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Any Practitioner
Medical Or Natural,
Should Learn To Read
What The Body’s Own
Stress Signs Are Trying
To Say, As These Are
The True “Natural”
Health Indicators.

In Our Modern Society I Believe We Have Become A Little Too Reliant On Readings From Machines, For Guidance In What We Should Or Should Not Do, About Certain Health Issues.

There are certain machines that we simply cannot do without, such as the microscope and X-rays etc, but there comes a time when we also need to listen to what the body itself is trying to say, which is how doctors carried out a diagnosis before these machines were invented. — The natural stress signs on this web page are just a few of the ones medical doctors and nurses used, in the late 1800’s early 1900’s, in order to make decisions on surgery and treatment of patients in hospitals. — In fact, some of the natural signs I am displaying on this page, were taught to me by my childhood doctors Dr. Charles Dines and Dr. Charles Elliott. — Even then as a youngster, I was completely fascinated when one of them talked about these signs to my mother. — These medical doctors often examined our tongue as an indicator of stomach health, and what they said, was always correct. — Here is a map of the tongue areas that can reflect abnormalities and upset in the small intestine and colon, but also in the respiratory system and central nervous system: – 

Here is an example of how both the tongue and the eyes can reveal the exact same problems in the stomach, with the exact same iris and tongue stress signs: –

Here are signs of the hands, which can
reveal insufficient water consumption
and kidney stress: –

One neck muscle swollen and the side of the tongue on the same side, also swollen. — These abnormalities revealed a physiological problem that no medical machine can possibly reveal, and, the result was that I helped a woman overcome a wrongly assumed incurable disorder.

Below are some “BEFORE” and “AFTER” photos of the eyes of an athlete who came to me with energy deprivation several weeks before a marathon she was supposed to run in, but felt she simply would not be able to compete, due to a terrible lack of energy. — After I found the cause of her energy deprivation and corrected it, she not only ran in the race, but did very well. — The eyes really do reveal everything, providing you can read them accurately: –

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