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I started my career by overcoming several autoimmune disorders after my life was nearly ruined because one division of the medical profession suppressed information documented by another division of the medical profession, which I badly needed, to help me regain my health. This eBook along with the others in my Library, and in my Practitioner’s Training Pack, reveal all the medical documentations and natural ideals that prove, medical practitioners are often not even aware of medical journals that can enable them to actually help suffering patients overcome their suffering long-term.

Miraculous Treatments, Testimonies and Cures eBook

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Miraculous Treatments, Testimonies and Cures

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Read 32 Actual Case Histories That “Prove” Many Diseases We Are Told We Can’t Overcome, Can be Overcome “NaturallySee Diagnostic Signs That Prove Outer Body Signs Do Reveal Our Condition Of Inner Health, and See “Before” and “After” Proof Through The Amazing “Before” and “After” Photos Supplied In This Amazing eBook

Learn How To Perfect Your Health and Vitality Through 19 Simple Steps Explained In This eBook

Learn The Basics Of Iridology and See “Before” and “After” Proof That Iridology Really Does Work Learn the treatment that improved the cleanliness of this clients eyes as she overcame her stomach virus and fatigue problem. Proof that the Tongue Reflects the Health of the Stomach Learn the treatment that eliminated the cracks and infection in this clients tongue, as he overcame candida, irritable bowel and chronic fatigue. Before And After Eyes
Before And After Tongues
Miraculous Treatments, Testimonies and Cures
The is the master study book that I used, to teach other practitioners my unique ideals before developing the Five-to-seven-day Personal Treatment Program for Parkinson’s disease, Multiple sclerosis, Emphysema, Irritable bowel syndrome and other similar autoimmune disorders. Subjects covered:
14 steps of stress management that will maximise your health potential. Herbs, minerals and vitamins and how to use them to your best advantage. A survey that revealed two common causes for heart attack in six people who had completely different lifestyles, eating habits and stress factors. The basics in iridologyand signs of the tongue and skin that help monitor inner health. (54 Photos)  The basics in chiropractic and some simple self-tests you can use to monitor skeletal correctness to maintain perfect health. A blood cleansing dietand exercises to improve blood flow. 7 steps you can follow to have perfect digestion or to overcome celiac, irritable bowel, flatulence and distension. A bath treatment and a supplement you can use to help overcome food allergies in children and adults. How the psycological effect of the aboriginal bone-pointing curse interfered with the victims health to cause death, and how we sometimes place curses on ourselves, to cause emotional upset, fatigue and even autoimmune disease. This powerful mind-body interaction has amazed medical experts for years. Learn everything you need you need to know on how to master your own mental healing potential. Medical tests indicate we have a separate soul and our soul weighs 21grams and effects our sleep and our hormonal release patterns.  Learn how some women have overcome breast cancer and the cause of breast cancer has been detailed in medical journals since the war between France and England. 
Many Years Of Research and Case Histories Have Gone Into The Writing Of This Book After researching over one thousand clients previously diagnosed with a variety of health conditions by the medical profession, I compared outer body signs that indicate inner health to prove the efficiency of these natural health indicators used by medical doctors and natural therapists everywhere. These indicators are proven beyond doubt, to be a very helpful unbeatable method of monitoring health, from the outside, in adults and in children. In one case history, I explain how he used these outer body signs to solve serious digestive problems suffered by a twelve-month-old baby who had baffled parents as well as their family doctor. After you read this incredible story you will begin to know exactly how to monitor infants who cannot verbally explain the symptoms and traumas that interfere with their health and well being. This is such an amazing case.

The Outer Body Signs In This eBook Supply The Following Indications:-

  • How tongue swelling, tongue indents, tongue color and cracks in the tongue heal as stomach complaints respond to the correct treatment.
  • How the temperature between the hand and forearm changes when certain healing takes place in the body.
  • How the small white dots on the palms of the hand disappear when certain aspects of health improve.
  • Which neck and hip nerves to press tightly to instantly eliminate the tension of carpal tunnel, tingling and numbness in the fingers and toes.
  • What treatment is required when one side of the tongue is swollen and the neck muscle on the same side of the neck is exceptionally tense.
  • What treatment is required when red veins appear on the cheeks.
  • How eye colour brightens as body cells heal.
  • How iris fibers become thicker as nerves strengthen.

