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My Version Of “Trigger-point-blood-flow Massage” Is A Slightly New Approach Not Often Used Effectively Enough To Get Patients Out Of Wheelchairs!

If you wish to learn the basics of massage, this is the video for you. If you are a carer looking after a Parkinson or MS patient, or any patient who experiences numbness, tingling or stiffness, or is confined to a wheelchair, you need to try this massage technique to see if it helps.

Having the person you are massaging, work to relax the inside of their body using the explanations I offer in this video, as you massage their muscles from the outside, is doubly effective. — If you have any questions after watching this DVD, please email me at:-

Massage DVD

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The Practitioner Massage DVD Has Been
Withdrawn From Sale Due To A Redesign Of
The Practitioner Training Course, In Progress
However, The Beginners Massage DVD
Is Still Available For Sale

You Can Attend Noel’s Personal Treatment Program For Autoimmune Disorder and Be Treated By Noel, “One-on-one”
In Atlanta Georgia USA, Or On Bribie Island Brisbane Australia Or Have Noel Travel To You On His “Travel-to-treat” Program. Inquire NOW! –

This form of massage has been very effective in helping patients suffering from renal problems, to completely overcome bladder, kidney and heart difficulties, pancreatic dysfunction, diabetes, prostate swelling and problems with the colon and small intestine, to regain efficient digestion, absorption, verility and libido.

Patients who have suffered frozen shoulder, back pain, tingling, numbness, and hip ceizing that has stopped them from walking momentarily, and the phenomenon known as “crawling skin” have all overcome these symptoms, with my unique form of massage.

This form of massage is one of the ten steps of treatment I use to acquire amazing success with Parkinson and MS patients who attend my Five-day Personal Treatment Program. Several patients have achieved remission in only four to five days and many others have overcome other autoimmune disorders such as sarcoidosis, emphysema, celiac disease, and cancer. This DVD is easy to follow for Beginners so as to learn how to massage a friend or another family member to help them overcome stress. You can learn the basic techniques of massage, to massage an autoimmune patient, or to massage a son, daughter or partner after participating in a physically demanding event, or after a stressful week, as a really efficient “easy to learn” form of stress management.

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