Nervousness and Sneezing, the Shaking we feel from being cold, Tremors or Dyskinesia (involuntary movements) and Seizures are just the auto-immune system’s way of jolting or shaking the body to try to make it work harmoniously, the way it is designed to work. (This is similar to how an ambulance attendant will place defibrillator pads on the chest and shock the heart to restart it after cardiac difficulties.)

Tremors are just the auto-immune system shaking a specific body part to increase nerve activity and blood flow, to try to reintroduce harmony, freedom of movement and muscle strength. Shaking when cold is just the automation of our system trying to send more blood to the periphery to warm it up, but putting on a thick coat will also satisfy our automation. Shaking (tremor) is also caused by being in constant fear and I have treated Parkinson, MS, MSA, COPD, IBS and Sarcoidosis patients who developed tremors while going through the fear of losing their wife or husband, their house, their business, their career or their self-respect. (Job 4:14) “Fear came upon me, and trembling, which made all my bones to shake”.

Phantom Pregnancy and Pregnancy Cravings Are A Result Of A Woman’s Inner Automation Doing It’s Best To Keep Her Content and Healthy
The uncontrollable urge behind a pregnant woman’s drive to obtain certain foods during different growth stages of the fetus, examples the absolute strength of this automation in helping to supply nutrient needed for those individual growth stages. The amazing power of our internal automation can be seen in the incident of phantom pregnancy which is caused by a woman desiring to be pregnant so badly, that she triggers all the physiological functions of pregnancy to begin, including the manufacture of breast milk, even without the fetus developing. This shows the true power of focus and the extent of goal attraction. (Mark 11:24) “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. (Matthew 7:7-8) “Ask and it shall be given you, seek, and ye shall find, knock, and it shall be opened unto you; 8 For everyone that asketh receiveth, and he that seeketh.”

Many people live life without knowing anything about intuition, internal automation, and innate intelegance, and many do not recognize, or summon up the courage to act on, an answer to their prayers when given from God.

Nervousness Can Be Caused By Low Oxygen
The unseen-by-others inner shaking or nervousness we felt before our first job interview or asking a person out on a first date, is the result of internal anxiety or uneasiness, which can become so severe it released excessive amounts of feel-good “endorphins” and the love hormone “dopamine”, which reduces breathing and lowers the body’s oxygen saturation level to below 97, to cause shaking. (We need 97 & above for good health.)

Shaking From Something Good That We Want, Is Acceptable
Whilst this shaking from something we want, is abnormal, it is still acceptable for health because endorphins and dopamine help to maintain good blood flow to give life, and, these events are temporary, not requiring purposeful change to avoid a bad outcome. Anything that takes our breath away, will cause a nervousness, but when this nervousness lasts so long it can do damage, warning symptoms like a visible tremor or neck pain will develop. (A very poor posture can also restrict breathing and oxygen intake to such an extent it causes nervousness to progress into a visible tremor. Here is a relevant video of one of my clients whose nervousness and tremors went, after he corrected his posture: –

(4 Minutes +)

Nervousness Accompanied By A Dis-ease, Is Caused By Low Oxygen “PLUS, POOR BLOOD FLOW”.
That same faint inner quiver or mild unseen nervousness “PROVOKED BY SOMETHING WE DON’T WANT” is felt by all autoimmune patients, because the ongoing fear, stress or grief they allowed to remain in their lives for too long, to cause it, is quite damaging. Usually, this situation was caused by being an introvert and not speaking out when necessary, thus remaining in a situation that was causing them unhappiness, or, it was encouraged by being a workaholic and wearing the body out, eventually caused their body to have low oxygen all the time, to develop ongoing nervousness.

The hormones associated with fear, stress, grief, anger, anxiety, unhappiness, and being a workaholic, are “cortisol” (the fear-sadness hormone) and “noradrenaline” (the anger-anxiety, muscle stiffness hormone). Any of these stress hormones will encourage the brainstem and neck to become excessively rigid, and provoke the respiratory and digestive systems to experience torso tightness, reduced blood flow and food intolerances.

Excessive Neck Tension Will Pull The Cervical Spine Off-center and Cause Excessive Cerebrospinal Fluid Pressure In The Cranium.
If this excessive neck tension is allowed to remain and nothing is done to reduce it, eventually our automation will allow it to pull the cervical spine into becoming straight, or kyphotic. Then, it will turn the first cervical vertebra under the skull (C1 – “Atlas”), around to the left or right to be out of alignment, to twist the brainstem and cause the damage that Dr. Parkinson listed as the cause of all the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Over time, this also tends to cause excessive cerebrospinal fluid pressure inside the cranial vault, which can push the brain downwards to put pressure on the pituitary gland, provoking mood swings and emotional disarray.

If nothing is done to overcome these abnormalities, actual symptoms will develop that prevent such a patient from living life normally. (Twinges, shaking, cramps, stiffness and pain are “all” warning signs to encourage us to look after ourselves more, by keeping a balance between working, relaxing our muscles and socializing, and to respect life and love.)

If We Don’t Respect Our Body and The Free Movement and Life It Enjoys, and We Ignore Warning Signs To Do So, These Things Will Be Automatically Taken Off Us. Unhappiness, Tremors and Pain Are All Warning Signs To Teach Us To Maintain A Balance Between Working, Relaxing, Socializing, and Having Respect For Life and Love.

The human body has an incredibly amazing automation (innate intelegance) that will cause it to do whatever it takes, to stop us from moving around if we injure our body and don’t rest up to give it time to repair, or if we don’t readjust anything that moves out of it’s architectured position, and we don’t correct any physiology that begins to diminish. 

We All Receive Intuitive Promptings, But Many Of Us Ignore Them, Due To Not Knowing Their Infinite Importance.
Our system is infinitely and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14) to automatically heal and to give us intuitive promptings to change and improve, and to live on forgiveness, purpose and love. If we don’t take notice and act on this intuition, we will then develop physiological abnormalities and emotional disarray as a way to try to “make” us act on this intuition, to change and improve. This is the only way to support our continued health, happiness and vitality, and, to bring us true love.

To Understand Intuition Requires An Acceptance and A Knowledge Of God.
During a Hospice Care Course I attended at Brisbane’s Mount Olivet Hospital, a hospital where cancer and other fatal disease patients go when nothing more can be done for them, I asked several patients if they had been depressed for a number of years before their symptoms developed, and if they experienced any intuitive promptings to make changes to help them find health and happiness, and they all said “yes” to both questions. I also asked if they tried to make those changes and they all said “no”. (Only when we live our lives answerable to God, we remain positive in all circumstances, and we respect forgiveness and love, will we understand and accept our Godly intuitive promptings.

To learn more, read my eBooks: “True Happiness Relies On The Trinity Within” and “14 Steps To The Fountain Of Youth, Perfect Health Through The Bible”.