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If you are not happy with any eBook or other Non-practitioner training product purchased on
this website, I will refund you the full amount paid. Guaranteed.

Noels Skype Packages.

The Skype Memberships below are designed to focus on having patients & practitioners (medical or natural), participate in my “INITIAL” Skype treatment of patients, and for patients to keep in touch with me, so as to make sure practitioners who have matriculated from my 3 B.A.10 Autoimmune Assessment and Treatment Courses, keep up-to-date with necessary information and improvements.

Continued communication ensures that patients keep improving after my initial Skype sessions with them, give them pain-relief, symptom reduction, and future treatment direction, however, in advanced cases (having symptoms longer than 2 years, respiratory symptoms or symptoms restricting balance and walking), particularly with immobilised patients diagnosed with PD, MS, MSA, ALS, MND, COPD, Respiratory Sarcoidosis, Hashimoto’s Disease, Transverse Myelitis and Essential Tremors, or any patient experiencing “ANY” degree of visible tremors (even with patients not yet immobilised, or with patients diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease), will eventually need to have me treat them “One-on-one”.

Helping to correct spinal scoliosis and sharp spinal kinks (Refer case history Barry Black AU, & Betty Green USA), helping to regenerate disc re-growth after discovering Degenerative Disc Disease (Refer case history Cileste ZampeIri AU and Curt Kirkley USA), and being able to massage combinations of nerve trigger points simultaneously, to successfully strengthen “Mind-to-muscle-movement-response” when a patient’s thought to move a limb, is not strong enough to make the limb move,  “ARE VERY SPECIALISED SKILLS”. — I will only teach these skills to practitioners who are already certified in some aspect of healthcare, who wish to advance their skills by studying the B.A.10 Program college course, that includes my Natural Spinal Specialist course in Australia, which explains natural treatments for patients diagnosed with any of the 23 Rigidity Autoimmune Diseases covered in my specialised course on Spinal Health.

My hourly fee for Internet Consultations is $85-00 USD per hour. I do not charge for any time used emailing you information articles, maintaining your file, or downloading my video footage of each session, into your file after we finish, or for setting up, or for any hold-ups involved with getting your computer organised etc, outside of the actual consultation time. 

My Fee For past 5-day clients
After Your 12 Month Free Follow-up: – $50-00 USD Per Hour For 12 Additional Months If Needed.

My Skype Fee For Patients: – $85-00 USD Per Hour.

My Skype Fees For Practitioner Training: –

2-hours – $220-00 USD.
5-hours – $550-00 USD.
10 hours – $1.000-00 USD.

The fees Below, Include Patient Treatment & Practitioner Training By Arrangement: – 

Personal Development, Relationships and Family Harmony

Learn more about personal development strategies, relationship and family harmony, how to find true happiness, massage techniques, success and much more.

Weight Loss, Toning and bodybuilding

Learn the secrets of how advanced athletes reduce their release of stress hormone vasopressin to maximise their athletic efficiency. Also learn about blood flow exercises which encourage blood to flow into the brain, and specific body areas, can easily improve memory and concentration, and help to overcome many sinister autoimmune diseases.

Autoimmune disorders, the immune system and the mind body connection.

Delve deeper into what causes autoimmune disorders and how the immune system and mind body connection works.

Natural health practitioner training and product for practitioners

These products supply information on nerves, hormones, stress reactions and ideomotor response that have taken me many years of study, and trial-and-error treatment and investigation to figure out, and many years of success-based treatment comparisons on a range of autoimmune disorders including a mystery disorder that medical experts could not even identify.