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Overcoming symptoms by using vitamins, minerals and herbs, has been a subject that is well-researched for many years, and as a result, there is indesputable proof that supplements do help us cope with stress and emotional upset.

The main ones I have recommended quite often in my career, are vitamin E for healing and oxigination of the body, the B group vitamins for nerves, and a St John’s Wort deritivative for emotional stress.

Read many, many more uses for supplements and how to overcome stress, as well as what causes a wide range of basic symptoms in the mind and body and what supplements can help with emotional stress.

The Little Book of Symptoms, Minerals and Herbs eBook

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No Matter What Symptoms You Wish To Overcome, Or What Aspect Of Your Health and Fitness You Wish To Improve On, Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs Can Sometimes Help You Immensely • Always use supplements during times of stress. Effective stress management and healing begins with making sure your system receives the vitamins, minerals, herbs and or digestive supplements, that will overcome the deficiencies that cause the symptoms you experience. • Always apply stress management to complement supplementation The reason some people overcome a specific problem with certain herbs and supplements and others don’t, is because even though that supplement or herb is recommended for that problem, some people often have sleep difficulties that hinder healing, or an inability to digest and absorb that supplement or herb, or their blood may be too full of toxins to allow the supplement or herb to do its job. This is why stress management techniques can often complement supplements and herbs to overcome symptoms.

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