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How To Purposely Develop Feelings Of Motivation
Even though there are numerous books written about motivation, by many successful people, the vast majority of the general public either refuse to believe that their success is up to their goal setting attitude, or they simply don’t understand how to get themselves motivated to succeed. — That is why I wrote two of the eBooks available in my “Shop” titled: “Exceptional Success and Self Confidence” which is this one below: –

Exceptional Success and Self-Confidence eBook-0

and my eBook titled “Physical Happiness, Spiritual Contentment” seen below: –

Physical Happiness Spiritual Contentment eBook-0

Both these eBooks are available for only $8-00 each and they explain many aspects of how to become motivated and how to utilize a number of personal development ideals that helped me overcome my own health problems and enjoy athletic success as well as business success.

There are six specific steps that you must understand and that you must also put into action, if you wish to “become” motivated and “stay” motivated towards achieving a goal. The first is that you need to be willing to dedicate yourself “fully” to whatever goal you set and you must also be ready to stand up against “ALL” adversity, even from within yourself.

Remember, this is just the beginning, as there are another five steps necessary for you to complete the goal you are wanting to achieve. If you read about all the adversity I was faced with and had to overcome in my younger years, it may help you understand what you need to do to succeed and how determined you will need to be, along the way. Read “Noel’s Story”.

Personal Development
There are also rules that you must never forget about personal development. Firstly you have to be able to acknowledge to yourself, what you are good at doing and what you would like to do in the two most important areas of your life, apart from love, romance and marriage.

(1) The first is to have an enjoyable social activity or hobby, that is effective enough to help you laugh and enjoy yourself, in order to help you separate from your work, and deal with stress. (2) The second is to choose a career that you will enjoy, in order to earn a living and to become successful, you must be willing to study to accumulate knowledge, as many aspects of success are based on the knowledge a person has. With no knowledge, comes no success.

In my career I have come across many people who were not encouraged by their parents, to set goals and strive to succeed, even in the smallest achievements, so they became adults who could not set goals and strive to succeed. Children who were also not taught to deal with loss, even while participating in a simple school race or a competitive playground activity, become adults who refrain from setting career goals because they have carried “fear of loss” with them well into mature years. On this note, a great saying comes to mind: –

“If you always think what you have always thought, you will always be who you have always been”.

Lack of confidence and low self-esteem are character traits most commonly developed in younger years and carried on into adult life, because of a refusal to step outside the comfort zone. There is a saying that I love, which is: – “The more often we step out of our comfort zone to expand our capabilities and learn to deal with failure, the bigger our comfort zone becomes and the more we can enjoy life”.

You can learn more about these ideals from the two eBooks above, or you can go to “My Shop” to review all my natural health and personal development products.

If you have children, never forget: –

“Every child born, has been given at least two natural talents or abilities that will enable them to enjoy social interaction and to establish an enjoyable career to give them a comfortable income”.

“Love is useless without loving discipline, and discipline is useless without love” (NB).

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