Learn My Unique Methods

If you are a practitioner and you see the suffering these patients go through and want to help, you must learn my methods and for a moment, side-track what you learned in your accreditation training, "AND START AGAIN", with a completely new approach. Once you learn this new approach, you will know which of your accreditation teachings you can utilise, and which you can't. To help these patients with the success I am achieving, sometimes putting them in remission, "IN JUST DAYS", you "MUST" learn this completely new approach. These Immune System Super Clinics will succeed, due to this new approach!


Preliminary Course

Do a preliminary course to treat Skype clients in your state & take your healing abilities to a far greater level of efficiency. These rigidity patients also require 12-months follow-on maintenance treatment to beat negative muscle memory, poor posture, curvature & degenerative discs etc,.
(Treat 3 patients with me & receive a certificate.)

Full Super-clinic Course

Add the BA10 program to your health business to enable you to help rigidity patients overcome symptoms of PD, MS, COPD, Essential tremors, Sarcoid, MSA, MND, Diabetes & many more, into remission, sometimes in just days!
12-Months follow-on treatment is essential.
(Patients will come to you from all over the world.) 

I need practitioners to learn my “NEW” methods!

I need practitioners & trainers (CHIROPRACTORS, MASSAGE THERAPISTS & PERSONAL TRAINERS IN PARTICULAR), to learn my unique principals to assist these patients, for whom medical doctors and neurologists offer no solutions that help. Here is a list of some of the unique principals I need to teach to existing practitioners, massage therapists & personal trainers, so they can help my Skype clients, and Skype clients they acquire, as well as the patients who attend their business, to receive the hands-on therapies I cannot do, unless I travel to my clients, or they travel to me in Australia: –

  • Nerve massage. (I will teach you relative nerve pathways, particularly of the brachial plexus, and how to release them fully, to give life back to the body. Watch “VIDEO 20” via this link: – “Watch Noel Stop Tremors In Seconds” and see how I gave Anita back the ability to turn her right foot, in just a few minutes, by massaging 8 nerves that were blocked.)
  • Inner Release Relaxation. (This is a technique that targets smooth muscles & helps to improve R.E.M. sleep & eliminate bladder incontinence & twitching.)
  • Deep R.E.M. sleep principals. (Our cells only repair, & liver & muscles only store glycogen for energy, during R.E.M. sleep.)
  • Spinal maintenance to eliminate swelling of the Medulla Spinalis and how to test if Medulla Spinalis swelling is reducing, in order to complement the chiropractic work being done. (B.A.10 practitioners must learn spinal maintenance principals to work on patients, in a joint effort with chiropractors.)
  • Scoliosis & spinal kinks correction exercises & techniques. Watch “VIDEO 45” of Barry Black, via this link: – “Watch Noel Stop Tremors In Seconds”, and see how Barry regained his walking & jogging ability, after not being able to walk or jog, for 15 years, to see how this success was proportional to how much I could correct his spinal faults, particularly the severe kink I found at his T1 vertebra.
  • Degenerative disc repair principals. (Watch “VIDEO 21” of Cileste Zampieri, from the 50+ videos via this link: – “Watch Noel Stop Tremors In Seconds”.) You cannot learn how to rectify degenerative discs, scoliosis, thought-to-muscle-movement re-stimulation, or reduction of Medulla swelling, from “ANY” health college teachings presently being offered, in any aspect of healthcare. Everyone is so far off-track, it is impossible for any practitioner, medical or natural, to give these patients back their lives, and give them relief from their suffering, in just days…

Once I teach you the 5 “preliminary” treatment ideals you will be able to do the 12-months follow-on treatment for my Skype clients who live near you, and,,, after I assist you in treating 3 patients “One-on-one” in your town, you will receive “A Preliminary Rigidity Autoimmune Practitioner Certificate” and be able to advertise your new abilities to attract PD, MS, MSA, MND, Sarcoidosis, COPD & Diabetes, etc, etc, etc, patients, to enable them to finally receive help. (It doesn’t matter if you have a small home business or a huge professional business, as long as you have your heart in your work, really have a heart to help these abandoned patients, & you are willing to learn completely new principals that will complement your present natural healing capabilities, like you never thought possible, you will do well.

