What to expect on the B.A.10 program

What Improvement Autoimmune Patients Can Expect To Experience On The B.A.10 Program.


Whilst “ALL” autoimmune patients who have attended my treatment program, who had a desire to improve, experienced improvement in the 5 to 7 days while I was with them, some experienced quite a lot of improvement and even remission, during an 8 week period after I had finished with them and left them with instructions on what to do, to keep their improvement going. — Ever since I first started treating rigidity autoimmune patients on my B.A.10 Treatment Program back in 2004, I have observed 3 basic divisions of improvement experienced by these patients, and “3 Primary Causes” documented by Dr. Parkinson, that had to be overcome before remission could be reached.

(1) The first group, are the very fortunate patients who reached remission within the 5 or 7 days that I was with them. — I found that the key factors in the personalities of these patients, was that they could all relax very easily and, they were all high achievers in life, who could all motivate themselves very easily and very effectively, and, they did not have their symptoms for more than 5 years or so.

(2) The second group, are the patients who experienced from 25% to 75% reduction in symptom severity in the 5 to 7 days I was with them. — The biggest problem that these patients were usually faced with was if they could strive “enough” to think like a high achiever, and could remain motivated enough to continue their improvement, after I finished my 5 or 7 days with them, until remission was reached.

(3) The third group, are the patients who experienced very little improvement in the 5 to 7 days I was with them but could improve in the weeks after I left, as long as they kept working at “earning” their improvement. — These patients had either developed a degree of self-sabotage or depression (having a conscious or subconscious reason not to want to regain good health), sufficient enough to stop them from putting in the required effort to achieve success, or, they had such severe spinal curvature or spinal degeneration it prevented them from being able to achieve success. — Below is a photo of the spine of a Parkinson patient who only experience around 10% of straightening of his spine while he was with me, and subsequently only experienced around a 10% symptom reduction in the 7 days I treated him. — That is not to say he could not straighten out his spine enough to reduce his symptoms considerably, in the weeks/months after his treatment, if he were to persevere with the spinal straightening exercises I gave him: –

Whilst this spinal curve above, was quite severe and I was unable to help this patient reach remission in the days I was with him, often times I am able to correct spinal curvatures and kinks in the 5 or 7 days I treat them, by using a 5 step spinal correction treatment and revitalizing certain nerve activity. — Please keep in mind, there “ARE” exceptions to the rule when it comes to overcoming spinal degeneration, as my treatment of concretor Cileste reveals.

I also have a special 4 step treatment to help regenerate degenerative discs in the spine, to rejuvenate healthy strong nerve signals and whilst regeneration of discs does not happen in 5 days or so, healthy nerve activity in the area can be revitalized by these 4 steps. — Here is a success video of a Parkinson patient I treated Cileste Zampeiri, who had 3 degenerative discs in a row (L2-L5), in his lumbar spine, and he could hardly walk at all, as a consequence. — In this video you can see how my 4 step disc stimulation treatment got Cileste walking again in only 5 days. — Keep in mind, to keep stimulating disc regeneration Cileste needed to keep using my 4 steps during the next 6 months or so, to enable continued disc regrowth: –

(7 Minutes +)

Here is another patient photo below, of Nancy, who had to keep working on straightening her spine after I returned home, before she could expect to reach remission, although this patient did experience around 25% of symptom reduction after I helped her straighten her spine by around 25% in the 7 days I was treating her. — I have added a “Group Treatment” video below Nancy’s photo, as Nancy’s 25% improvement in walking and turning, can be seen at the end of the group treatment video below this photo: –

This group treatment video which includes Nancy, has a lot of helpful information in it: –

(20 Minutes +)

Here is a severe spinal kink (PD Patient Barry Black), which I corrected completely, in only 4 days: –

Here is a “before” and “after” photo below, of Barry’s spine with his lumbar curvature reduced and his thoracic kink completely gone after only 4 days of treatment, at a time when he was almost in remission: –

To give you an idea of how helpful it is to correct such abnormalities as a spinal kink, take a look at Barry’s “before” and “after” success video below: –

(7 Minutes +)

Patients Need To Realize The Amount Of Drive It Takes To Reach Remission.
The vast majority of patients in group 2, and some in group 3, had never learned how much self-drive was required, to break through barriers of confinement, such as having developed a rigidity autoimmune disorder.

As Documented By Dr. James Parkinson, All Rigidity Autoimmune Patients Have Spinal Curvature, Cervical Abnormalities and Excess Muscle Rigidity Distorting The Spine.
The simple fact of the matter is that emotional stress and career stress can both, make muscles become so tense, this excess tension can suppress blood circulation to the spine to cause damage, and can pull on the spine to cause various distortions (as were described by Dr. James Parkinson in his 200 year old book), that lead to the onset of symptoms. — Here is another “before” and “after” spinal photo of “Ross”, a Parkinson patient I treated, whose nerve-hormonal, muscular-skeletal abnormalities reduced, in direct proportion to the reduction in his symptom severity, and in his video below these photos, you will see a stress-provoked psychosomatic response in his spine that is very seldom captured: –

Here is the video of my treatment of Ross, showing his victory into remission, in only 5 days, as a result of me helping him deal with an enormous amount of stress he experienced, and correcting all the hormonal-nerve, muscular-skeletal causal problems contributing to the onset of his symptoms: –

(17 Minutes +)

Many Mind-Body Abnormalities Merge, To Create Rigidity Autoimmune Symptoms.
These rigidity autoimmune symptoms and disorders are not caused by excess muscle tension and a spine that is pulled out of alignment or into a curve. — It takes many years of a combination of problems with mental, emotional, postural, dietary, sleep, anxiety and other autoimmune abnormalities, to create these symptoms and disorders and it therefore takes a practitioner who can be aware of “ALL” these things and then search them out and then correct them, to help patients into remission. — Each patient also has a different “recipe” of causal factors. — A different set of stress factors, a different personality response to stress, and a mind and body that respond differently to all the factors that contribute to the onset of autoimmune symptoms and disorders.

No one patient is exactly the same as any other patient as it is almost as though all the causes of one patient’s symptoms, are like a fingerprint that is slightly different in one patient compared with another, and practitioners need to become aware of all these causal differences and how even just a small causal difference in one anatomical problem, can manifest as a different symptom, in another patient.

These symptoms and disorders are stress-provoked, nerve-hormonal, muscular-skeletal symptoms and disorders and practitioners need to learn all aspect of these 5 facets of our function, in order to be capable of treating these symptoms and disorders effectively. — As this is a “Self-help” program designed to teach patients how to earn their health back again, patients must be given good instruction on exactly what is causing their symptoms, and what they need to do, at home, to reach and maintain remission.

The quick significant success you see in my “before” and “after” success videos is only possible due to my “5 Treatment Secrets” and it must be understood that some patients experience fast improvement, and some experience slow improvement, and “ALL” patients who are willing to put in personal effort, experience improvement.


I Have Created A New Form Of Natural Assessment, and Natural Therapies.
I have discovered 5 very new and very unique ideals about the human body that have enabled me to establish a new form of natural assessment and natural therapies. — These new concepts are capable of taking the natural health industry to a far greater level of efficiency, in overcoming many symptoms considered incurable, and, in also helping badly suffering autoimmune patients out of their suffering. — In becoming a B.A.10 Natural Autoimmune Practitioner you will learn these new exciting breakthrough ideals that can enable practitioners to develop a far greater healing efficiency.

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