Treatment With A New Approach

The Art Of Natural Healing Is Becoming Lost & Long-forgotten.

Many Practitioners Are Graduating From Medical & Natural Health Colleges With No Real Education On How To Do A “Natural” Assessment Which Reveals “True” Symptom Causes, &, “No” Education On The Art Of Natural Healing. THE WORLD IS LOSING “THE PERSONAL TOUCH”, & “HEALTHCARE” IS LOSING IT’S “CARE”.

Many Autoimmune Symptoms & Disorders Are “NOT” Incurable, Just Misjudged, Particularly In People Over 45 Years Of Age, & I Believe This Is Due To Medicos Being Trained To Place Everyone In Labeled Boxes While By-passing Individuality, Natural Assessment, & The True Art Of Healing.
It will always be impossible for us to overcome all health problems with “products” such as pharmaceutical drugs, herbs, supplements and tinctures, and “surgery”, because sometimes we actually need to do something or “CHANGE” something to correct things that have disrupted the normal natural interactions of the mind & body through the enormous network of nerves that operate us. — Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders are very different than other autoimmune disorders like heart, liver & kidney disease etc, and they therefore call for a very different type of practitioner training based on inspecting various parts of the nervous system at each symptom-affected body area, along with inspecting 9 other autoimmune functions in different areas of the body, as in the “10” autoimmune functions of the B.A.10 Program.

With Heart, Kidney & Liver Disease, All Patients Have Much The Same Causal Problem In The One Organ, But With Rigidity Diseases, All Patients Have A Combination Of “Slightly Different” Causal Problems “ANYWHERE IN THE TORSO”, & These Causal Problems Are Not Life-threatening Dangerous like Heart, Kidney & Liver Disease Causes.
With Rigidity Autoimmune Symptoms & Disorders, every patient has a slightly different “recipe”, or combination, of causal contributions suppressing the nervous system, in different body areas, to cause those muscle stiffness type symptoms synonymous with this group of 22 debilitating disorders that I cater for on the B.A.10 Program. — Each individual patient needs to find “THEIR PERSONAL CAUSAL FLAWS” to work on, in order to reach remission, and natural B.A.10 Practitioners need to be trained to search out and find, all those different causal flaws in different parts of the torso, affecting different areas of the nervous system, in each individual patient.

Causal Variations Between Rigidity Patients Can Be Slight, Or Extreme, & Natural Autoimmune Practitioners Need To Know The Difference, & Be Able To Recognize The Difference.
Some patients may need to do posture or breathing exercises to give their immune system more oxygen, some may need to go on a blood-cleansing diet to clean the liver, kidneys & blood stream, some may need to have their spine realigned every day for two weeks and another may only need an alignment once a week, in order to free up suppressed nerves & strengthen certain nerve signals, and some patients may need to go through grief counseling or arbitration meetings to settle an emotional dispute that is interfering with their very necessary deep R.E.M. healing stage of sleep. — (Apart from having to identify these variations, very few practitioners know about the art of using “Ideomotor Response”, overcoming “Negative Muscle Memory”, putting a patient on an “Energy-based Blood Cleansing Diet” to clean the blood without it encouraging weight loss & loss of energy, and overcoming autoimmune disease with the use of mental picturing to cause a release of the hormones of sleep, energy and memory, if these are factors involved. — These are just some of the effective ways of overcoming many of these symptoms and disorders that are wrongly classed as incurable, simply because these health issues are grossly misunderstood. — None of these advanced natural healing principals are being taught in health colleges in this modern day and age because health department leaders appear to want everything categorized with a disease name, and dealt with through a production-line treatment approach.)

Treatment With A New Approach, For Patients Who Are Being Given No Help At All.
There are many “natural” autoimmune interactions and needs like these listed above, that can assist and even encourage the innate automatic healing functions within us, to do a job that medical doctors will never be able to do with medications and surgery. — It is a real art on the practitioners part, to know how to recognize and stimulate these innate functions, and this natural healing approach is falling way behind & being lost, due to all our health colleges focusing on teaching practitioners to sell products and offer services that do not cater for bringing the natural functions of the mind and body, back to normal functioning efficiency. — It was amongst these ideals listed above, that I found “The 5 Treatment Secrets” which have enabled me to help some Parkinson and MS patients walk away from wheelchairs in only 3 days. — These many overlooked mind and body interactions is where the true healing answers can be found.

5 Treatment Secrets DVD-63

Other than Iris Assessment (Iridology), the art of reading the natural stress signs of the body is another effective procedure that is being forgotten, after being dropped from natural health colleges in Queensland, way back in the 1970’s. — This has made it quite rare to find a naturopath these days, who still uses these techniques, or who even understands them enough to refer to them for confirmation during an assessment of a Rigidity Autoimmune Symptom or Disorder. — LOOK AT SOME OF THE BODY’S NATURAL STRESS SIGNS I AM REFERRING TO.

When It Comes To Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders, Our Medical & Natural Health System Is Structured Around Product Sales With “NO FOCUS AT ALL”, On Giving Long-term Solutions.

Medical Doctors Write Prescriptions For Drugs, & Naturopaths Write Prescriptions For Super- Strength Natural Medicines Yet Some Patients Get No Relief, & Patients Who “DO” Get Relief, Find It Is Only Temporary.

Many people have gone to a naturopath in their efforts to try to overcome a serious health issue, or even just a niggling health issue that won’t seem to go away, only to walk out of the naturopath’s office with an arm full of herbs, supplements or tinctures, that only give temporary relief which dwindles away after the products are used up.

Millions Of Patients Are Not Getting Any Help.
Whilst most pharmaceuticals prescribed by medical doctors, have saved lives (mine twice & my daughter’s once), when it comes to a list of 22 “Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders” that my B.A.10 Program caters for, pharmaceutical medications do very little or nothing, to give any significant long-term relief from these disorders, and they certainly don’t offer a cure. — There is also a long list of individual autoimmune “symptoms” that pharmaceuticals, herbs, supplements and tinctures, do not help to overcome, yet the B.A.10 Program can, because it is designed to reverse all the original causal problems involved.

The B.A.10 Program Works To Reverse All Causal Abnormalities.
Whilst the B.A.10 Practitioner “WILL” be trained to recommend dietary changes or a blood cleansing diet, supplements, herbs and tinctures, the primary focus of the B.A.10 Practitioner, who would be specifically trained to manage these clinics and offer treatment and training, will be to find and reverse all abnormalities in the spine, nervous system, muscular system, respiratory system, digestive system and several other physiological functions that support our autoimmune health.

Just The B.A.10 Natural Assessment On It’s Own, Reveals “FAR” More Curative Information For Disorders Like Parkinson’s Disease Than Any Medical Approach Can Offer.
The B.A.10 Natural Autoimmune Assessment is so far ahead of any medical assessment when it comes to seeing the causes of Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders like PD, MS, MSA, COPD, IBS, Diabetes, Sarcoidosis etc, that the medical approach can be described as being enormously incomplete & archaic, which is why, medical treatment of these disorders offers absolutely no relief from symptoms whatsoever. — READ MORE ABOUT THE B.A.10 AUTOIMMUNE ASSESSMENT.

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