Subjects I Consider During Treatment.

Subjects I Consider During Treatment Of The 22 Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders I Cover.

Treatment Of Rigidity Disorders Is A Specialty Field That “NOBODY” Is Focusing On.
At present, none of the Medical, Chiropractic, Naturopathic, Massage, Acupuncture, or Natural Therapy colleges are teaching “ANYTHING SIGNIFICANT FOR HELPING PATIENTS OVERCOME THEIR SUFFERING”. — They teach nothing on the actual causes (as in a causal recipe), and offer no theory on any type of effective treatment for, any of the 22 Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders that I have had success treating, on my B.A.10 Treatment Program. (They teach how to sell drugs and supplements, but as we all know, these products offer no real symptom reduction and offer no long-term relief.)

Uninterrupted Sleep, Energy, Balance and Fall-prevention Are The Most Important Subjects I Cover.
Every patient I have treated with any type of Rigidity Autoimmune Disorder have suffered from these four symptom causal problems and to overcome them all, requires a knowledge of all stress-provoked muscular-skeletal-hormonal imbalances.

Practitioners Of The Future Need To Know About The “BRAIN”, “NERVES”, The “SPINE” and “HORMONES”.
There is a whole new field of knowledge and opportunity that millions of therapists and practitioners in both the medical and natural areas of health, are chafing at the bit, wanting to learn about, particularly as it mainly calls for an education on the “BRAIN”, the “NERVOUS SYSTEM”, the “SPINE”, and the “ENDOCRINE SYSTEM”, four areas that few therapists know much about. — This also means, the first health college that offers an education on these four subjects, will, without a doubt, attract interest from all over the world.

The number of patients willing to travel to me internationally, to be treated, and the number of patients willing to fly me to them, internationally, to treat them, since 2012, is a great reflection of how desperately my services as an autoimmune specialist are needed.

The Subjects
I Cover.

Thought Interference Is The Most Misunderstood Causal Problem In Rigidity Disorders.
The subjects I cover while treating a Rigidity Autoimmune Patient diagnosed with any of the 22 Rigidity Disorders I cater for, are wide and varied and the most misunderstood, is the nerve-endocrine influences on the brain & muscular system, in creating that robotic stiffness and other rigidity symptoms such as are identified with Parkinson’s disease, MS, Respiratory disorders like COPD, Irritable bowel syndrome, Diabetes, MSA &, Kidney stagnation, kidney pain & swollen ankles. — It is this abnormal hormonal influence that is responsible for the phenomenon of how advanced PD, MS, MSA patients can think a thought to try to move a limb, but that thought simply does not reach the limb to cause any movement. — Due to the unique discoveries involved in “My 5 Treatment Secrets”, I have often been able to correct this loss of thought-to-muscle-movement-connection, in only 3 days.

These are the main subjects I deal with when treating rigidity autoimmune patients: –

A C1 subluxation.
Spinal curvature.
I insist on reviewing a full set of spinal X-rays before starting to treat patients on my B.A.10 Program, as suppression of the spinal cord & exiting nerves, offer the main causes of rigidity symptoms & there are “MANY” spinal abnormalities that can suppress the spinal cord and nerves exiting the spine.

Muscle tone & flexibility.
Muscle strength.
Blood flow & blood pressure.
Oxygen saturation content.
Respiratory efficiency for “INHALATION” & “EXHALATION”.

The strength of nerve signals from all the major nerves exiting the spine, all the way down the spine. — (Without healthy nerve signals, balance is compromised and patients can easily fall over.)

Brain fogginess.
Short term & long term memory.
Level of self-discipline for managing a lifestyle.
Amount of self-confidence to interact in the world.
Ability to set and achieve personal goals.
Ability to establish harmony in family relationships.
Ability to understand the needs of a romantic partner in a love relationship.
Ability to cope with loss & grief.
Ability to overcome self-destructive habits (self-sabotage).

There Are “MANY” Things You Must Correct, To Reach Remission, As Your Recovery Is “NOT” Just About Adjusting Your C1 Vertebra & Having Regular Massage.
There are many different emotions and many different emotional circumstances that affect the release of various hormones which control our sleep patterns, our bladder functions, our storage and release of glycogen for energy and the strength of our immune system. — By far the best way to begin the road to recovery with long-term improvement, is to learn how to use your mind to it’s best ability, for good sleep, good health & good vitality. — Once you get your mind right & you develop peace of mind, a happy heart, good respiratory efficiency, & a properly relaxed muscular system, which you have learned to relax at a minute’s notice, everything else will begin to fall into place for a full long-lasting recovery. — Remember though, this description is just dealing with your emotional state which controls your hormonal release patterns during the day, & during the night. — There are many other contributing causal abnormalities relating to your spine, your muscles, your individual nerves, & your digestion & absorption of nutrient & oxygen. — There are also, many interactions between these autoimmune functions that must be monitored & corrected when necessary.

Symptoms Of All These Disorders Are Caused By Muscular-skeletal, Nerve-hormonal Abnormalities. And “YES” They Are All Pretty-much The Same, With “SLIGHT” Differences.
It should be understood that “ALL” Parkinson, MS, MSA, ALS, COPD (Emphysema), IBS, Celiac & other rigidity patients have a selection of each others symptoms, in part, or in full, which means, all PD patients have a certain degree of symptoms to do with the respiratory system, the digestive system, the celiac nerve plexus affecting digestion and absorption, and nerve-provoked tremors and muscle rigidity that hinders freedom of movement and flexibility. — All these different disease names are just different ways of categorizing different combinations of symptoms and different symptom severity levels. — Here is a video that will help you to understand more about how all the symptoms of all these different Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders, are caused by muscular-skeletal, nerve-hormonal abnormalities provoked by ongoing stress: –

(18 Minutes +)

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