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Our Medical & Natural Health System Is Structured Around Product Sales Without Giving Long-term Solutions.

Medical Doctors Write Prescriptions For Drugs & Naturopaths Write Prescriptions For Super- Strength Natural Medicine & Some Patients Get No Relief, & Many Patients Who “DO” Get Relief, Only Feel It Temporarily.

Many people have gone to a naturopath in their efforts to try to overcome a serious health issue, or even just a niggling health issue that just won’t seem to go away, only to walk out of the naturopath’s office with an arm full of herbs, supplements or tinctures, that only give temporary relief that dwindles away after the products are used up.

Whilst most pharmaceuticals prescribed by medical doctors, have saved lives (mine twice & my daughter’s once), when it comes to a list of 22 “Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders” that the B.A.10 Program caters for, pharmaceutical medications do very little or nothing, to give any significant long-term relief from these disorders, simply because existing assessment tests don’t find the original causal problems. — There is a long list of individual autoimmune symptoms that pharmaceuticals, herbs, supplements and tinctures, do not help to overcome.

The B.A.10 Program Works Because The B.A.10 Assessment Finds The Original Causes, & The Treatment Reverses Those Causes To Bring Everything Back To Functioning Efficiently.
Whilst the B.A.10 Practitioner will be trained to recommend dietary changes or a blood cleansing diet, supplements, herbs and tinctures, if needed, the primary focus of the B.A.10 Practitioner, who would be specifically trained to manage, and work at these clinics, will predominantly focus on finding all the symptom causes through the unique B.A.10 Assessment, which examines the spine, nervous system, muscular system, respiratory system, digestive system and several other physiological functions that support our autoimmune health.

Any Therapist Who Has Studied Anatomy & Physiology, Can Do The Two-day B.A.10 Assessment Course To Become A B.A.10 Assessment Specialist, To Work In Health Shops.
Any therapist who has studied anatomy and physiology can become a certified “B.A.10 Autoimmune Assessment Specialist” so they can add this “Autoimmune” service to their existing natural health business, or so they can take a mobile assessment desk to a health shop in a shopping mall, and offer 15 minute to 30 minute stress assessment sessions to promote natural health, and to support supplement sales at these health shops. — This can be a one-day a week business, or a six-day a week business, choosing your own hours to work.


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From a sickly epileptic teenager to a successful athlete and Guinness world record holder, Noel Batten has overcome the odds himself and has helped thousands of people beat rigidity immune disorders such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and essential tremors with his revolutionary treatment program. Read more here.

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