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To Overcome Autoimmune Diseases, Practitioners
Need To Learn A New Multi-directional Approach. 

I Am Looking For Investors To Establish Immune System Super-clinics, Backed Up By Online Training Courses Covering A Multi-directional Approach.
To help patients of any of the 23 rigidity diseases I have had success with, to overcome pain, regain flexibility, and reach long-lasting remission, practitioners need to matriculate from an autoimmune training course, like no other presently available. This training course needs to cover “EVERY” aspect of autoimmune health, from self-confidence to spinal alignment, and from expression of love and romance to efficient “absorption” of nutrient consumed. It must cover all aspects of the mind-body connection as well as the 5 subjects noted by Dr. James Parkinson in his 1817 book on the cause of Parkinson’s disease. If this new approach is not introduced soon, so many people will be diagnosed with “an incurable disease” by 2025, many Governments will become bankrupt from the economic drain. Presently, practitioners are so off-track with their enormously incorrect training, patients simply don’t have a chance. The case of “Betty Green” below, offers proof of the magnitude of this terrible situation.

Betty’s test results suggested she was only hours from dying from hypoxia due to a very weak immune system, and “24” practitioners could do “NOTHING” to help.
To overcome these unique diseases, future practitioners need to use a different assessment and treatment approach that includes, helping to normalise circadian-influenced hormonal release, which is always inefficient in PD, MS, Diabetes, COPD, MSA, MND and many other diseases all recognised by the same symptoms. – Until this new approach is implemented, medical and natural treatments may even be seen as “harmful”. which is how Betty’s Green & her husband viewed the treatment she had been receiving: –

When in desperate need of help, just to move, and to take each breathe“Betty Green” and her husband “Bernie” called on 24 accredited medical and natural practitioners “and not one of them” saw, or knew how to correct, a severe scoliosis that was suppressing Betty’s lungs and diaphragm.

Betty became so depressed over the pain and immobility this scoliosis caused, she contemplated suicide. Her oxygen reading went as low as 89 on several occasions (a healthy reading is 97) yet she was breathing from an oxygen tank when I recorded this fatal reading. Betty simply wasn’t “absorbing” her oxygen, which is fatal.

Many millions of these patients could reach remission to regain purpose, & become taxpayers again on the B.A.10 Treatment Program. EMAIL ME NOW TO BOOK A FREE 15 MINUTE SKYPE SESSION TO ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT HOW MY TREATMENT CAN HELP YOU.

ATTENTION: – Health retreat owners, Medical doctors,
Chiropractors, Physical therapists, & Massage therapists.

These Super-clinics will need: either in-house accommodation for up to 10 persons, or hotel accommodation close by, a small gymnasium, a massage room, an assessment room & a seminar room that can hold up to 50 people, to teach new nerve-hormonal, muscular-spinal principals, founded on researched facts well-documented in medical journals, as well as in Dr. James Parkinson’s 1817 book “An Essay On The Shaking Palsy”.

These Clinics Will Not Offer Cures As Such, But Correction
Of Abnormalities To Establish A Super-strong Immune System
Which In-turn, Makes These Rigidity Diseases Dissolve.

Presently, the number of people diagnosed with an incurable disease, is astronomical, so I believe it is time for practitioners to learn more about integrative medicine, using a new, and very effective approach to assessment and treatment of these 23 rigidity diseases that can all be likened to Parkinson’s disease, COPD and IBS. This is the “only” approach that can help these suffering patients overcome suffering, for many of them to return to the workforce and pay income taxes again, to ease the economic burden on governments everywhere. The more of these diseases classed incurable, the less number of people are in the workforce paying taxes, the more people needing to be financed by government sickness and unemployment benefits, causing an overburden to every country’s economy. All this combined, makes governments everywhere, vulnerable to bankruptcy, and takeover, by the ultra-wealthy. The only people who gain from this, are the people who own the drug companies, along with their large shareholders. — Through my repeated success, I have proven that the 23 rigidity autoimmune diseases listed in my video titled: “WATCH NOEL STOP TREMORS IN SECONDS” are definitely “NOT” incurable, and to overcome the symptoms involved, practitioners only need to be retrained to do assessments and treatment, in a completely different manner, which is what will be offered at these “Immune System Super-clinics” along with the B.A.10 Treatment Program.

Our Doctors Don’t Have Time To Learn Everything Necessary, To Combat These Diseases and Parasites, and So ‘MANY”, Don’t Even Know Where To Begin.

I found that comparing blood pressure and oxygen saturation readings from both arms, comparing the colour of the skin on both hands with stress indicators on both heels and checking both ankles for swelling, observing 9 specific stress signs taught in Dr. Bernard Jensen iridology (NOT ALL IRIDOLOGY INDICATORS ARE RELIABLE), and checking the colour and shape of the tongue, reveals a whole new array of causal physiological faults, that are impossible to discover through any modern-day medical tests used to declare a person has some sort of underlying, mystery incurable disease. This approach has even proven to overpower many destructive parasites. “MANY” parasites like Chlamydia, Borrelia (Lyme), H.I.V. and COVID-19, are “anaerobic” and thereby have difficulty reproducing in a body that is relaxed, high in alkaline-supporting hormones and enzymes, and high in oxygen, thus helping the immune system to become as efficient as it can get. This is our very best defence.

Symptoms developing on one side of the body first, are common to all 23 of the rigidity diseases I have had success with, but may-well be a common factor in up to 100 or more, Rigidity Autoimmune Diseases and symptoms. Many of these patients have also experienced epilepsy and diminished cognitive function, as a result of swelling of the cerebellum, and the brain stem (as commented on by Dr. James Parkinson in his book: “An Essay On The Shaking Palsy”) along with Chari Malformations, abnormal CSF circulation, and reduced blood and oxygen supply to the brain. Practitioners both natural and medical, are simply not trained to know this reasoning, let alone know how to deal with it to help patients regain their lives. Betty Green is only one of millions of these patients, who, in my opinion, are dying due to a health system that seems more focused on profit, than listening to practitioners like Dr. Parkinson, who hinted at the cures, long ago…

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Success Achieved On The B.A.10 Program,
Due To Starting With Muscular-spinal Correction.

There Are No Tests To Prove A Person Has "a disease", Causing The Symptoms Of PD, MS, Or C.O.P.D Etc.

To support my claims in this video to the left, that there is no proof to show how these patients have “a disease” causing their symptoms, I am willing to assess and treat any number of rigidity disease patients in a public setting, to help them finally gain relief from their suffering. Dr. Parkinson’s 1817 book on the shaking palsy (PD), medical journals & patient interviews in the video below, reveal, medical teachings on PD & MS, are incorrect. EMAIL ME NOW TO BOOK A FREE 15 MINUTE SKYPE SESSION TO ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT HOW MY TREATMENT CAN HELP YOU.


This video is a compilation of many testimonies of people who attended my B.A.10 Lifestyle Course and patients who attended my B.A.10 Autoimmune Disease Rejuvenation Program. One testimony by MS patient Darryl Clark accompanied by his wife, explains the effectiveness of my unique massage designed to overcome the delay in “thought-to-muscle-response” and to mental cleansing to improve sleep. Another is of a chiropractor from Florida, explaining my unique approach. EMAIL ME NOW TO BOOK A FREE 15 MINUTE SKYPE SESSION TO ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT HOW MY TREATMENT CAN HELP YOU.