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my Treatment services: -skype sessions, one-on-one in brisbane & training

Presently I Offer The Following Services: –

$70-00 per hour, down from $85-00 per hour, and this is on offer until COVID lockdowns are no more. (Must book a minimum of 3 hours of session time, to make a booking. Each 3 hour booking can be used up, over any number of days as required, time can be held, in case patients need a break, & time remaining after remission is achieved, can be used by any other person you nominate.)

I OFFER GROUP SKYPE WORKSHOPS TO ASSESS TREATMENT NEEDS & ADVISE ON TREATMENT PRIORITIES, USING MY NEW APPROACH, for up to 8 patients diagnosed with any rigidity disease from the 23 rigidity diseases listed below, which I have had success with in the past. My fee for this service is $100-00 per hour, which means, if you arrange a group of 4 patients, each patient will pay $25-00 per hour, & with 8 patients, each patient will pay $12-50 per hour. (You can invite local massage therapists to attend, to learn my methods, however, therapists will be charged an individual fee of $100-00 “each”, for each day of attendance.

PERSONAL TREATMENT, ONE-ON-ONE IN BRISBANE, for a minimum of two days, up to 15 days, and you can bring a local massage therapist with you, to learn my unique nerve massage, which also eliminates Negative Muscle Memory and re-connects “Thought-to-muscle-movement Response”, when thought to turn around, or to move a limb, is no longer causing a limb to move, with a normal healthy response time. (Approximately 5 hours each day at a total cost of $500-00 which includes tuition for one massage therapist. If you have a partner accompany you, who lives with you, that person will not be charged for being taught how to do my nerve massage on you, to continue on with my unique massage methods, once you return home.)

MY “TRAVEL-TO-TREAT” PROGRAM IS A POSSIBILITY WITHIN AUSTRALIA. – I will consider traveling interstate to go to a patients home, to treat patients from 5 to 15 days, once COVID restrictions are lifted. – If interested, please phone me to discuss the possibility of making the required arrangements. – My fee for this service is $150-00 per hour, with a minimum booking time of 5 days, with travel expenses, accommodation & meals supplied.

As a qualified natural therapist (Hepburn’s College Of Natural Medicine – Brisbane), I have a persistent drive to problem-solve and the more I hear that a problem can’t be solved, the more I am driven to find the solution, specially when people are suffering, with no apparent end to that suffering. This is why I have gone to great lengths in my career, to learn as much as I can about the 10 most influential functions of the immune system involved in rigidity symptoms and diseases: –

  1. Conscious influences. (How to have conscious control of your life and structure goals in a way that automatically attracts success and rejects failure.)
  2. Subconscious influence. (How to harness an overactive mind during sleep and release mental suppressions to eliminate anxiety, anger & hopelessness.)
  3. The brain stem, spinal cord & nerves of the body. (Removing all muscle twitching, numbness, tremors, back pain, neck pain & headache.)
  4. The spinal column. (Correction of all spinal abnormalities.)
  5. Nutrition, digestion, absorption & elimination.
  6. Muscular system flexibility, & mobility
  7. Respiratory efficiency. (Inhalation, exhalation & oxygen absorption.)
  8. Emotions & endocrine influences. (Which hormones are in excess or insufficient.)
  9. Heart & kidney efficiency & interactions.
  10. Exercises for flexibility, fitness & blood circulation.

 Whilst I offer training courses on several of these subjects to other practitioners, particularly in matters relating to “absorption” of nutrient and oxygen, I pride myself in confronting health issues deemed by health officials as being “incurable” because as a Christian, good health and victory over disease is an “as-of-right” human expectation that allows for great miracles to happen. (When I explained to a medical doctor that I was to appear on an athletics television show in two weeks time, to blow up a weather balloon to a diameter of 8 feet – 2.4 meters – by blowing full breaths into the balloon for approximately 8 hours, he actually laughed at me and told me QUOTE: “That is completely impossible Noel, and you will make a fool of yourself while trying, because you will hyperventilate and faint within the first 10 minutes or so.” — I appeared on that show as planned, and achieved my goal, setting a precedent that was recorded in the Guinness Book Of World Records. (Several other athletes have beaten my original record, since those days, so there are others who can defy, even the very basic physiological principals taught to doctors in medical schools, all over the world.)

We “CAN” Create Miracles, Even The Miracle Of Overcoming PD, MS, MSA, Diabetes, & COPD, Sometimes In Just Days

Whilst that medical doctor became a close friend due to our encounter, he did not realise, I had figured out a way to by-pass hyperventilation when breathing full breaths in and out, for hours on end. Most people, including the most well-educated, most highly certified neurologists and research scientists are not aware that the human brain has a capability “FAR” beyond anything these people can find in their most impressive theory, verified under a microscope or any other laboratory test equipment available. This concept is venturing into the absolute greatness of God’s miraculous creation, the human form, “much” of which, these brilliant minds, know very little about. Under the right instruction, any individual, even people with the poorest education, can achieve miracles, if they can first “see” that miracle within reach, in their mind. — IN GOD’S WORLD, “NOTHING” IS INCURABLE, AND NO MAN ON THIS EARTH CAN EVEN COME CLOSE TO THE MIRACLES, THAT CAN BE ACHIEVED THROUGH PERSISTENT PRAYER AND DEDICATION TO “GOD’S WORD”…

THE LIST OF THOSE 23 DISEASES I OPINION TO BE FAKE DISEASES can be reviewed in my video: “Watch Noel Stop Tremors In Seconds”


Rigidity Autoimmune Symptoms Require a Completely New Assessment & Treatment Approach

Rigidity autoimmune patients can only be treated successfully by a practitioner who is educated in all 10 of the primary functions of the immune system, and who works with each patient on a daily basis over 5 consecutive days minimum, for around 4 to 5 hours a day. – It is very necessary to carry out a morning assessment to observe how the patient responded to the previous day’s treatment, and to recognise any-and-all abnormalities remaining, “after” the previous days treatment. 

All these duties and responsibilities call for a new type of practitioner who takes the time to spend a minimum of 5 consecutive days to treat and assess autoimmune patients, each and every day, while knowing what to look for and how to correct any dysfunctions once they are found. THIS IS A VERY UNIQUE APPROACH NOT OFFERED BY ANY ORTHODOX HEALTHCARE AGENCY. This requires a practitioner with a far wider range of knowledge and greater awareness of exactly what symptom causes to look for, when trying to help suffering autoimmune patients overcome their suffering. To achieve long-term victory over PD, MS, MSA, ALS, Diabetes, MND, COPD and others similar, practitioners must learn how to palpate individual nerves, monitor cortisol and noradrenaline release through the natural stress signs of the body, how to correct spinal curve and scoliosis, how to correct spinal kinks like the one Parkinson patient Barry Black had developed at his T1 vertebra, and how to correct the severe scoliosis that Betty Green had developed, that completely took the life out of both her legs. What I needed to know, to be able to help these patients walk again, in just a matter of days, you cannot learn from any existing medical or natural college course, and you need to learn how to think very differently, than present-day wellness training promotes.