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Due to the management skills involved with supervising children and meeting the requirements of family life, we sometimes lose sight of the exciting benefits.

The art of maintaining courtship in marriage, the great enjoyment of
encouraging children to develop after they have taken their first steps and spoken their first words, the thrill of jointly planning a long-term family goal, etc, are some of those benefits we tend to leave behind.

This is one of the eBooks I have written, that I am most proud of. I am sure you will love it.

True Happiness Relies On The Trinity Within eBook

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How to Achieve True Happiness

Learn How Our Character Is Made Up Of Three Separate Trinity Personality Traits This is an editorial for the book “True Happiness Relies on The Trinity Within” which explains the three different aspects of our personality and how we need to develop in all three areas to experience fulfillment and to make decisions that will lead to continual happiness.

The Trinity Character Development Of Children This book explains how to teach children to develop three different approaches to problem solving and how these three aspects of character will solve every difficulty experienced in life. Noel has compiled this very simple approach to problem solving after many years of counselling adults who have lacked tuition in childhood and children suffering from health problems such as Attention Deficit Disorder, Anorexia and Chronic Fatigue. This system of personality assessment is seen to be one of the simplest tools of character assessment and it has the potential to explain all aspects of personal development.

Develop Exciting Social Skills This Trinity system explains how we need to develop three different aspects of our character to be accepted by the different types of people we will come across in a variety of social circles. Once you read about these three different aspects of your own character you will be amazed at how very simple it is to understand your own feelings and reactions to success and how to develop your true potential. The moment you read it, will be the moment you will understand how to overcome your own weaknesses and develop in the specific areas you need to develop in, to succeed.

Understand Why Some People Make The Same Mistakes Repeatedly Every time we are about to make a decision that has the potential to make us or break us, we base our decision on one aspect of the three different parts of our character developed in childhood. Once you read this Trinity principal you will see that when a mistake is repeated, it is because one of the Trinity parts of your character was not developed and developing it will break the cycle. All you need to do, is go ahead and develop the one third character trait that you didn’t develop in youth and a whole new world of success will open up to you. This principal simplifies all aspects of life, in the family circle, in career and in personal development.

Through this Trinity character structure you will understand:-

  • How to play “the game of life” in a way that will increase profits in business, enhances respect in career, develops contentment in children and creates vitality in your own approach to life.
  • How to develop enthusiasm for romance in your marriage partner in a way that can last.
  • How to understand your partners way of thinking and the Trinity area that needs to be strengthened to maintain marital bliss.
  • Psychological patterning and conditioned habits that prevent people from achieving happiness and how to overcome them simply.

Through the case histories of romance and marriage proposals detailed, you will learn how courtship can last forever and how to apply each third of your Trinity character trait to the way you treat your partner to make contentment last forever.

This is an amazing book that explains every aspect of human nature in three simple characterisations, which allows you to understand more about people than ever before. – If you follow these ideals in this eBook, you will never have personality clashes again, and you will be able to arbitrate successfully, for others who do.

Drop your stress, Lift your spirit, Throw your fears away, and draw your goals closer to you every day. NB

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