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This is an eBook that offers advanced treatment techniques for helping existing therapists & practitioners, to assist them in being capable of overcoming supposed incurable symptoms & diseases like Parkinson’s disease, MS, Emphysema (COPD), MSA, Fibromyalgia, TM, Sarcoidosis & more.

It explains why all these health problems begin with one-sided symptoms, as well as, difficulty getting some thoughts to move a limb, to actually stimulate muscle movement response, in that limb, a major problem experienced by all advanced immobilised patients.

It explains “the basics” on how to read spinal X-rays, while supplying the main 7 points to look for, that can destroy a patient’s life, if not corrected.

Learn how the stress hormone “cortisol”, causes the body’s immune system to attack itself, and, what you can do to put a stop to such internal disarray.

If you have ever been frustrated over having a patient come to you for help to overcome an autoimmune disease, or the symptoms of an autoimmune disease, be frustrated no more. This e-Book will explain a completely new approach that will give both you, and your patient, the success you are wanting…

You “CAN” cure these symptoms and diseases but you need to teach your patient how to partner-up with you, so they do their bit, to help you lead them into success.

The Practitioner’s Autoimmune Training Manual eBook

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