NOW – $450-00

To open an immune system super-clinic, you must study relative medical journals and learn all 10 steps of the B.A.10 reversal program.
To overcome these rigidity disease symptoms, practitioners must learn a “NEW” and very unique 10-step multi-directional approach that can minimise & sometimes eliminate completely, rigidity disease pain In just 3 days, & often help patients out of wheelchairs in 4 to 14 days. – You will learn how to use 5 specific natural therapy treatments over a half-hour or so, to create real “miracles” of healing that will enable you to help some immobilised patients stand up and walk, after not being able to walk for years, as was the case with PD patient Marsha (VIDEO 4), PD patient Dr. Pineda (VIDEO 9), Sarcoidosis patient Bart (VIDEO 16), PD patient Barry (VIDEO 45), MS patient Sherry (VIDEO 22), and “MANY” more, available on my webpage of 50+ videos, which is titled: “Watch Noel Stop Tremors In Seconds”. – My specialised treatment is a totally new approach based on the autopsy findings noted in Dr. James Parkinson’s 1817 book, and endorsed by medical journal documentations, scripture, and health articles and books written by some of the most famous doctors and natural therapists in history. – These curative writings relating to “rigidity” diseases like PD, MS, MSA, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Transverse Myelitis, Hashimoto’s and COPD etc, have been ignored for centuries, and in my opinion, they have been ignored because they offer natural solutions by combining naturopathic ideals with chiropractic, which by-passes the need for pharmaceutical drugs. – Seven of the doctors and natural therapists on this list of “Famous Doctors and natural therapists In History” are as follows: –

  • Hippocrates (c. 460 bce, – c. 375 bce), known for the Hippocratic Oath, author of the first treatise on benefits of spinal correction and inventor of “The Scamnum Bench used by chiropractors to this day, to stretch the spine and encourage hip alignment. 
                           (A famous quote by Hippocrates: “When in sickness, look to the spine first”.)
  • Dr. Claudius Gallen. (129 ce, – c. 216). Gallen gained great popularity when he cured Roman scholar “Edimus” of a Parkinson-type arm paralysis by realigning cervical vertebra using a very primitive form of chiropractic. He is also thought to be the first medical practitioner to perform successful brain surgery.
  • Dr. James Parkinson(1755 – 1824). A pioneer in describing the real causes of Parkinson symptoms as, faults in the muscular, spinal & hormonal systems.
  • Constantine Hering (1800 – 1880), known for “Hering’s Law Of Cure” a healing principal taught in natural health colleges to this day, which focuses on reversing abnormalities to reinstate normal physiological functions to overcome rigidity autoimmune symptoms and diseases.
  • Dr. Joseph Pizzorno ND, (Born 1947). One of the greatest pioneers for educating people on natural medicines.
  • Dr. Maurice Blackmore ND, (1906 – 1977). Established the first health food store, and the first range of naturopathic products, and opened the first naturopathic training facility, in Australia.
  • Dr. Bernard Jensen DC, ND,. (1908 – 2001). Dr. Jensen was a unique chiropractor/iridologist/therapist, who combined many natural treatments to help patients gain victory over rigidity autoimmune symptoms and diseases.

Health officials and media executives have often been known to join forces to suppress natural health articles that offer a cure, or that just offer a correct explanation of causes, which can lead to a cure, for this group of rigidity diseases that all tend to mimic Parkinson’s disease. — Is This To Protect Drug Sales?
(Colossians 2:8) “Beware lest anyone cheat you by philosophy & empty deceit according to the tradition of men, & basic principals of the world, & not Christ”.


This video is a compilation of many testimonies of people who received my unique treatment, or who attended my B.A.10 Lifestyle Course. One testimony by MS patient Darryl Clark, accompanied by his wife, explains the effectiveness of my unique nerve massage, designed to overcome the delay in “thought-to-muscle-response” and to “mental cleansing”, designed to improve R.E.M. sleep. Another is of a chiropractor from Florida, explaining my approach. EMAIL ME NOW TO BOOK A FREE 15 MINUTE SKYPE SESSION TO ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT HOW MY TREATMENT CAN HELP PATIENTS & PRACTITIONERS WORK TOGETHER, “TO CREATE MIRACLES”, THAT MEDICAL TRAINING DOESN’T EVEN COME CLOSE, TO TEACHING.