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“Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis Don’t Actually Exist” is an eBook that supplies evidence that when Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot changed Dr. James Parkinson’s title for the disease “The Shaking Palsy” to “Parkinson’s disease” around 1880, he didn’t do it to honor Dr. Parkinson. He did it so he could increase the number of symptoms applicable to that disease so many more patients could be diagnosed with it, and so many more pharmaceutical drugs could be sold, AND,,, so he could introduce a new disease he called “Multiple Sclerosis”, which also sold many more pharmaceutical drugs. Once done, the renamed disorder: “Parkinson’s disease” could no longer only be associated with tremors. It now covered any symptom linked to “muscle rigidity”, the main symptom mentioned in Dr. Parkinson’s book “An Essay On A Shaking Palsy. In my opinion, these two very prominent changes in medical history were carried out under the supervision of pharmaceutical drug company leaders trying to maximize drug sales to help develop the large pharmaceutical corporations known today. — This deception is possibly the biggest con in the history of medicine…

Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis Don’t Actually Exist eBook

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In this eBook I offer evidence that Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis are one and the same as they share the exact same symptoms and I have overcome those symptoms by correcting muscular-skeletal abnormalities and helping patients improve their stress management skills and get back to enjoying life. Only If Patients Listen To The Doom-and-gloom Prognosis Of Doctors & Neurologists Will They End Up Thinking Of Suicide, Because PD & MS Symptoms Are “Terribly” Disturbing. — DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS DOOM-AND-GLOOM! Advanced Parkinson and MS patients can be so immobilized by tremors, head and neck debilitation, and other symptoms wrongly associated with these two rigidity disorders, their lives are ruined and they can become suicidal, depressed, and bed-ridden, day and night, but this “ONLY” happens to the patients who believe the incorrect causal reasoning and doom-and-gloom explanations of medical doctors and neurologists. — These patients, when advanced in symptom severity, go through a terrible long drawn-out suffering and their close family members share that suffering with them, every day “BECAUSE” medical doctors and neurologists are trained by drug company lecturers to tell them that they have “an incurable disease” yet medical journals prove this to be incorrect. I have treated many patients in this severe state, so I know how they, and their family members suffer, and Betty Green from Colorado was one of those patients. — Betty “REALLY” needed help but the very poor “incorrect” training of the medical doctors and neurologists who treated her, prevented them from giving her that help. — In fact, their lack of enthusiasm actually caused them to miss some very significant problems that, when I corrected them, eliminated Betty’s pain, helped her to breath freely, and enabled her to walk again. Watch this video below of my client Batty Green whose muscular system was so fatigued in her hips and legs, her legs were like rubber, and so rigid in her chest and lower back, she had severe back pain and every time she took a breath, she experienced pain in her rib cage. — After helping Betty with stress management to develop peace of mind so she slept well, then having a chiropractor realign her spine, and I carried out my nerve massage and overcame all her negative muscle memory, her back pain and breathing problem went away and she developed enough leg strength, that her legs could hold her body weight enough to allow her to take a few steps. — Betty was so happy, she cried. THIS” IS WHAT DOCTORS AND NEUROLOGISTS SHOULD BE TRAINED TO DO, INSTEAD OF BEING TRAINED TO RUIN THE HOPE AND FAITH OF PATIENTS LIKE BETTY BY SPREADING HOPELESSNESS, DOOM-AND-GLOOM.

 (Length Of This Video:- 5 Minutes 35 Seconds.)

If These Two Diseases Don’t Actually Exist, As I Claim They Don’t, Then What Causes The Symptoms Associated With Them? Well, I guess by the title of this book, by now you may have labelled me as a radical who is dramatizing things to get some attention but I am sorry to say, this is “NOT” the case. — If you look into what I am saying, you will find it very easy to see the truth yourself. — The first thing I want you to understand is that while doing assessments on hundreds of Parkinson and MS patients since I started specializing in treating only these two disorders, back in 2005, I discovered that every single Parkinson and MS patient has problems in the cervical spine, and like Betty, all of them also have excess muscle stiffness at the neck, shoulders and hip or lower back area. During The Second Year Of Symptom Development,  Additional Breakdown Problems Develop That Make It Harder and Harder To Overcome Symptoms I also discovered that adjusting the cervical spine and massaging the muscle stiffness away, shows a certain degree of “immediate” reduction in symptom severity but as you will know if you have been down this path, you will only get a temporary improvement. If a patient has not had any symptoms for longer than twelve months, weekly chiropractic adjustments, along with weekly massage of the excess muscle stiffness over the course of around six to eight weeks, often puts these first year patients into remission. — If “you” were diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis and you have not had your symptoms for longer than twelve months, go and arrange to have chiropractic adjustment and massage right “NOW!” — Don’t question me, just do it and you will see the improvement begin straight away, however, you “MUST” remain observant to how long that improvement lasts, as this is significant in trying to establish “long-term” success. Even Dr. James Parkinson comments in his book “An Essay On The Shaking Palsy” that after two years the muscle stiffness and other symptoms of Parkinson’s disease begin to progress from the upper torso down to the lower back, hips and legs. (This is mentioned on Page 57 in his book “An Essay On The Shaking Palsy” and you can read quotes from his book now, on this website. — The version I have in my health book library is put out by “Kessinger Publishing’s Legacy Reprints”. — I also supply many medical journal quotes in this eBook “Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis Don’t Actually Exist” along with quotes from Dr. Parkinson’s book which support my claim that Parkinson’s disease and MS are fake diseases.) Back in the days of Dr. Claudius Galen (130AD – 200AD) medical doctors mainly used herbs, opium “bone cracking” as it was known then, or “chiropractic” as it is known now, and any other means that would help patients overcome their health problems. Even back then, doctors like Galen documented cases of “The Shaking Palsy” and they blamed the associated symptoms on “muscle rigidity”. — You can read more about these facts in my eBook “Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis Don’t Actually Exist” and how, as pharmaceuticals became more and more profitable, doctors were stopped from using herbs and chiropractic and confined to always using a prescription pad. If You Have Had Parkinson and MS Symptoms For More Than Two Years, You May Need My Help To Reach Remission. As previously explained, if you do regular chiropractic and massage within the first year of symptom development, you will overcome PD and MS symptoms within six to eight weeks but after the second year you will be faced with advanced causal problems that are not so easy to overcome. During The Second Year Of Symptoms Development, Blood Flow Throughout The Body Begins To Reduce, Which Is Why From The Second Year On, Patients Feel A Little Colder In Their Torso and Limbs. During the second year of symptom development in Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis, the original muscle stiffness which pulls the skeletal frame out of alignment begins to reduce blood flow to different areas of the body, in different patients, which is how Dr. Zamboni’s CCSVI operation was considered an effective option for a while. — If you L/C on the CCSVI link on the previous line and watch the second video down, of Allison Milne, you will hear her testimony about how it is a useless waste of time. — Whilst excess muscle stiffness in the neck, suppresses the carotid arteries in Parkinson and MS patients, opening the arteries is not the answer because the excess muscle stiffness is still there suppressing freedom of many things in the neck, including nerves. This excess muscle stiffness around the skeletal frame now begins to cause loss of lordosis, curvature, spinal kinks and reduced nerve activity. — Once this excess muscle stiffness is combined with reduced blood flow around the spine, degeneration in the discs also begins to develop and all these advanced problems require advanced “natural” treatments.

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