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Why Regular Practitioner Training Is Failing To Help Patients.

Doctors Are Wrong - P1

Watch this video to see how I stopped tremors “instantly” in 3 Parkinson’s Disease patients, to prove the training of doctors is “VERY” wrong. I also stopped cramps instantly, in:drop-foot, proving what their neurologists told them was the cause, was totally wrong & would have done them great harm.

See X-Rays agreeing with Dr. James Parkinson who said Parkinson symptoms are from “disease of the vertebra” and how drugs would not help, & he was right, they don’t help.

Doctors Are Wrong - P2

In this video, I stopped tremors instantly in another 6 patients diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and Essential tremors. Stopping tremors instantly as I do with these 6 patients, is proof “beyond any doubt” that what doctors and neurologists are taught at medical school, on tremors, is “COMPLETELY” wrong.

If you have tremors & you did not develop them from a fall or an accident “DO NOT SEEK MEDICAL HELP” or the advice you will be given by doctors & neurologists due to their poor medical school training, will cause you great harm. Go straight to a chiropractor & ask for a full set of Lateral & AP spinal X-rays & within these X-rays you will find the “truthful” cause of your tremors.

Doctors Are Wrong - P3

In these 4 videos you will see proof that corrupt doctors in the late 1800’s & early 1900’s, fabricated fake diseases such as Parkinson’s, MS, IBS, MSA, COPD and more. It is my opinion, drug companies in those early days were offering huge incentives to doctors to discovered new diseases that enabled them to make use of new drugs discovered in those pioneering days. As a result, it is my opinion, corrupt doctors like Jean-Martin Charcot “fabricated” fake disease names (the first two being Parkinson’s disease & MS), in order to cash in on these huge incentives.

In this PART 3 video, I will show you how 10 patients who all had the same PD/MS-type symptoms, “ALL CAUSED BY THE SAME MUSCULAR-SPINAL ABNORMALITIES” were diagnosed with 6 different rigidity diseases simply because doctors & neurologists have no way to differentiate between them.

Doctors Are Wrong - P4

There is no test to prove someone has Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, COPD, IBS, ALS, TM or similar diseases. Lesions mean spinal subluxations, not a disease and all symptoms are actually caused by nerve-muscular-spinal abnormalities, that only chiropractors on the B.A.10 program can treat successfully. 

Medical doctors & neurologists fail to help patients because they are taught at medical school to treat “a disease” that does not exist, instead of treating the nerve-muscular-spinal causes of the symptoms involved, which can only be done through a specialised approach using chiropractic as a foundation. It is no wonder suffering rigidity patients are being kicked to the kerb & left to fend for themselves.