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This 8 Product Pack designed for patients who wish to use a local massage therapist to treat them, is sold in conjunction with my “4 Session” 5 Hour Skype Treatment Service which means, either a patient can purchase this pack and book the Skype sessions after finding a qualified massage therapist willing to learn my methods, or a massage, or natural therapist who has an autoimmune patient to treat, can purchase this pack and book the Skype sessions and benefit greatly from learning my new ideals. — These products help practitioners to learn my new assessment and treatment ideals that have proven to help Parkinson, MS, Emphysema or other similar autoimmune patients into remission, sometimes in only days. — Through the 8 products in this pack and my Skype supervision, both the practitioner and the patient can learn advanced information on how the immune system causes nerve muscle disruption through stress-provoked hormonal abnormalities, and can also learn how to carry out a diagnosis that will help reveal all the causal breakdown problems that create the symptoms of many autoimmune disorders. — These are the 8 products supplied in this pack: –

The B.A.10 Autoimmune Practitioner, Chiropractor’s Assistant eBook.
An Incredible Breakthrough In Massage Therapy DVD.
The Practitioner’s Training Manual of Natural Cures DVD.
The Practitioner’s Training Manual of Natural Cures eBook.
The 5 Secret Treatments eBook.
The 5 Treatment Secrets DVD.
Stopping Tremors Instantly DVD.
How To Read X-Rays The Basics DVD

Autoimmune Information, Practitioner’s 8 Product Pack

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Practitioner and Patient 8 Product “Skype Supported” Treatment Pack For Parkinson’s Disease, MS, MSA, IBS, COPD, Sarcoidosis and More

This Pack of 8 practitioner quality products, supported by my guidance via Skype, is available to autoimmune patients who wish to promote my specialised treatment ideals to a local massage therapist to enable that therapist to use my unique assessment and treatment ideals to help patients reach remission. This approach to overcoming Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, respiratory disorders, IBS and other similar autoimmune disorders, is recommended if you suffer swollen ankles, fatigue or ongoing sleeplessness, or you have symptoms below the waist and you cannot attend my Five-to-seven-day Personal Treatment Program in Brisbane Australia. — (In the case of Parkinson and MS patients who have not had symptoms longer than 2 years and are therefore not advanced in symptom severity, my Parkinson or MS eBook Self-help pack should be sufficient to help reinstate good health.) Learn How Hormones, Nerves and Psychological Issues Trigger The Onset Of Autoimmune Disorders These products supply information on nerves, hormones, stress reactions and ideomotor response that have taken me many years of study, and trial-and-error treatment and investigation to figure out, and many years of success-based treatment comparisons on a range of autoimmune disorders including a mystery disorder that medical experts could not even identify. — Here is my success video on that mysterious case which shows just how effective this “new and very unique” B.A.10 treatment approach really is: –

(Length of this video:- 10 Minutes)

Whilst I have spent many years researching medical journals and documents on the immune system and autoimmune diseases since 2002, and then treating autoimmune patients since 2005, I have mainly focused on treating patients who were officially diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis because these two disorders reflect the widest range of symptoms, including respiratory disorder, epilepsy, diabetes and optic neuritis. My approach is to ignore any names or titles given to a collection of symptoms that an autoimmune patient suffers from and just focus on which nerves effect each symptom, how high each symptom is in the body, and which of the 10 immune functions that I test in my BA10 assessment, have been compromised to allow the symptoms to develop. This $900-00 Purchase Fee Can Be Used Later, As A Deposit For My Advanced Practitioner Education Program If a natural therapist who purchases this Pack of products would like to sign up for my advanced education program to become a B.A.10 Natural Autoimmune Practitioner, the $900-00 fee paid for this pack, will be deducted off the fee of my advanced education program.    
    My Refund Policy For This Pack Of Products Please understand before you make this purchase, that unlike all my other products which have a money-back refund policy attached to them, this Pack of products does not have the money-back refund policy attached to it because I am revealing my advanced assessment and treatment ideals along with my 5 treatment secrets which once revealed, I cannot take back. Please be sure you wish to go ahead with learning my principals before making your purchase…

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