occur during childhood and include:-

  • Unexplained fainting. This happens because the heart isn’t pumping enough blood to the brain. Fainting may occur during physical or emotional stress. Fluttering feelings in the chest may occur before fainting.

Now, As An Ex-patient,
I Would Like To Give My Explanation

In light of this factual medical information above, I would like to share my personal experience with sudden fainting, bronchitis, epilepsy and MS, and give my explanation of Long QT Heart Syndrome through my studies in psychomatics and anatomy physiology, when studying for my qualifications as a Natural Health Practitioner.

Firstly, I totally agree that Long QT Syndrome is a disorder of the heart’s electrical activity, which causes fainting due to the heart not pumping enough blood to the brain. The problem with orthodox medical treatment though, is that medical doctors are not trained to fix the body’s own dysfunctions that are causing disruption to the heart’s electrical activity so that normal blood flow is reinstated by the body’s natural processes. Instead, medical leaders prefer to prescribe pharmacutical drugs or implant a Deep Brain Stimulator (DBS), which offers no real  long-term solution and usually causes additional problems. (See my “Before” and “After” success video of Parkinson’s patient and DBS recipent Barry Black who regained his walking ability in only four days, after not be walk for 15 years.) Go to my eBook “Parkinson’s Disease, The Greatest Medical Blunder”:-

Secondly, I totally disagree with the statement from the US Department of Health, that Long QT Syndrome patients can have arrhythmias “for no know reason”. — The cause of arrhythmias is very well known, but it is known by chiropractors who medical leaders have had a fued with, since chiropractic began even though Hippocrates, The Father Of Medical Practices, used it before the time of Jesus Christ. — QUOTE:- Hippocrates, the Greek physician, who lived from 460 to 357 B.C., also published texts detailing the importance of chiropractic care. In one of his writings he declares, “Get knowledge of the spine, for this is the requisite for many diseases”.

Whilst Medical Leaders Disagree With Chiropractic
They Will Never Find A Cure For Long QT Syndrome

Chiropractors Often Overcome Arrhythmias, Sudden Fainting
and Many Other Long QT Symptoms, So For Medical Leaders
To Say The Reason For Arrhythmias Is Not Known, Is Ridiculous!
Most experienced chiropractors know from their studies and their curative experiences and observations that arrhythmias, spasmotic sudden episodes of fatigue and mental confusion, and the anxiety and the faint inner nervousness, or inner shaking feeling that accompanies the dizzy spells, near blackouts and sudden fainting can, and most commonly are, caused by skeletal misalignments of cervical vertebra, usually at the superior end of the cervixal spine. Due to the fact that medical leaders absolutely refuse to accept and promote to patients that chiropractic adjustments can possibly help a patient overcome any sort of autoimmune symptom, Long QT patients and many patients suffering from all types of autoimmune disease, continue on with their suffering and premature death.

Chiropractic On It’s Own, Will Not Overcome Long QT Syndrome
Please understand, I am not for one second saying that chiropractic adjustments will cure anybody of Long QT Syndrome, because they will not. — The six step approach to overcoming Long QT Heart Syndrome, which I explain in this eBook “Long QT Heart Syndrome, The Cause and The Cure”, recommends chiropractic as “ONE” treatment out of the six things you need to do, to reset the circadian clock in your mind, so it releases certain hormones at the correct times, so you don;t feel sleepy during the day, and feel active, during the night, and, so you overcome the excess muscle tensions that are responsible for pulling your spine out of alignment, to cause your physical symptoms. I also offer suggestions on how to reduce your stress, and how to deal with stress that only time can help you eliminate.

This eBook and All eBooks Available From This Website, Supply Medical Journal Quotes To Support My Ideals
The specific health eBooks available on this website offer the medical explanations of each disorder as well as the natural therapy explanation, along with my opinions of the personal causes of each disease. I include case histories in each and every eBook and the treatments I used to help clients who came to me for these disorders, to explain how I helped them regain their health and their lives. — You “CAN” overcome these disorders and in my opinion, it should be illegal for any person, medical practitioners included, to ruin a person’s hope and faith that they can be overcome, when many ex-patients have written books on how they have overcome them, yet medical doctors deter patients from reading them and expecting their own improvement and recovery.

This eBook is also obtainable by purchasing the Practitioner’s
Training Pack which supplies far greater detail in the cause and successful
treatment of autoimmune disorder, along with 94 photos to support my explanations.

If you purchase any product from this website and are not fully satisfied with that product, I will give you a full refund, as soon as I receive your email request.

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