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Multiple Sclerosis The Greatest Medical Mistake, is an eBook that supplies medical journals which prove MS is not caused by myelin degeneration. — This eBook is 1 product, in this MS “Pack” of 8 products, displayed in the right column. — I designed these products to help MS patients overcome the “real” causes of Multiple Sclerosis at home, which I began to discover while overcoming MS symptoms myself in my younger years, and I also believe Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis are one and the same and that they both begin due to excess muscle tension in the neck, shoulders and lower back, so DO NOT LISTEN TO MEDICAL DOOM-AND-GLOOM AND ALLOW IT TO ADD DEEP DEPRESSION TO THE SYMPTOMS YOU ALREADY HAVE.

How To Overcome Multiple Sclerosis At Home 8 Product Pack

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 Multiple Sclerosis Is “Not” Caused By Myelin Degeneration Success Videos, Medical Journals and Photos On This Website “PROVE”, MS Is Caused By Excess Neck Tension and Cervical Misalignments

Think Back To When Your First Symptom Developed and You Will Remember, You Had Neck Pain, Anxiety and Incontinence!

Multiple Sclerosis Is “NOT” Caused By Myelin Degeneration As Doctors Are Taught and This Is Written In Their Own Journals. Medical Journals I Supply, Prove, MS Begins With Excess Muscle Tension “Multiple Sclerosis” is a title introduced by Parkinson specialist Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot in the 1880’s to describe a number of patients he treated who had tremors that moved in a different direction than the tremors he was used to seeing in his regular Parkinson patients. — Whilst this is an extremely poor excuse to invent a disease, the reason he used the words “Multiple Sclerosis” was not a poor excuse but more of a perfect description.

“Multiple Sclerosis” means “Much Abnormal Stiffening” Which Is A Perfect Description For Both MS “and” Parkinson’s Disease If you reflect on how advanced MS or Parkinson patients move around, it is easy to realize that they are very stiff and if “you” have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis you will remember that your first hint that something was going wrong in your body was tightness or muscle stiffness most likely in your neck, shoulders or lower back. — Most commonly, the very first symptom of multiple sclerosis begins due to excess neck tension making it difficult to turn your head easily, around to maximum. — In time, this excess neck tension spreads down the torso as various symptoms develop in the head, arms and lower body and at that stage, normal natural health ideals will not give you any long-term improvement. — This is when you need to consider coming to me for treatment or having me come to you and treat you in your home.

In the first year of treating Parkinson and MS patients when I wasn’t getting the remission success I was after, using normal natural health ideals, I began experimenting with these normal ideals to change them in such a way that “would” give me the remissions I wanted, and through much prayer and the grace of God, my unique “My 5 Secret Treatments” which have often enabled me to overcome severely advanced cases in a matter of days, were created.

The main reason I am getting very quick significant improvement and sometimes remission over symptoms, often in only 4 to 5 days, is because I inspect nearly every major muscle in the body as well as the tendons and nerves that operate those muscles and do my absolute best to overcome every problem I discover. — I actually had to invent a new form of massage to use on patients diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease because the normal massage techniques that I used on my early clients only gave minor temporary relief from symptoms. — You can see photos of the sort of muscle tensions I often find, on my treatments page “My Five-day Treatment Program Can Help YOU!” — The link is at the top of this page.

Before you read the explanations I have put on this page, I want you to get straight into watching my first video below, which reveals that the MS symptoms you are suffering from are “NOT” caused by myelin degeneration as your doctor and neurologist have been taught to tell you, and,,, it also reveals that it is best you do not listen to the advice your doctor and neurologist gave you about multiple sclerosis being incurable. — If you do listen, it is possible you may develop deep depression and start to give up completely. — My first video on this page is of a medical doctor who invited me to go to Brazil to treat her to help her overcome the multiple sclerosis symptoms she had developed because she could see that medical belief was incorrect.

MY FIRST VIDEO — Dr. Barbara Bisilli Watch Dr. Bisilli Regain Her Balance and Her Ability To Walk In A Matter Of Days. Sao Paulo Brazil My Second Video Is Of A Medical Doctor (An Endocrinologist) Whose Specialty Is Diabetes. Dr. Barbara Bisilli invited me down to Brazil to treat her on my “Travel-to-treat” program. Watch the amazing improvement Dr. Bisilli experienced in only 5 days.

   (Length of this video:- 9 minutes.)

6 Tests You Can Do, To Figure Out Exactly What Is Causing Your Symptoms


To find out how I can help you regain your life, phone me NOW on my personal cell phone:- USA 845 701 6817 — AU 0413317789 REVIEW MY FEES

 Audio File Of Noel Batten Radio Interview By Robert Rogers Of The Parkinson Recovery Show Learn more about Parkinson’s disease in this 43 minute radio interview than you will “ever” learn from any medical doctor or neurologist. (43 Minutes)

 If You Have Not Had Your Symptoms Longer Than 2 Years The 8 Products In My MS “Pack” Can Help You Get Improvement At Home If you have “not” had your MS symptoms for longer than 2 years, the information I supply in the 8 products in my Pack of products will enable you to get really good improvement and possibly remission, yourself, at home by seeing the local natural therapists. — If you “have” had your MS symptoms longer than 2 years, the information I supply in these products will enable you to slow down the progression of your symptoms but to overcome advanced causal problems you may need to consider attending my Five-day Treatment Program so I can carry out my daily assessment on you and use my 5 Secret Treatments to overcome your advanced causal problems.

