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Parkinson’s Disease The Greatest Medical Blunder, is an eBook from a “Pack” of 8 products displayed in the right column. — I created these products to help patients beat Parkinson’s disease at home. — I found the true causes while overcoming ill-health as a teenager, and discovered that PD and MS are one and the same and what doctors and neurologists are trained to tell you is the cause of Parkinson’s disease, is contradicted by documentations in their own medical journals as well as autopsy results written in Dr. Parkinson’s book “An Essay On The Shaking Palsy. — In my videos you will see, you “CAN” overcome Parkinson’s disease so DO NOT ALLOW MEDICAL DOOM-AND-GLOOM TO MAKE YOU DEPRESSED. — If you would like me to treat you for 5 to 7 days, you can come to me, or if traveling is difficult, I will come to you.

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 Parkinson’s Disease Is “Not” Caused By Lack Of Dopamine Success Videos, Medical Journals, X-rays and Photos On These Webpages “PROVE” Dr. James Parkinson Book Published In 1817 Explained The “REAL” Cause Of PD

Think Back To When Your First Symptom Developed and You Will Remember, You Had Neck Pain, Anxiety and Incontinence!

In 1817 Dr. James Parkinson Wrote In His Book “An Essay On The Shaking Palsy”, Parkinson’s Disease Is Caused By Problems In The Upper Cervical Spine Affecting The Medulla Spinalis. The Success Of My Treatment Proves This Correct If you watch any advanced Parkinson patient try to move around, the first thing you will notice is stiffness in the whole body causing slow movement, and through my new treatment, I discovered that this is the key to understanding the “real” cause of all symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, and, how to design a successful treatment to overcome them. — In the history of Parkinson’s disease, this stiffness has been so well connected to the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease that whilst he called this disease “The Shaking Palsy” back in the early 1800’s, Dr. James Parkinson and other prominent medical people of that time, often used terms like “rigidity” and “stiffness” to describe it’s nature.

Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot was one of those prominent doctors who took an interest in Parkinson’s disease, who came up with the title “Multiple Sclerosis” (sclerosis meaning hardening), to refresh the original diagnosis he gave to some of his Parkinson patients, because they appeared to have a different type of tremor than experienced by his average Parkinson patient. — Whilst their reference to stiffness does not indicate it is a cause, the quick significant improvement and remissions seen in my videos “is” proof that it is a cause, because the main focus of my treatment is to eliminate all stiffness that encourages skeletal curvature and subluxations, and, to eliminate all the anxiety-provoked hormonal abnormalities that suppress digestion, absorption, breathing and poor blood circulation.

OK, now that I have explained that much, I want you to be patient as you watch my first video below, which shows how I have helped many patients reach remission over advanced symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, often in only 5 to 7 days, by overcoming all the problems linked with this stiffness and upper cervical dysfunction documented by Dr. James Parkinson in his revealing book “An Essay On The Shaking Palsy”.


WARNING: – Before you start watching this video, I need to warn you that you will have difficulty believing what you are about to see, such as very advanced wheelchair-bound Parkinson and MS patients and patients having to rely on walking frames etc, reaching remission or close to remission, in only 5 to 7 days. — The reason medical doctors, naturopathic doctors and chiropractors “cannot” achieve this same amazing success, which I am achieving on my B.A.10 Program, is because their training falls “well” short of targeting the true causal problems of, not only Parkinson’s disease, but all the other “rigidity” autoimmune disorders, such as: MS, MSA, ALS, IBS, Celiac disease, Emphysema, Sarcoidosis, and Transverse myelitis. The main 3 causal problems I find in “ALL” these rigidity disorders, in advanced patients, are: (1) Spinal Curvature and or, loss of Lordosis, (2) Disc degeneration, (3) Cervical, as well as a Pelvic Subluxation (Twisted Pelvis) and if you ask medical doctors, naturopaths and chiropractors if these problems can be corrected, most of them will say “NO!” simply because they were taught to believe that in accreditation training. — “I” was also taught that in “my” accreditation training but due to my thinking out of the box and a lot of experimenting, I discovered how to correct these problems over time. Some medical and natural practitioners and even hobby therapists familiar with natural health ideals have given me the impression that they have trouble accepting the success I am getting, possibly because they have tried to get this success themselves, using normal natural and medical ideals, and failed. — What these practitioners and therapists don’t realize however, is that I have not obtained the success you will see in the video below, through using those usual natural health ideals taught in medical, chiropractic and natural health colleges, which most practitioners are aware of. — I had to create new therapies that targeted the causal problems responsible.


