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The Practitioner’s Training Manual Pack, consists of every eBook, DVD and CD advertised on this website and any practitioner who purchases this pack, is offered a full refund if he or she does not observe improvement while using the ideals offered in these products, on any autoimmune patient treated. With brain function explanations, emotional stress hormonal pattern explanations, anatomical and physiological descriptions, medical journal references, and 192 photos, the Practitioner’s eBook in this pack is a must for any dedicated health practitioner’s library.

The three “Before” and “After” success videos below, of medical surgeon Dr Pineda, chiropractor Dr Marcoux and businessman Bart Stolworthy, are great examples of the amazing success you can achieve in overcoming all types of autoimmune disease, by using the BA10 treatment approach explained in this eBook and DVD, and all the accompanying products in this pack.

Noel Batten’s Practitioner Training Manual Pack

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This Product Has Been Withdrawn From Sale Due To A Redesign Of The Practitioner Training Course, In Progress

      Once You Purchase This Pack, you can become an affiliate with Noel and he will refer autoimmune patients to you. He will also give you treatment advice for each patient you treat and explain his observations on your client X-ray. You can discuss treatment with him via Skype where he can talk with you and your patient. Email Noel now to ask questions about how “YOU” can become an affiliate and help autoimmune patients into remission:-

NOTICE:- This Pack Is On Special “THIS MONTH ONLY” for $175, A 50% Discount. I need practitioners to help me treat autoimmune patients because I cannot keep up with the endless line of patients needing help. Massage therapists and physical therapists are perfect for this work. You will no longer get bored with doing repetative half-hour and one hour treatments every day.