I am presently offering my treatment in Brisbane AU, Monticello Upstate NY, or Marietta Georgia in the USA, or if you are not able to travel to me, I will consider coming to you to treat you in your home. — Once your original multiple sclerosis symptoms spread down into your lower torso and hips, it is “MUCH” more difficult to overcome symptoms experienced. — Advanced multiple sclerosis symptoms such as (1) not being able to sleep properly every night, or (2) having the sensation of sleeping all day and being wide awake all night, or, (3) feeling your whole muscular system is tense so that stiffness is no longer confined to your neck and shoulders, or (4) feeling balance problems most of the time, or (5) having a tremor that you can’t stop, are all advanced MS symptoms that you will need my specialized treatment to overcome.

These advanced symptoms are caused by extreme hormonal imbalances that need my specialized treatment to rectify. These problems are further provoked by poor iron absorption into the muscles, vagus nerve suppression, and inability to absorb the amino acid phenylalanine. In some cases I have also found that spinal scoliosis, a spinal kink, or degenerative discs can be the cause of these advanced symptoms. — Some of these advanced problems take time to rectify, however, if that is the case, from the daily assessments I carry out during your treatment, I can write you an advanced treatment plan to follow after my treatment is completed, that will rectify these problems over time.

The Advantage Of Having Me Treat You Is That I Carry Out Daily Tests To See How Your System Is Responding To My Treatment If you have symptoms below your waist you will need my help to combat them, as they require specialized assessment, treatment and monitoring over 5 to 7 days. If the improvement you experience by following the 8 products in my Pack, doesn’t remain with you, please ask me to email you my Causal Recipe Questionnaire so I can see if your are suited for attending my personal treatment where I come to you and treat you in your home, or you come to me for treatment on Bribie Island near Brisbane, or in Marietta Georgia in the USA.

MY SECOND VIDEO — Tiffany Sakas Watch MS Patient Tiffany Regain Her Balance and Her Ability To Walk In Only Days.

The Gold Coast My Second Video Is Of A Single Mother Who I Treated For One Day, Then Continued Treatment By Phone, On My Distance Treagtment Program.

SYMPTOMS:- MS Extreme Intermittent Muscle Stiffness, Neck Pain, Back Pain, Hip Pain, Numbness Down Her Right Side, Loss Of Balance, and Difficulty Walking.

Watch how much improvement Tiffany Sakas experienced on my Distance Treatment Program, by the 6th, day, after following my instructions by phone for 5 daily consultations:-


This Video Below Is A Short Version Of The Full Video That I Will Be Using To Train An Elite Team Of BA10 Natural Health Practitioners

  (Length of this video:- 10 minutes.)

6 Tests You Can Do, To Figure Out Exactly What Is Causing Your Symptoms

To find out how I can help you regain your life, phone me NOW on my personal cell phone:- USA 845 701 6817 — AU 0413317789 REVIEW MY FEES

Your Recovery Is Entirely Up To Your Decision On Which Health Practitioners You Choose To Treat You After interviewing, assessing and treating several hundred multiple sclerosis patients on my Personal Treatment Program since 2005, I can attest that this is definately a nerve-hormonal provoked disorder and the only way to overcome it is to search out all the anatomical breakdown factors personal to you, and then overcome them all. Using the ideals that allow me to achieve the success you see in my videos is the only way a “cure” for multiple sclerosis will ever be found. Your recovery is up to you and the health practitioners you choose to treat you. Don’t follow a medical belief structure that has proven to fail, and that medical leaders admit, cannot help you regain your health, discourage you. — Anthony Robins would agree, the medical profession is the only organisation in the world that discourages people from believing in success. MY THIRD VIDEO — “A Hollywood Bodyguard”

Herman Mack From Los Angeles — An amazingly determined MS Patient.

One Of My Most Memorable Experiences Was When I Treated Hollywood Bodyguard and Bodybuilder Herman Mack On My “Travel-to-treat” Program In Los Angeles California 

This video is of a very interesting man who had the world at his feet until a series of events went wrong and he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. — Herman was a very fit bodybuilder and professional bodyguard who looked after himself by following a good diet and exercising regularly, however he was subjected to ongoing emotional stress and had not felt content for several years. — I found that Herman developed an “S” curve in his spine around the age of 25, which most PD/MS patients develop after three to five years of symptom development but I know from past experience, rectifying this curvature can sometimes cause a 50% reduction in symptoms.  The quicker I can rectify this MS curvature, the quicker my advanced clients experience significant improvement. Herman contacted me to help him overcome walking problems, a sore lower back and foot drop. I started treating herman and in only 5 days he regained his ability to walk:-

(Length of this video:- 15 minutes.)

6 Tests You Can Do, To Figure Out Exactly What Is Causing Your Symptoms

To find out how I can help you regain your life, phone me NOW on my personal cell phone:- USA 845 701 6817 — AU 0413317789 REVIEW MY FEES


Please email me if you would like me to send you my 100 Question Causal Recipe Questionnaire or you would like to inquire about my Five-to-ten Day Treatment Program. Your Answers Will Help Me Give You Advice That Will Start You On Your Road To Recovery.

My Email:-

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The “Pack” of 8 products that I offer on this website explain the same ideals I use to achieve the success you can see in my “Before” and “After” videos. My eBooks are complete with medical journal quotes that give creedence to my ideals and I supply photos to support my explanations, where necessary. The DVD’s of exercises and massage, explain “in detail” what you need to do at home, to get back on the road to recovery.  Multiple Sclerosis DVD


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