MY FIRST VIDEO My Compilation Video: “A Breakthrough In Treatment Of Parkinson and MS. Notice How The Symptoms and Circumstances of PD and MS Are The Same The assessment and new treatment approach I used to get the success you are about to see, is “completely different” to the assessment and treatment approach taught in chiropractic or natural health colleges. — It is completely different because I discovered something about Parkinson’s disease, MS and other rigidity disorders that nobody in medical or natural health circles is aware of, and without knowing this information, it is impossible to achieve the success you are about to see.

(Each client success video in this compilation is around 3 minutes long.)

Longer more informative versions of the short videos you see in this video above, are available to watch further down on this page and on the other pages of this website.

Audio File Of Noel Batten Radio Interview By Robert Rogers Of The Parkinson Recovery Show. Learn more about Parkinson’s disease in this 43 minute radio interview than you will “ever” learn from any medical doctor or neurologist. (43 Minutes)

 To find out how I can help you regain your life, phone me NOW on my personal cell phone:- USA 469 536 7511 — AU 0413317789 REVIEW MY FEES and REQUIREMENTS

Do you remember experiencing a sore neck, uneasiness and anxiety, when you developed your first symptom, and how those feelings are often still with you to this day? — Do you remember the stress you went through just prior to that first symptom developing and how that stress triggered those feelings? — Well Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot found this anxiety problem so common he investigated it very closely and ended up using the word “psychosis” to describe it, and Dr. Parkinson investigated the neck soreness and found the original cause in the upper cervical spine. — In my studies on the hormonal imbalance that provokes this neck soreness and anxiety, I found that the hormone noradrenaline is released in excessive amounts when experiencing trauma and ongoing stress and I believe it is this excessive release of noradrenaline that creates the profuse muscle stiffness and robotic walk, seen in advanced Parkinson and MS patients. — In the new assessment and treatment approach that comes from my 5 Secret Treatments, I get right down to the stress-provoked causes of this hormonal imbalance, and look very closely at what physical abnormalities it has created and then do everything possible to overcome them all. — It is this in-depth search with each patient I treat, that has enabled me to achieve the amazing quick success you can see in my “before” and “after” videos.

Now I Present A Longer Version Of Dr. Pineda’s Video, Where He Denounces The Deep Brain Stimulator and He Says, Lack Of Dopamine Does “NOT” Cause Parkinson’s Disease My next video is the longer version of my success video of the medical surgeon I treated Dr. Pineda, who denounces the medical treatment of Parkinson’s disease after it gave him no help at all, when he was suffering so much, he contemplated suicide. — Dr. Antonio Pineda was so disappointed in the medical treatment of Parkinson’s disease by the time he came to me to receive my treatment, he told me, QUOTE:- “Medical treatment for Parkinson’s disease, is insane”.

Medical Surgeon Achieves Remission Over Parkinson’s Disease “IN ONLY 4 DAYS”, While Attending My Treatment Program.

MY SECOND VIDEO “Medical Surgeon” Dr. Antonio Pineda — Now Watch His Full Video. SYMPTOMS:- Full body tremors, sore neck, shoulders, lower back and right hip, incontinence, numbness and pain in the right arm and leg, extreme fatigue, loss of appetite, and suicidal depression.

Parkinson’s disease earns billions of dollars for the pharmaceutical drug companies, every year, which, in my opinion, is why drug companies teach medical doctors and neurologists at medical school, all the information possible to help them convince their Parkinson patients that their only option is a lifetime of prescribed drugs for Parkinson’s disease, that don’t really give much help.

