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As The B.A.10
Assessment Is Based
On A Totally New Approach
To Natural Health, It Reveals
Flaws In The Immune System
That No Other Assessment
Is Capable Of Revealing.


The First Thing To Remember From A Business Point Of View, Is That “Blood-based” Autoimmune Disorders (Heart & Kidney Disease etc), Are “Risky” Disorders To Treat So I Avoid Them, But “Rigidity” Disorders Present No Real Risks, Although Practitioners Know Little Or Nothing About Them.
One of the biggest flaws in the natural health industry, is that “NOTHING” significant is taught to “ANY” natural health therapists & practitioners about autoimmune disorders. — This means, when any patient medically diagnosed with an autoimmune symptom or disorder, asks advice from a natural health consultant OF ANY KIND, this includes chiropractors and naturopaths, the answers & advice given will not be based on any formal accreditation training that works.

Whilst ALL autoimmune patients with any of the symptoms and disorders On My List Of 24 Autoimmune Symptoms and 23 Autoimmune Disorders that can be treated successfully on my B.A.10 Program, have spinal subluxations, curvature and a twisted pelvis, chiropractic treatment that can overcome these 3 problems, does not offer ANY long-term symptom reduction for advanced autoimmune patients. — This is because there is a number of other “primary” autoimmune causal breakdown factors that create these 3 skeletal problems as a “secondary” response, and without finding and overcoming these primary causes, patients will not experience any long-term relief from their symptoms. — (Ask any PD, MS, MSA, ALS, IBS, Sarcoid, or Emphysema patient if chiropractic has ever given them any long-term symptom relief, and they will all say “NO!“)

Whilst any chiropractor can run a skeletal assessment course to teach natural health consultants how to palpate the spine to find vertebral subluxations, how to recognise a twisted pelvis and a curvature, without knowing how to carry out my unique “autoimmune” assessment tests, those “primary” autoimmune disease causes will continue to recreate those same 3 spinal problems, soon after they are corrected by a chiropractor. — This is a common problem that all autoimmune patients who try a variety of alternative therapies, are faced with, because nobody has yet learned how to find & overcome these all-controlling “primary” autoimmune causal problems which are explained in my eBook: “My 5 Treatment Secrets”..

The Referral System Is Made Possible “Because” My New Assessment Tests Are So Unique, Nobody Else In Healthcare Is Aware Of Them.
The referral system is established by training “already qualified therapists” with a knowledge of supplements, how to carry out a B.A.10 Autoimmune Assessment, to test 10 immune system functions that become faulty, to create symptoms associated with disorders like Parkinson’s disease, MS, MSA, COPD, Sarcoidosis, Diabetes & other such Rigidity disorders. These advanced therapists are then assigned to place an assessment desk in a health food store such as “Whole Foods” to offer assessments to Whole Food customers, deliver free seminars & give advice on the most appropriate supplements for their body type & health circumstances. These therapists will establish a separate health & stress management advisory service working in conjunction with health food store managers, to promote the sale of supplements & other appropriate products, while earning income by charging a fee for each assessment. These B.A.10 Assessment Specialists will also write out detailed referrals to send any customers with rigidity autoimmune symptoms, to a B.A.10 Treatment Clinic for specialised treatment & tuition. This experience will be a type of preparation training for them to become B.A.10 Autoimmune Practitioners who will eventually work at the B.A.10 Treatment Clinic, putting Rigidity Autoimmune Patients through the 5 day, to 8 week Autoimmune Treatment & Lifestyle Program.

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There Are 12 Groups Of Therapists & Practitioners Who Can Be Invited To Attend The Two-day Assessment Course, To Prepare For This Work.
If you establish this Two-day Skeletal and Autoimmune Assessment Referral Course in your business, these are the 12 groups of people you can invite to attend:- (1) Medical doctors, (2) Psychologists, (3) Psychotherapists, (4) Physical therapists, (5) Chiropractors, (6) Naturopaths, (7) Natural therapists, (8) Massage therapists, (9) kinesiologists, (10) Exercise physiologists, (11) Lifestyle coaches, and (12) Personal trainers. (Whilst exercise and lifestyle coaching are not considered “treatments” necessary to “overcome” autoimmune disorders, in my B.A.10 Treatment Program they “are” very necessary.)