  There Are 3 “Before” and “After’ Success Videos To Watch On This Page that will inspire you beyond belief. There are two “Before” and “After” success videos for you to watch on this page, to supply you with indisputable proof that Noel Batten’s BA10 treatment actually works, and it often works very quickly. — If you introduce Noel’s Five-day Treatment Program to your business, it will not only give you a steady income, with a never-ending client list, but it will also make your working life “FAR” more interesting and rewarding, as you see patients begin to heal, who you have never been able to heal in the past.
  1. VIDEO 1 The first “Before” and “After” success video on this page, is of medical surgeon Dr Antonio Pineda from Mexico. Dr Pineda attended Noel’s Treatment Program in Georgia USA, with tremors so bad that his whole body would shake whenever he spoke to Noel about an emotional event from his past. His body was so stiff that he had to use a walking frame to walk around, but after 2 days attendance to Noel’s Treatment Program he could walk and turn around with ease, and after only 3 days of treatment, he could jog, a feat that he had not been able to do for over five months.
  2. VIDEO 2 The second success video is of Dr Jim Marcoux DC a chiropractor from Detroit. Medical doctors and a neurologist told Dr Marcoux that he was way beyond repair, however he regained his ability to walk properly, and jog again, in only 2  days of treatment on Noel’s program. This is another autoimmune patient who was given the ridiculous medical doom-and-gloom that all doctors and neurologists are trained to dish out, to ruin their hope and faith, but now with the advent of the internet, so many of them are realising that medical treatment for autoimmune diseases is often useless, and some alternative methods do actually work.
  3. VIDEO 3 The third success video is of Bart Stolworthy.Bart was diagnosed with sarcoidosis which is a lung lymphatic disorder, by a medical doctor, and was also given a whole lot of doom-and-gloom and told it was incurable. Bart reached remission in only 2 days on my BA10 Personal Treatment Program.
  What The Practitioner’s Training Pack Consists Of This pack consists of every product advertised on this website, including twelve months of support to help patients and or practitioners trying to achieve the success you can see on my success videos on this website. This First Amazing Success Video Below, Shows How Quickly You Can Heal Severely Degenerative Patients, When You Are On The Right Track This video below, and the products supplied in this Practitioner Pack, will help all health practitioners realise, that in many cases, we “CAN” help some patients overcome the symptoms of extremely debilitating diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, MS, bronchitis, asthma, sarcoidosis, cancer, and more, from between five to seven days, in a Twelve-month “Self-help” treatment program setting. If you reorgainse your business to offer a five-to-seven-day service, treating patients for 3 to 4 hours a day, you can discover things about an autoimmune patient’s, stress response, personality, livestyle and health sabotage tendencies, that you will never ever learn, in ten-minute to one-hour consultations.(If you are a medical doctor and you can see that your training in relation to the cause of Parkinson’s disease and MS, is wrong, and you know about the medical documentations I supply to prove your teachings are wrong, you need to hear what Dr Pineda says about the Deep Brain Stimulator and Stem Cell Therapy, — After watching this, and other success videos on thie website, if you would like to learn my treatment methods, I would be more than happy to support you in treating patients on my Five-to-seven-day Personal Treatment Program, after you purchase this Practitioner Training Pack.)   Watch this amazing success video of medical surgeon Dr Antonio Pineda, as he overcomes severe tremors and regains his ability to walk properly, and jog again, AFTER ONLY 3 DAYS     Learn To Say “Goodbye” To The “Practitioner Rut” Learn to run the BA10 Treatment Program in your business and you can say goodbye to “The Practitioner Rut” caused by hearing yourself say much the same things over-and-over, as you treat 8 to 50 people in any given day, spending from ten minutes to one hour with a multitude of different clients or patients, day after day. The Practitioner’s Training Manual and accompanying DVD discuss many particular case histories of a variety of autoimmune patients who have experienced remarkable improvement, in five-to-seven-days, while being treated with the BA10 treatment approach. It shows many musculo-skeletal photos using the unique “shadow photo” concept invented by Noel, to reveal abnormalities that make healing, much easier than ever before. The DVD and the eBook manual, explain functions of the brain and the mind body connection in anatomical, physiological and psychological terminology. This Practitionre’s Pack, is designed so that medical doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, stress counsellors and other health professionals can relate their own treatment concepts, and then learn more, about mental and physical ideals in aspects of the health profession outside their own field, in order to understand the BA10 treatment approach, in it’s entirety. Now watch the amazing success experienced by Dr Jim Marcoux DC a chiropractor from Detroit, who regained his ability to walk and jog, after only 2 days of treatmentwhile he still had several cervical and lumbar skeletal misalignments, due to me giving him a twenty minute massage using my unique massage technique explained on my DVD “An Incredible Breakthrough In Massage Therapy”.     The Practitioner’s Training DVD which accompanies the Practitioner’s Training Manual, when you purchase this “pack”, explains exactly how you can set up the Five-to-seven-day Treatment Program in your existing business and start to actually help autoimmune patients overcome their suffering and work towards remission. Now watch this next “Before” and “After” success video of sarcoidosis patient Bart, to see that the BA10 treatment approach can be successful in treating all autoimmune diseases.     This Practitioner Training Pack Is Ideal For The Following People
  • For parents wanting to learn advanced natural health concepts in order to use natural health ideals to help family members and friends.
  • For medical students and medical doctors who are also interested in learning natural health procedures.
  • For chiropractors and students of chiropractic who are also interested in learning natural health procedures.
  • For masseurs who wish to extend their ability to actually help people suffering from autoimmune disorders, and who wish to combine their efforts with other practitioners such as physical therapists, herbalists, chiropractors and medical doctors, to actually help patients to achieve remission.
  What You Can Download Into Your PC Immediately After Making Your Payment, and What Items Will Be Posted To You You Will Be Able To Download The Following Items Into Your PC Immediately After Payment
  • All 22 eBooks In The Noel Batten Library
  • All 4 Progressive Relaxation Audio Files
The Following Items Will Be Posted To The Postal Address You Supply When You Make Your Purchase
  • The Practitioner’s Training Manual – 125 pages – 49.9 MB – (This eBook has 191 photos in it, which can make it difficult to download into some PC’s.)
  • The Practitioner’s Training DVD – 458 MB (Only available by purchasing this pack.)
  • The amazing DVD “An Incredible Breakthrough In Massage Therapy” –
  • The Blood Flow Exercise DVD “Exercise and Be Young”
  • The very helpful DVD “How To Read X-rays, The Basics”
  • The Autoimmune Mind/Body Connection DVD “The Truth About Parkinson’s Disease and MS”
If you purchase any product from this website and are not fully satisfied with that product, I will give you a full refund, the moment I receive your email request.

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