  (Length of this full-length video:- 15 Minutes) (Dr. Antonio Pineda from Mexico)

6 Tests You Can Do, To Figure Out Exactly What Is Causing Your Symptoms


To find out how I can help you regain your life, phone me NOW on my personal cell phone:- USA 469 536 7511 — AU 0413317789 REVIEW MY FEES and REQUIREMENTS

These two videos above, should have given you every answer you need, to know the truth about the real cause for the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. — If you are not too far advanced in symptom progression and you follow the treatment steps in my Pack of self-help products, you can get yourself back on track to regain your health and your life. — If you are advanced in symptom progression, I advise you to come to me, or have me come to you, for personalized assessment and treatment. — My main message to you as you strive to regain your good health is: – DO NOT LISTEN TO MEDICAL DOOM-AND-GLOOM AND ALLOW IT TO ADD DEEP DEPRESSION TO THE PROBLEMS YOU ALREADY SUFFER FROM”.

Do You Have Swollen Ankles Or Lower Back Pain? The collection of causes of all Parkinson’s disease symptoms is different in every patient which is why advanced patients need to be assessed in a specific way, for all their causes to be found. — Sometimes the respiratory, chest and lower back muscles are excessively tense as well as the neck and shoulder muscles and sometimes it is only neck and shoulder muscles to blame. — Sometimes patents have a spinal curvature caused by their excess muscle tensions pulling on one section of their spine and sometimes it is only their neck and shoulders to blame. — Sometimes digestion and absorption are to blame and sometimes not. And sometimes kidney problems and swollen ankles are created by the excess lower back muscle tensions experienced and sometimes not. — The only causes common to all patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease is the original anxiety caused by stress and the excess neck and shoulder tension that results from these two factors.

On My Five-day Treatment Program, I Have Overcome Every Parkinson and MS Symptom You Can Imagine, Including Severe Tremors, Optic Neuritis and Loss Of Sense OfSmell, But Pharmaceutical Leaders Want My Knowledge Suppressed Because It Can Hinder Drug Sales Parkinson’s disease causes patients to become very confused as they search amongst all the Parkinson’s literature and websites available, so in my efforts to help people understand as much as possible I have created my videos and supplied the medical journal documents that I mention in my eBooks, three of which you can read below.

You Can Come To Me For Treatment, Or I Will Come To You and Run A Workshop and Treat You In Your Home

5 Symptoms You Will Have Difficulty Overcoming At Home.

If You Have Not Had Your Symptoms Longer Than 2 Years The 8 Products In My “Pack” Can Help You Get Improvement At Home If you have “not” had your symptoms for longer than 2 years, the information I supply in the 8 products in my Pack of products will help you get significant improvement and possibly remission yourself, at home. — If you “have” had your symptoms longer than 2 years, the information I supply may not be enough to help you reach remission because most advanced patients need daily tests to monitor how nerves are responding to each day of treatment. — In this instance you will need to consider having me come to you if travelling is difficult, or if you can travel you can come to me for treatment in Brisbane AU, Monticello Upstate NY, or Marietta Georgia in the USA.

Once the original causal tension and hormonal problems are rectified by my new approach to hormonal/nerve influences, it will be easier for you to get your life back on track. — Advanced Parkinson’s disease symptoms such as (1) not being able to sleep properly every night, or (2) having the sensation of sleeping all day and being wide awake all night, or, (3) feeling your whole muscular system is strangling you and your stiffness is no longer confined to just one area, or (4) feeling balance problems all the time, or (5) having a tremor that you can’t stop, are all advanced symptoms that you will need help with.

The basic information you need to know to overcome 2 year symptoms, you can learn from my eBook “Parkinson’s Disease, The Greatest Medical Blunder” and the other 7 products I offer with it, in the self-help “Pack” available for purchase from this website. — All 8 of these products are on display in the right hand column of this page. > > >

Another Remission Over Parkinson’s Disease “IN ONLY 5 DAYS”, While Attending My Five-day Personal Treatment Program.


