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200 Year Old Book
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Parkinson’s Disease

The Symptoms Of Parkinson’s Disease Were Treated
Successfully By Dr. Claudius Galen In The 2nd, Century AD
Some time in the 2nd, century AD, a famous Greek physician, Dr. Claudius Galen, treated a scholar by the name of “Eudimus” for a Parkinson’s paralysis in his hand and arm by adjusting his neck using a technique then called “Bone setting” now known as chiropractic. — In these modern times chiropractic has been improved greatly and in some cases, it can help reduce the severity of some symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and MS, however, don’t get disappointed when you discover that chiropractic on it’s own will not give you any “long-term” improvement if you have had your symptoms for longer than 2 years or so.

Throughout history, many medical doctors who did bone setting, and chiropractors who did chiropractic, have commented that they could not understand why misaligned spinal vertebra that are successfully adjusted, keep coming back out of alignment time and time again. Many prominent Parkinson’s disease and MS medical doctors like Dr. James Parkinson and Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot knew that multiple natural treatments were needed, but they could not figure out which of these treatments to apply in order for the spine to remain in alignment and Dr. Charcot made a point of mentioning this, in several of his writings.

More Facts In History
Parkinson’s Disease

In the 1860’s Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot declared that Parkinson’s disease was not caused by any one defective area of the brain, that it was caused by ongoing stress that developed into a “neurosis” which created the all-familiar rigidity that all advanced Parkinson patients experience.

In the early 1800’s Dr. James Parkinson declared in his book “The Shaking Palsy” that this disease was not provoked by any one common cause, that it was caused more by stress and environmental factors such as dampness inside the patient’s house, than breakdown of any particular brain mechanism. — This was later found not to be so relevant.

In the early 1500’s a radical botanist, chemist and medical doctor, Theophrastus Paracelsus, who refused to accept the popular natural treatments used by doctors in those early times, burned many manuscripts in order to have pharmacology take popularity over natural treatments like bone setting, documented by such great medical people as Hippocrates and Galen. — He was eventually nicknamed “The Father Of Pharmacology” due to him giving the pharmaceutical industry a huge acceptance in hospitals and medical circles. — The thing to remember about Paracelsus was that he did not give pharmacology popularity by ethical means but rather by burning documents that helped suffering patients regain health without a need for pharmaceuticals. That is a man who had absolutely no compassion for patients who suffer. Only for profit and prestige.

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