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In the 22 health eBooks in this library, listed below, Noel gives the medical explanations, medical journal references, supplement advice and natural treatments he has used to hel patients overcome these disorders. — As a way of encouraging other practitioners to learn and apply Noel’s ideals, he has also supplied blood pressure readings and oxygen saturation readings taken on both sides of the body and how he takes readings on both sides, for psychological reasons. He also supplies spinal photos that show skeletal misalignments when relevant to the symptoms described, and shadow photos of the spinal supportive muscular system, an approach he invented to help him see, what so many other practitioners are missing.

Noel Batten’s Natural Health Book Library Pack

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You Can Attend Noel’s Personal Treatment Program For Autoimmune Disorder and Be Treated By Noel, “One-on-one” In Atlanta Georgia USA, Or On Bribie Island Brisbane Australia. Inquire NOW! – This Special Offer Gives You A Chance To Purchase The Noel Batten Library Of 22 eBooks At A Very Low Price This pack of 22 eBooks will enable you to learn important medical concepts about your health, which are backed up by medical journal references, as well as important natural concepts about your health, and psychological ideals for the health of your children. They also explain principals of personal development used by very successful athletes, entertainers, actors and businesspeople to help you increase your personal career and social success in life. This Library Comes With 3 “FREE” Half-hour Phone Or Skype Consultations The total cost of these 22 eBooks if you purchased them separately, would be $522-00 but purchasing them as a library enables you to acquire them for the real bargain price of only $80-00. Along with this purchase, Noel will also give you three half-hour phone or Skype consultations valued at $120-00, so that you can speak directly to him, to ask his advice on personal circumstances. (If you decide to make this purchase, email Noel immediately after you make the payment to book your phone/Skype consultations in.) The 18 health eBooks cover the orthodox medical explanation of the causes of health problems listed below, as well as my findings along with patient testimonies that often disagree with those medical explanations, to explain, in my opinion, why medical treatment for autoimmune disorders is often unsuccessful. They also supply specific treatment ideals that you can use at home, to treat children suffering from the three childhood disorders covered, as well as the nine adult disorders covered. A Summary Of These 18 eBooks On Health, Stress Management and Personal Development Miraculous Treatments, Testimonies and CuresThis eBook supplies 32 very interesting and unique case histories of clients I treated over an eight year period while running a natural therapy business on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia, mostly during my time at the Paradisio Health Food Shop. I also supply treatment solutions for each case I discuss. — I chose these cases because they are a large variety of different disorders and people, from a one year old baby to adults up to seventy years of age. These cases show how autoimmune disorders always develop due to a number of specific breakdown factors and if you are aware of these factors, you can avoid autoimmune disease well into your mature years. – Complete with 50 color photos relating to how to overcome spinal curvature, posture and neck tensions, and that explain iridology and tongue diagnosis, and include “Before” and “After” iris photos that show how different the color of the iris is after a cleaning diet and stress counseling, this eBook is a “must-read” for all health conscious people. I also supply iris and tongue photos of one patient diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome by the medical profession, and compare them with iris and tongue photos of another patient diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, by the medical profession, to prove, firstly that irritable bowel syndrome is definitely detectable in the iris of the eye, and secondly that if you know the specific iris marks that indicate Irritable bowel, you only need a mirror to see exactly which part of the bowel is affected. The Little Book Of Symptoms, Minerals and HerbsThis is a very interesting and imformative eBook that can help everybody understand what causes a huge range of symptoms of the body, and how to overcome them. It also supplies information of a wide range of vitamins, minerals and herbs and offers suggestions on how to maximise the effectiveness of these supplements. Healthy Perfect” Exceptional Success and Self-confidence” Athletes, Triathletes and Healthy Bodies” Speed-reading, Memory, Affirmations and HypnosisThese four eBooks can change your life beyond belief, if you apply the ideals in them, to your health and well being, your career goals, and your athletic sporting ambitions. Within these four eBooks, you will find a success-proven plan to rely on, to help you maintain your energy and good health, as you work to improve the efficiency of your brain and advance your career, and sporting interests. I give explanations to suit people of all ages from teenagers to mature-aged adults. Learn how to use the other nine-tenths of your brain that scientists say, we do not use… 14 Steps To The Fountain Of Youth” Perfect Health Through The Bible” True Happiness Relies On The Trinity WithinThese two eBooks explain how to understand your partner in marriage or in business as well as my opinions on the spiritual aspect of life. My spiritual explanations are based on my training as a spiritual counselor in the Christian Church, a relationship counselor in secular marital principals, a natural therapist trained in psychosomatics, and my personal spiritual experiences while suffering epileptic seizures which, on one occasion took me into a coma for two-and-a-half days. Beautiful Sleep, Abundant Energy” The Little Book Of Symptoms, Minerals and Cures” Computer Stress ManagementThese three eBooks explain symptoms caused by different forms of stress and they cover all aspects of stress management including the best vitamins, minerals and herbs to use for specific stress-provoked ailments, how to position your computer, and how to overcome an overactive mind to maximize your energy and sleep. Viagra, Overcoming Impotency and Reaching Your Best Love-making Potential” Heart Health, High Blood Pressure, Low Blood Pressure” Long QT Heart Syndrome” Diabetes The Greatest Medical Misconception” Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Calcification” Bronchitis, Asthma, Emphysema and Sarcoidosis” Parkinson’s Disease The Greatest Medical Blunder” Multiple Sclerosis, The Greatest Medical Mistake” Pelvic Inflammatory Disorder”, “Cancer The Greatest Medical Disgrace” Autism The Greatest Medical Debate”, and “ADHD The Greatest Medical Bungle”. These eBooks offer the medical explanation of each disorder as well as the natural therapy explanation along with my opinions of the personal causes of each disease. I include case histories in each and every eBook and the treatments I used to help clients who came to me for these disorders, to explain how I helped them overcome them and regain their health and their lives. — You “CAN” overcome these disorders and in my opinion, it should be illegal for any person, medical practitioners included, to ruin a person’s hope and faith that they can be overcome, when many ex-patients have written books on how they have overcome them, yet medical doctors deter patients from reading them and expecting their own improvement and recovery. These 22 eBooks are also obtainable by purchasing the Practitioner’s Training Pack which supplies far greater detail in the cause and successful treatment of autoimmune disorder, along with 94 photos to support my explanations. If you purchase any product from this website and are not fully satisfied with that product, I will give you a full refund, as soon as I receive your email request.  

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