These 12 groups of therapists and practitioners represent “MILLIONS OF HEALTH WORKERS” in the medical and the natural health industries in the USA alone, who are not aware of autoimmune causes, and do not use any effective method of assessment or treatment and who have not been taught about “Nerve-hormonal, muscular-skeletal influences of autoimmune symptom development, in their accreditation training.

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With Professional Promotions
1 Million Dollars Can Be Earned
From 1 Clinic, Over The First
2 Yearss Of 
Running  Just
The Two-day 
Referral Course.

87.670 qualified massage therapists
were employed and or owned their
own businesses in GA, in 2014

The Extreme Absence Of Training In Skeletal Palpation, Pelvic Alignment Assessment, and Autoimmune Nerve Assessment, Creates One Of The “BIGGEST” Investment Opportunities Since The Invention Of The Wheel.
According to the United States Department Of Labor (Bureau Of Labor and Statistics) 87.670 qualified massage therapists were employed and or owned their own businesses, in the state of Georgia in 2014. — They also state that the massage profession is the fastest growing profession in the USA: – therapists.htm

Remember, this is only the number of massage therapists “IN ONE OF THE 50 STATES THAT COMPRISE THE USA”. — This is also, only one proefssion out of the 12 listed below, that the two advanced training courses I am offering, can be promoted to. — This means there are “MANY MILLIONS” of people in the health industry who can be invited to complete these two training courses, but I believe the Two-day Skeletal and Autoimmune Assessment and Referral Course will be the most popular, and the most supportive for investment returns.

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Whilst it is difficult to find statistics for numbers of therapists and practitioners employed in these 12 industries in any specific year, I did find this much information in Google searches: –

Medical Doctors Employed In USA In 2013: –       1.045.910
Psychologists Employed In USA In 2014: –               106.500
Physical Therapists Employed In USA In 2014: –    210.900
Chiropractors Employed In USA In 2015: –                70.000+
Massage Therapists Employed In USA In 2015: –      92.100
Lifestyle Coaches Employed In USA In 2012: –          15.800
Personal Trainers Employed In USA In 2012: –       267.000
Statistics for 5 of the 12 groups not found…

If only 20% of these therapists and practitioners could be attracted to attend the Two-day Course (around 500.000), at a cost of $250-00 per person, the investment return is enormous.

Keep in mind that statistics from the additional 5 groups would increase these figures dramatically, and, for perpetuation of the Two-day Course, there are many thousands of people graduating from colleges that teach these 12 course qualifications, every year. — This will keep the Two-day Course going for many years to come.

With effective promotions I have no doubt that an enthusiastic leader could earn 1 million dollars investment returns over a two year period.

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My 5 Treatment Secrets Are Why My Success Is Often Quite Outstanding.
Since studying natural health concepts from 1964, to overcome my own difficulties, I have absolutely loved the eternal search for better ways to help people regain their health. — During all this time, I have collected numerous unique methods of how I can help to overcome many of the symptoms and disorders the vast majority of practitioners and the public, have been conditioned to believe, are incurable.

My quick significant success over Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and 7 other similar disorders over the years, are in fact, due to 5 specific treatment secrets, the finer details of which I have shared with nobody, and several of them are so effective they easily overcome symptoms often in only a matter of minutes. — Here is my DVD on this subject (which is accompanied by an eBook with the same title), which are only available to investors who decide to join with me to establish these “B.A.10 Natural Health Longevity Clinics” and this DVD and eBook “MUST” be kept secure so as the 5 treatment secrets remain exclusive to these Clinics and the fraternity of B.A.10 Natural Autoimmune Practitioners I am trying to establish: –

Learn About His Victory
Over Epilepsy and Climb
To Athletic Success.

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