MY THIRD VIDEO “Real Estate Developer” Barry Black The Deep Brain Stimulator Did Not Help Barry At All SYMPTOMS:- Arm tremors, sore neck, shoulders, lower back and hips, incontinence, numbness and pain in the right arm and leg, extreme fatigue, loss of appetite, and bouts of sadness provoked by his medical doctor and neurologist telling him Parkinson’s disease is incurable and he should expect never to walk properly again or regain his health.

 (Length of this video:- 7 Min)

   To find out how I can help you regain your life, phone me NOW on my personal cell phone:- USA 469 536 7511 — AU 0413317789 REVIEW MY FEES

Read Why The Deep Brain Stimulator Is Useless and Why I Formed The Opinion, The Only Benefit Is Gained By The Surgeon’s Who Receive Thousands Of Dollars For Performing The Operation.

  You “Can” Overcome PD and MS, If You Believe, You Remain Fully Focused, and You Follow My Ideals If you are able to see success today in your mind, you will cause success to grow tomorrow, in your life. If you cannot see success, it will be because you are underestimating yourself and stepping aside to allow failure and insecurity, lead you by the hand. (NB)

 (Matthew 21:22) “if you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”

 Another Remission Over Parkinson’s Disease “IN ONLY 4 DAYS” While Attending My Five-day Treatment Program.

MY FOURTH VIDEO “Marine Architect” Regu Doraisamy SYMPTOMS:- Leg tremors, freezing of hips, dizziness, sore neck, shoulders, lower back and right hip, incontinence, numbness and pain in the right leg, and fatigue.

Another Parkinson’s disease patient who reached remission over all his symptoms in only 4 days, is Regu Doraisamy. Regu was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 11 years before attending my BA10 Treatment Program on Bribie Island near Brisbane.

(Length of this video:- 11 minutes) (Regu reached remission as soon as I overcame all his personal causal problems)

  If You Click Here “NOW” To Inquire About My Five-day”Personal Treatment Program, This Can Be The Day That You Begin To Regain Your Life! — REVIEW MY FEES

 As you review my material, I would like it to be clear that I have nothing against doctors or neurologists, in fact I have the greatest respect for their dedication and intelligence. Medical doctors have saved my life twice and my daughter’s life once, but when it comes to autoimmune diseases, I believe drug companies are being allowed to manipulate the medical system to maximize sales at the expense of patients who are suffering.

The 3 Medical Journals Below Give More “PROOF” That WhatDoctors and Neurologists Were Trained To Tell YouIs The Cause Of Your Symptoms, Is Totally Incorrect The very first untruth I wish to squash, is what neurologists are trained to tell “you” the patient, when you are first diagnosed. They are trained to tell you that atrophy (death), of the dopamine-producing cells in your substantia nigra in your brain is the cause of Parkinson’s disease symptoms, however, in my opinion, this is taught to them by pharmaceutical lecturers at medical school to help maximize pharmaceutical drug sales. — In my eBook “Parkinson’s Disease The Greatest Medical Blunder” you will find many medical journals listed for you to look up, that prove neurologists wrong on many counts, but for now, here are 3 for you to read:-

PAGE 1 Of 2 Pages Parkinson’s Research Copenhagen. Lack Of Dopamine Is NOT To Blame! PAGE 2 Of 2 Pages Parkinson’s Research Copenhagen. Lack Of Dopamine Is NOT To Blame!
Parkinsons Research Copenhagen Page 1 Parkinsons Research Copenhagen Page 2
  Ronald J. Mandel (Florida University) Proved Atrophy Of The Substantia Nigra Doesn’t Cause PD Symptoms.  4 Parkinson Autopsies Revealed There Is Nothing Wrong With The Substantia Nigra In Parkinson’s
 Parkinsons Research Copenhagen Page 3  4 Parkinson Autopsies Revealed

Learn more about my BA10 Personal Treatment Program by reading the information and watching more of my videos on my Personal Treatment” page, where I explain how you can come to me for treatment, or I can come to you, and treat you in your home.

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