A Book For People Wishing to Avoid or Overcome All Health Problems

Read the results of an amazing 20 year survey that reveals two unexpected common causes experienced by all Heart Attack Victims This comprehensive long-term survey covered many factors such as lifestyle stress, diet, drinking habits, consumption of red meat, cholesterol factors, smoking and exercise habits. This detailed study uncovers many hidden secrets of heart health and shows you how you can use the results to avoid heart attack. You will learn exactly what you need to do to avoid all heart problems, control your blood pressure and live to a ripe old age. It was Noel’s unique outlook that helped him to find procedures that have helped many people overcome diabetes. He studied the phenomenon of how some diabetic women overcome their diabetes due to falling pregnant. His discovery led him to 3 simple techniques that have since helped many people overcome diabetes. Apply them and they will help you to reduce your condition, if not overcome it completely. The Symptoms and 19 treatments in this book will help you avoid all disease If you would like to know exactly what specific symptoms mean and how to treat them, the 19 treatments explained in this book are exactly what you need to avoid all disease.

An eBook For All Doctors and Medical Specialists

Autoimmune specialist, Noel N Batten offers “indisputable evidence” that autoimmune disorders we are being told we cannot overcome, can often be overcome and some of the concepts described in this book are being considered by natural therapy colleges worldwide. Noel is known in the natural health industry for his repeated success over breathing disorders, chronic fatigue and cancer and for discovering the cause and how to overcome the fatal heart condition known as Long QT syndrome. (This is one condition that offers proof of success, by the points “Q” and “T” returning to normal on an ECG when treatment is successful.) One case history in this book is an amazing report of the day-by-day treatment and day-by-day improvement of a HIV patients progressive rise into remission in 54 days. (This is a MUST READ for Doctors and Medical Specialists!) On many occasions Noel has had medical doctors and natural therapy practitioners attend his seminars and seek his advice and in 1994 he was complemented by doctors from the Queensland health department for helping one of his clients achieve victory over HIV. Other Explanations Detailed In This eBook:-
  • Learn the 5 steps to overcome disease and the 14 steps to perfect your health.
  • Why blood pressure should be taken on both sides of the body instead of just one.
  • 7 Steps to help overcome Stomach Complaints including Celiac, Irritable Bowel Flatulence, Bloating and Allergies
  • 8 areas of the tongue that reflect the health of 8 areas of the stomach and torso.
  • 7 steps that can overcome the need for a hysterectomy.
  • 6 steps to avoid or overcome breast cancer.
  • The cause of SIDS (cot death) and how to avoid it. Every parent should read this.
  • The incredible healing effect of herbs, minerals, the oxygen vitamin and vitamin C.
  • The incredible healing effect of release meditation. (learn how to perform it.)
  • Two things You can say to someone during an asthma attack that will help subside their attack and minimize their need for Ventolin.
  • A stress management breathing procedure that helps to overcome nervousness, prevent anxiety and can often stop the shaking in Parkinson’s, immediately. (The Parkinson’s shake stopper)

A Book To Help Business People Avoid Stress and Develop Energy and Motivation

Noel’s Unique But Simple Procedures Are World-class Stress Management, Motivation and Natural Health Ideals During 34 years of experience Noel has developed stress management and motivation techniques so unique, easy to follow and efficient, we believe Energetic Solutions to be world leaders in motivation and natural health. Discover How You Can Detect and Prevent A Stroke “At Least One Year” Before It Can Eventuate Through a comparison of the early symptoms experienced by a stroke victim and a client suffering from the same symptoms Noel explains how you can easily recognize the warning signs of a stroke to prevent it from taking place. I also detail 3 specific steps to follow to overcome an overactive mind and how to avoid the effects of stress when the working day is finished. The case histories and the supporting medical journal reports prove, that many conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, sarcoidosis, diabetes, arthritis, carpal tunnel, chronic fatigue, celiac disease, endometriosis, depression, migraine, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, Thyroiditis, Long QT heart syndrome, heart disease, cancer and HIV can often be overcome through natural means. During MY 34 years to the point of writing this eBook, as a Natural Therapist, Counselor, Motivational Speaker and writer I have empowered thousands of people to develop their success of life with amazing results, simply because each person who succeeded was willing to put in the effort! — Are you willing to put in a little effort to improve your knowledge and mental focus and strengthen your self-discipline???   

Drop your stress, Lift your spirit, Throw your fears away, and draw your goals closer to you every day. NB

  If you purchase any product from this website and are not fully satisfied with that product, I will give you a full refund, as soon as I receive your email request. You simply will not find this advanced health information in any other book. Purchase this eBook now to develop perfect health and change your life forever

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